The Keller and Delano Family Connection

Let me be clear, I am not a Delano Family expert.  So far my interest has been confined to Mary Anne (Delano) Keller’s lineage directly back to Philip Delano. With that in mind, I am going to share what I do know but ask that you verify my findings.

In August and September of 2011, I traveled to Ohio and I tried to dig into the research about the Delano family in Ohio in search of clues regarding this family’s place in the history of that state and more about the two Stephen Delanos – father and son.  It was tough going but I will write about it in the next posts.

I am a member of the Delano Kindred.  This is a hereditary society that you may want to join if you have any Delano connections.

I sent them my Delano lineage and became a member it was that simple.  Their dues are very reasonable. They are about all things Delano. They have a yearly conference which I have yet to attend, the next is in Portland, Maine.  They have a DNA Project using the Y-Chromosome. They recently opened up a Facebook Group which is closed to members only.

Philip Delano is the American version of his name. There are several spellings of his name, I have seen Philippe Delano, Philippe de Lanoy or De La Noye circa 1602 to 1682. The Delano Kindred has a link on the side of their website to the history of Philippe Delano.

They refer to the book, “The Genealogy, History and Alliances of the American House of Delano, 1621-1899” which was published in 1899.  It is two volumes.  The Delano Kindred call it GHAADH. They explain more about this book on their website.

At Internet Archive, where there is a copy (see link below), you will find on about page 200 (Book 2) an Introduction by Major Joel Andrew Delano where he writes about the process of putting the book together which included the help of many in researching documents and corresponding with current family members.  On page 205 he is more specific about who was involved and he mentions descendants of Columbus Delano who was a very prominent person in Knox County, Ohio about the time that Mary Anne Delano Keller was there. Someone has added typed additions to the pages. Part III is on 585.  This book does not have an index just a table of contents.

Here is Internet Archives version:

The Delano Kindred references a second book titled “The Delano Genealogy from 1621-1899.”

I found this link at Internet Archive under Genealogy, History and Alliances of the American House of Delano – On  The title is on two pages:   “Genealogy of Delano 1621-1899 pt. 4-6, Part 4 Lt. Jonathan Delano (the 4th son) and his descendants.”  It has typed written additions as well.

I took a field trip to the Fiske Genealogical Library here in Seattle, Washington to see what book they had and found the Delano book was in their stacks with pages that may be a mix of the volumes?  I also looked at the Silver Books of the Mayflower and I am not yet ready to share about that information.

For the Internet Archive version with Open library, go to pages 426 and 427 and there you will find the family of  John Keller and Mary Delano.  There is an index in the back followed by portraits which are not of good quality.  The copies of the portraits in the Fiske version where better in quality.

Portion of page 426 Delano Genealogy

Portion of page 426 Delano Genealogy

The above volumes were done in 1899 and since then corrections and updates have been done.  The Delano Kindred has a list of publications you can check out. In the next post there will be more books listed.

The information below on the family of Stephen Delano and Lovina Smith is a combination of the Delano Genealogy and other information collected.  Please verify all of this.

Stephen Delano and Lovina (O. Corina) Smith’s children were

1.  Sophronia Delano born 8 Sept 1811 Knox County, Ohio died young, burial is unknown.

2.  Mary Anne Delano born 30 Apr 1814, Knox County, Ohio, died 3 Aug 1882 in Morrow Co., Ohio.  She married on 15 March 1831 in Fredericktown, Knox Co., Ohio to John Keller.  John was born 18 Nov 1810 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania and died 4 May 1880 in Morrow Co., Ohio.  They are both buried in the Hedding M.E. Cemetery, South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio.  See the Barclay blog for sources. I will post my photos of the Hedding M.E. Cemetery on my BJM Cemetery Discoveries blog very soon.

For Almira and Alvira see page 427 in the Genealogy of Delano book.  The follow to daughters were twins.

3.  Alvira Delano born  4 Oct. 1817 in Ohio and died about 1886 in Custer Co., Nebraska.  She (Elvira) married John Inscho 23 Dec 1836 in Kane, Illinois who was born about 1817 in Ohio.  She and John had 10 children:

a. Almira Jane Inscho was born 25 Sep 1837 in Illinois, and died 16 Oct 1927 in Council Bluffs, Potawattamie Co., Iowa and is buried in the Hawleyville Cemetery, Nebraska Twp., Page Co., Iowa.  Her tombstone and information is at Find A Grave where her name is spelled Alyra.

Almira Jane married three times:

1.  Thomas H. East b. unknown and died 1868. They married 28 Jan 1855 in Page Co., Iowa.  They had 4 children:  Thomas A., Henrietta, Martha, and Ada.

2. John B. Callicotte no other info.  They married on 15 Sep 1871 in Page Co., Iowa. I have no children listed.

3. Alden Pierce where they resided in Haleyville (Hawleyville).  He was born 17 Feb 1817 in Huron Co., Ohio and died on 20 June 1898 in New Market, Taylor Co., Iowa.  Alden’s parents were Alexander Pierce and Polly Curtis.  They married about 1878 in Page Co., Iowa.

a. William Alden Pierce was born 19 Sep 1879 in New Market, Taylor Co., Iowa and died 24 Dec 1955 in Visalia, Tulare, California. He married Mary Agnes Zajic 24 Sep 1924 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona. Mary’s parents were Anton B. Zajic and Frances Chalupa.   They had five children.

b.  Elmer Dwight Pierce was born 9 Feb 1882 in New Market, Taylor Co., Iowa and died 10 Apr 1965 in Hawleyville, Page Co., Iowa.  He married Ina Work on 26 Dec 1917 in Clarinda, Page Co., Iowa.  I have no children listed. She was born 20 Nov. 1883 in Clarinda, Page Co., Iowa and died about April 1976.  He is buried in the Hawleyville Cemetery as well.

b. Rebecca Ann Inscho b. 1839  and died before 1870.

c.  Alva Inscho born 1841 in Iowa and died 16 Feb, 1863 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee (d. Civil War 1862) Alva is buried in the Memphis National Cemetery in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.  Find A Grave has information listed about this man with his Civil War company information.

d. Caroline Inscho born 1844 Miami, Indiana. (Not sure of the location whether the city or the county.)

e.  Amasa Inscho b. 1846 was in the Civil War. Again I refer you to Find A Grave.  He is buried in the San Gabriel Cemetery in Los Angeles County, California on 4  June, 1924.

f.  Lewis C. Inscho was born 1848 and died Aug 1855.

g. Mary E. Inscho born 1850.

h. Silas Inscho born 1852 and died 14 May 1931 in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada.

i. Susannie Inscho born 1855, Iowa.  The 1860 census  the name as Samuel with the date of birth 1855 not 1854.  See census below.

j. Edwin Inscho born May 1857 in Page Co., Iowa, died 22 Aug. 1908, St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., Missouri. He married Mary Malvina McGinley born Apr 1856 and died 7 Dec. 1938 in Buchanan County, Missouri.  He is buried in the new King Hill Cemetery in Saint Joseph, Buchanan Co., Missouri.  Go to Find A Grave there is a photograph of this man.

I have two children.  The Find A Grave information on this couple lists a 3rd child:

1. Winnifred Beatrice Inscho 1880-1953.

2. Hayden Pleasant Inscho 1891-1969. Hayden married Maude Ethel Maze and they had: Luella Mae, Ruth Helen, Esther Maude, Alma Pauline, Ruby Francis and Phyllis Arlene. Mary’s parents were John S. McGinley and Rachael Miller.

Source:  1850 U.S. Federal Census, Deer Creek, Miami, Indiana line 21, 1925/1955,  John Inscho age 33 born about 1817 in Ohio, farmer $700 With him are Elvira age 32, Jane, age 12, Ann, age 11, Alva age 8, Caroline, age 6, Amala, age 4, Lewis age 2 and Mary age 0.  The first 3 children are born in Iowa and starting with Caroline they are born in Illinois.  

By 1860 John and Alvira had migrated to Page Co. Iowa.  They have with them: Elvira Jane, Alva, Caroline, Amasa, Mary E., Silas, Samuel D and Edwin.  In 1870 John and Alvira have migrated again to Dallas, Harrison, Missouri and are under the name Jusco in this census.  They have with them Amasa, Mary E, Silas, Samuel and Edwin.  In 1880 John and Alvira are in White Oak, Harrison Co., Missouri alone with their son Edwin (Edward) next door.

Right above Alvira and John Inscho in the 1850  census is John Harris and Almira her sister living in the same location of Deer Creek, Miami, Indiana.

Line 12, 1929, 1954, John Harris, 35 M, farmer, born Virginia, Almira, 32, born Ohio, William 13, m, $450, born Ohio, Jane, 12, F, born Ohio, Sarah, 10, F, born Ohio, John, 8, M, born Ohio, Richard, 6, M, born Ohio, Mary 4, F, born Ohio, Victoria 2/12 F, born Illinois.

4.  Almira Delano born 14 Oct 1817 in Knox Co., Ohio.  She died 13 Sept. 1906 in Argos, Marshall Co., Indiana.  She is buried in the Washington Cemetery in Culver, Marshall Co., Indiana per the information at Find A Grave which has a photo of her tombstone. She married a John Harris 18 Nov. 1835 in Knox Co., Ohio.  He was born 17 Apr 1815 in Virginia and died 23 Dec 1868 in Union Co., Ohio.  She may have remarried to a Middleton J. Moffit born 1819 in North Carolina and died about 1885 in Missouri.  Her tombstone has her name as Almira Harris, death 1906.

a. William Sherman Harris born 15 August, 1836 and married 1st on Aug 21, 1857 to Eliza Jane Herald. She died 5 Apr, 1867.  He married a second time to Jane Pilcher, she died Jan 1889.  He was in the Civil War. He died 20 November, 1891.

b.  Alvira Jane Harris born 21 February, 1838. She married on 20 Sept, 1859 to Joseph McCollum (Collum) born in Boomingrove, Ohio in 1825.  From the Message board at Rootsweb 17 July 2008 a D. Rogers states that they married 7 Sep. 1857 and she has proof.  He was in the Union Army 178th Ohio Regt. in the Civil War.  She lists for the children: Mary (1859), James (1860), Charles Wesley (1862) and Alexander (1864). They started in Ohio and migrated to Poyner, Blackhawk Co., Iowa.  They are buried in Harrison Co., Iowa.  (Not sure about the location of Poyner.)

c. Sarah Lovina Harris was for 19 May, 1840. She married first on 21 April, 1861 to Enos Jackson.  She married a second time 8 May, 1870 to Sullivan Leroy?

d. John Wesley Harris was born 15 April, 1842 and died 27 December 1921.  I have only one marriage to a Sarah Ellen Middleton about 1862. See Find A Grave for a picture of his tombstone which includes a wife named Ellen Sophia.  He served in the Civil War. They are buried in the Washington Cemetery in Culver, Marshall Co., Indiana.

e. Richard Logan Harris was born 3 April, 1844.

f. Mary Maria Harris born 27 May, 1846.  She married on 18, May, 1866 to Thomas Jefferson Young. She died 7 August, 1875.

g. Almira Victoria Harris was born in Miami Co., Indiana on 24, May, 1850. She married on 30 May, 1867 to Joseph McThomas. She died 20 November, 1888.

h. Alexander Winfield Harris was born 1 July, 1852 and died 18 August, 1858.

i.  Alfonzo Delano Harris was born on 11 August,  1857.  He married on 5  May, 1878 to Addie Maria a daughter of George P. Mann & Mary Jane (Caylor) Moore. They had a child named Elza Homer born 9 July, 1881.

Source:  1860 U.S. Federal Census Emira Harris age 43 is living in Canaan Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio with John age 18, Richard age 16, Mary age 14, Elmira age 10, Alfonso age 3.

In the 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Almira (Elmira) Harris is living in Caledonia, Claridon Twp. , Marion Co., Ohio with her son Alphonso who is 12 years old.  She is keeping house.  All from 

Almira and John Harris’ marriage:

Delano, Almira to Harris/Haris, John 10 Nov. 1835 by Wm. H. Ashley min 341-129r. 

Source:  Knox County, Ohio Marriages, 1808-1875, Compiled by R. DeLauder, Mt. Vernon, OH, Knox Co. Genealogical Society 1995. This is an index and Knox County has the marriages on film. 

At under photos and family stories you will find pictures of both Almira and Alvira and other documentation.

There is so much more research to do on these two sisters and I am in some ways not comfortable about some of this research but I don’t have time to dig further.  If you are a descendant and would like to share links, knowledge and more, please contact me via the comments by the categories and tags.  I am also willing to make updates and corrections.

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  1. Raquel Insko says:

    Alvira and John our my great great grandparents.

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Hello Raquel, thanks for stopping by. It’s nice to meet you cousin. I see you spell it “Insko” rather than “Inscho.” Is there a story there. Bonnie

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