Daniel’s In-Laws John & Mary (Delano) Keller a connection to DAR and to the “Fortune”

There are more children of John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin to share about but I would like to take a little time to talk about Daniel, Elizabeth and her parents John and Mary Anne (Delano) Keller and the connections to DAR and possibly Mayflower.

My Aunt Miriam, the woman responsible for my genealogical madness, wrote in her notes about Amarilla’s old line American ancestry.

Amarilla's Old Line American.

Amarilla’s Old Line American.

The paragraph above was the start of my journey into the connection to DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) in my family lines.  Miriam emphasizes the names Delano, Keller and Dare.  It was on my first visit to the DAR Library in Washington D.C. in 2000 that I started to seek out information about these names.

I was very new to genealogy and didn’t have a lot of information about the Delano, Keller and Dare surnames.

In the DAR Patriot Index Centennial Edition on page 809 to page 810 there were 44 Delano names. On page 810 were two Stephen Delanos.  My patriot was the 2nd Stephen name.

Delano: Delano: “Stephen: b 5-12-1748 MA d -1-1-1822 OH m. Mary Shaw CS PS VT

At that time the DAR Library had not yet started to scan their documents into the computer.  You can now go to the DAR website and search under the Online Research tab on members, ancestors and descendants and several other options.  You will find one DAR application submitted under this man.  It is the lineage to his daughter who was named Elizabeth Delano.  In 2007, I was able to obtain a copy of that application.  You can obtain one as well for $15.00.

The Dare name is English and is Daniel’s grandmother Betty Andrews Spracklin’s mother’s maiden name.  Betty is John Andrews Spracklin’s mother.  More on this in future posts about Peter and Betty (Elizabeth) Spracklin.

There was one name that my Aunt Miriam did not suggest and I decided to give it a try.  It was the surname  “Goss” and I hit the mother lode.  The librarian in 2000 brought me the Philip Goss file and the Goss family file and in those two files I found the link to Mayflower and D.A.R. through the Goss line.  DAR was beginning to add the background material to the computers in 2007.

On Daniel’s side we find both Revolutionary War and Mayflower links through the Goss name:

Daniel’s mother Lydia, through her father Solomon Goss, is the connection to Mayflower and the DAR in my line. Here is a brief summary of the lineage back: Solomon’s great-grandfather Capt. Philip Goss married Judith Hayward a daughter of Anna White and John Hayward.  Anna was the daughter of Resolved White and Judith Vassall. Resolved’s parents were the Mayflower passengers William White and Susanna.

In June 2003, I had the opportunity to tag along with my husband to visit Boston for a conference. We booked through RCI a condo on Cape Cod.  We explored the Cape Cod peninsula driving up to the tip and back. Most of our time was spent in the city of Plymouth where we toured the Mayflower II in the harbor and visited Plymouth Rock.  I viewed the sarcophagus where William White’s name is etched into the side. We visited Plymouth Plantation.  The highlight for me was a  tour of the big white Mayflower House with two very amazing ladies that gave us a tour.  I spent about four days (with a cold) doing research in the Mayflower Library which is behind the big house.  I was tracking sources used by my cousin Paul H. Goss in his Goss Family History.  We then moved up to Boston and I visited the Boston Public Library and the New England Historic and Genealogical Society.

Solomon’s father Philip Goss and his siblings were all right in the middle of the Revolutionary War when they were in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania were the Susquehanna River flows.  We know it as the Wilkes-Barre area of Pennsylvania or Luzerne County.  More on all this in future posts.

You will find them listed in the DAR Patriot’s Index.  There are several publications of this index throughout the years so be aware of that.  Use the DAR Patriot Indexes as guides but be aware you may have to prove the line again. On page 1196 of the DAR Patriot Index – Centennial Edition Part 2, April 2002, you will find Goss: Gauss, Gose listings.  There are 32 Goss names listed in this edition.  You will find the brothers Ebenezer Goss, Nathaniel Goss, and Solomon Goss.  Also listed is their father Philip Goss who married Mary Kendall. I will go into more detail about the Goss service in the Revolution in later posts.

The DAR Library is a must to visit.  It is in Washington D.C. on the west side of the big lawn that is in front of the White House.  They call it the Eclipse.  http://www.dar.org/

On Elizabeth’s Side we have Revolutionary War D.A.R. membership through the name Delano:

Elizabeth’s mother, Mary Anne (Delano) Keller’s father was Stephen Delano born 30 March 1775 in Woodstock, Windsor, Vermont.  He married Lovina Smith about 1810 in Knox Co., Ohio. Lovina’s background is obscure. Stephen Delano was murdered about 1818. He is the son of the Stephen Delano listed above who married Mary Shaw. In the next post I will elaborate on all of the Delano history that I know.

Here is more information from my Aunt Miriam’s notes.  I have shared this on the Barclay blog as well.

Miriam's Notes about Amarilla's ancestry.

Miriam’s Notes about Amarilla’s ancestry.

If you read this carefully you will see that my sweet Aunt Miriam got her hereditary societies slightly mixed up.  She refers to DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) which is about Revolutionary War participation.  The Pilgrims in New Plimoth, November 1621 is a reference to those Pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower.  The book she references was found at the Boston Public Library.  Just recently I found a copy at Ebay for about $10.00 and immediately purchased it.  It was published in 1975.

And in November came the ill-named ship Fortune. She was a small ship of fifty-five tons, “unexpected or looked for,” with thirty-five passengers aboard, most of whom were “strangers,” but Robert Cushman (their agent with the adventurers) had come to leave his son Thomas, aged fourteen, with them, and Jonathan Brewster son of the elder, Thomas Morton from Harworth near Scrooby, young Philippe de la Noye (whose descendant’s come down to our own time as Delano), and several others were from Leyden.” page 166.

Miriam is correct Philippe did come on the “Fortune.” It was the second vessel to come to Plymouth after the Mayflower. I was told by a Mayflower member that one could join Mayflower on Philip Delano but I am not sure of this and if you go to the websites for either the General Society of Mayflower Descendants or the Washington State Mayflower Society you will not find his name. So I will dig further into this and see what comes up.

Here are more Delano links for you to explore regarding the Delano line and I encourage you to do so because Philippe Delano is a very fascinating man and he was related to several Mayflower passengers, I believe.

The Delano Kindred: http://delanokindred.us/Wordpress/






There is the General Society of Mayflower Descendants which is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts with Chapters throughout the USA. https://www.themayflowersociety.com/

There is the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants http://www.massmayflower.org/  They are the ones that have the Mayflower Descendant journal.

The Keller name is also in the DAR Patriot Index Centennial Edition (April 2002).  Unfortunately I don’t have the page numbers for they were cut off, but it is listed under Keller: Kellar.  There are 40 Keller/Kellar names listed.  At one point I did an age calculation on the list and came to the conclusion that they were all older men and there would have to be another generation from them to our John Keller?

John Keller, Elizabeth’s father, doesn’t seem to have parents or siblings (just kidding) and this has been a frustration for me and other cousins who have been trying to figure out his origins.  I will present my research on John Keller soon, perhaps it will spark some cousin’s memory somewhere.

In preparation for that I present a portion of a post from my other blog.  In the post “The Death of Amarilla’s Grandfather – John Keller,” March 25, 2011, which is featured on my Barclays of Pine River blog, I share about John and Mary Anne (Delano) Keller and their family of 11 children.

“John and Mary Keller had eleven (11) children.  

1. Elizabeth Keller born 4 Aug 1831, probably Sparta, Knox Co., Ohio married Daniel D. Spracklin 1 Jan 1853 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio and died in Benson Co., Iowa near Blairstown/Marengo.  Buried in Titler Cemetery northwest of Marengo. This is Amarilla’s mother.   (Morrow County was not established till 1848.)

2. Susan Keller born 3 Nov. 1832, Sparta, Knox Co., Ohio d. 20 June 1834, Sparta, Knox Co., Ohio, burial unknown.

3.  Peter Keller born 28 Nov. 1834, Sparta, Knox Co., Ohio married Eliza Ann Everts 6 July 1957 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio.  Peter died 22 May 1869 in So. Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio and is buried with his parents in the Hedding M.E. Cemetery in that location.  His information is listed on the left side of the parents tombstone.   Peter and Eliza had 5 children.  It is possible she remarried to a Mr. Denzer.  Peter served in the Civil War and I believe he died because of his wounds.  I have not obtained his Civil War service or pension record at this time but might when I visit Washington D.C. 

NOTE:  The History of Morrow County in various versions is online at Google Books. 

4.  Lovinia Lavinia Keller was born 17 Feb 1837 in Sparta, Morrow Co., married William Golf Helt on 17 Feb 1855 in Morrow Co., Ohio and died 22 Dec 1837 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio.  They had 8 children.  I believe William died before 1883.

5.  Amarilla Keller born 28 Mar 1839 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio and married Harrison Barr on 12 Sep 1858 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio.  They had about 9 children.  Amarilla died 12 May 1915 in Galion, Crawford Co., Ohio and Harrison was before 1910 in Polk, Crawford Co., Ohio.

6.  Caroline Keller born 28 Nov 1841 in Sparta, Knox Co., Ohio married Joseph Higgs Van Houten on 1 Dec 1857 in Morrow Co., Ohio.  They had 5 children.  Caroline died 2 Jun 1902 in Washington Twp. Hardin Co., Ohio and Joseph followed in 29 Jan 1903 in the same location. 

7.  John Delano Keller Jr. was born 22 May 1844 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio and he probably married Mary L. Carson about 6 Dec 1868 in Morrow Co., Ohio.  He died 4 Jun 1876 in Fredericktown, Knox Co., Ohio. 

8.  Mary Ann Keller was born 16 Dec 1846 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio and died sometime after 1900.  She married an Alexander Shaffer on 24 Jun 1866 in Morrow Co., Ohio.  They had about 9 children.   I have reason to believe they moved to Richland Co., Ohio to live.

9.  Henry Keller was born 29 Mar 1849 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio and married Martha Kees (Keyes) 28 Oct 1871 in Morrow Co., Ohio.  Henry died after Aug 1909 in Morrow Co. and Martha followed in about 1927.  They had 2 children.

10.  Harriet Ellen Keller was born 15 Mar 1852 in Morrow Co., Ohio and married 3 Jan 1875 in Morrow Co. to John Lacy.  She died 22 Mar 1920 in Dresden, Muskingum Co., Ohio and he followed after 1930 in the same location.

11.  William Franklin Keller was born 15 Sep 1855 in Fredericktown, Knox Co., Ohio and married on 22 Dec 1880 in Galion, Crawford Co., Ohio to Ida Catherine Riblet.  They had 3 children.  He died 2 Feb 1911 in Morrow Co., Ohio and she followed on 16 Nov. 1930.”

Since I wrote the above, I have discovered more information about each of these siblings of Elizabeth.  It was my hope that they might give me a clue about their father’s origins.  So far it has not happened but I am keeping the faith. In the coming posts I will share that information and hopefully it might present a connection to John’s past.

So in summary, we see that Daniel D. Spracklin has DAR and Mayflower in his ancestry. Those of you who are descendants of John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin have the same connection that Daniel has to DAR and Mayflower.  The marriage of Daniel to Elizabeth means that those who are their descendants (Henry and Amarilla) have this line to DAR through Delano, maybe Mayflower and are free to join the Delano Kindred.  These are not the only memberships but that is another post.

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  1. Jan says:

    Hi, Bonnie
    I’m talking off memory right now, but I believe there are multiple Mayflower connections on the Delano/Hammond side: Warren’s (I think a double connect), Cooke’s, Samson’s, and possibly Allerton and Cooper


    • bonmac says:

      Jan, Hello Cousin, I was thinking about you, of course anytime I write about John Keller, I think about you and how we both would like to figure out where he came from. I may be needing your help in the next posts so keep an eye out. As I said at the end of my post most people who have DAR or Mayflower or other lineages end up with multiple lineages to these hereditary societies. I do not know them all. One thing I have not done is go deep into the Delano lineage so I am not surprised there are other links and it is important for everyone to know that. Thanks for the tip. Bonnie

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