Lovina Smith Delano remarries to Jonathan Askins

In 1818 Lovina was left with 3 baby girls to support after the murder of her husband Stephen Delano in 1818.

There is a marriage of a Lovina Dillinse to a Jonathan Askins 21 October 1819 in Knox Co., Ohio. I cannot claim credit for finding this marriage, someone on a message board mentioned it and I just verified the event with sources.

Dillinse, Lovina to Askins, Jonathan Nov. Oct 21, 1819 KNOX 00A 045

Source:  Ohio Marriages Recorded in County Courts through 1820, Ohio Genealogical Society, 1996.  This book is an index.

The actual record is

Source:  Marriage Records 1808-1851, Probate Court, Knox Co., Ohio, FHL#1294304 – 1808-1853.

1819 Dillinse & J. Askins Marriage.
1819 Dillinse & J. Askins Marriage.

This marriage of Lovina Smith Delano Askins has been no end of trouble.  I was hoping that in finding Lovina with Jonathan Askins we would learn of her past and her origins.  We would also learn more about Stephen Delano but so far I have not had too much success.  

Here is a link to a family tree on Rootsweb that I think has at least some sources that might help.  It looks like this person has been really seriously studying the Askins family.  They have certainly done far better than myself.  There are other choices at Rootsweb for family trees regarding the Askin family.


In the above tree they refer to the 1820 U.S. Federal Census for Knox County, Ohio and 1840 U.S. Federal Census for Shelby Co., Illinois.  They believe that Jonathan Askins took some of the family to Illinois around 1840.  Mary and the sisters Almira and Alvira probably didn’t go with him because they had married.  See my posted dated February 20, 2014 “The Keller and Delano Connection.”

The tree further references a marriage to Addoccia Hill on 24 June 1844.  It then goes on to cite the 1850 and 1860 Effingham Co., Illinois census.  This implies that Lovina or Lavina died before 1844.

If Jonathan and Lovina had the following, children based on the above referenced tree, and if we study where these children were buried if we might find Lovina/Lavina?  Of course the above tree relied a lot on census and you do need to get relationships.  So more work needs to be done.

  • John D. Akins – Buried in the Agney Cemetery in Effingham Co., Illinois he died about 1855.
  • Nancy Askins is in Spring Creek Cemetery, Chautauqua, Kansas 1899 her married name is Henson.
  • Charlotte Askins unknown where she died.  She married a Warren.
  • Permelia Askins 1851 in Moultrie Co., Illinois with a married name of Ward.
  • George Washington Askins is in Mt. Olive Cemetery in Whitman Co., Washington and he died about 1903.

I have reviewed the census from 1820 to 1840 and found the same information that the above referenced family tree so nicely abstracts, so, I will not revisit here in this post.

With this information it looks like Jonathan Askins went to Illinois and it also looks like he did it with other family like his brothers and his father Reuben leaving Knox County, Ohio about 1840.

In the Shelby County, Illinois Probate Jrl I, 1839-1849, by the Shelby Co. Historical Society, I found this estate of a John Potts. Listed in the Names of the Purchasers is a Jonathan Askins.  Now if he was in the 1840 census for Shelby Co. which was enumerated on 1 June, 1840, this could well be our Jonathan and it places him there in Shelby Co., Illinois around January 1840. In the index of this book on estates there is no mention of Lovina nor Jonathan as estates.

Jonathan Askins as a purchaser in John Potts Estate, Shelby Co., Illinois

Jonathan Askins as a purchaser in John Potts Estate, Shelby Co., Illinois

Under Askins in the index in the back of the book:  Abraham, Abram, Ann, Betsy, Drusilla, Elmiry, George, James, Jonathan (page 6 the photos above is all that is listed), John, Mary, Nancy, Phebe, Reuben and Samuel.

Reuben Askins and Elizabeth Harris are given as the parents of Jonathan Askins at the above family tree.  Other trees also list this relationship.  I suggest that you click on the links at Rootsweb and do more studying for yourself there is a lot of work done on this family.  These family trees are a starting place but you still need probate, deeds, court documents and more to really make your case.

In my studies of the records of Knox Co., Ohio, I have not found any guardianship papers for Mary, Almira nor Alvira to a  Jonathan Askins.  Now I am not up on Ohio laws regarding children but have seen in Ohio where guardianship proceedings have taken place where the widow has to deal with the court regarding her children. This was much later in the 1860’s but may in 1818 they didn’t do this type of thing formally.  Morrow County, Ohio was not formed till 1848 and by that time Jonathan and Lovina were in Shelby Co., Illinois.

I can say that I have found no probate file and or land deeds for Jonathan Askins in Knox Co., Ohio for the years 1818 to 1840.  I also did not find any cemetery records listing for either Jonathan nor Lovina/Lavina in Knox Co., Ohio.  I did find a Reuben Askins probate in Knox Co., Ohio but his wife is Mary so he is probably of another line? I will not present this information here; however, if you are a Askins researcher I would be happy to share, so leave a comment and turn all my findings over to you.

Reuben and Elizabeth’s children are listed in the family tree I referenced above and they are:

  • Jonathan
  • George
  • John
  • Jesse
  • Robert
  • William
  • Nancy
  • Abraham W.
  • Rebecca

Turning to the Tax Records for Ohio, I did find Jonathan Askins in the records for Knox Co., Ohio as well as a Reuben, Abraham and George. They appear in the Tax Records for Knox County, Ohio for 1833-1834 on FHL#545108.  FamilySearch has some of these tax records online but not Knox County.  Hopefully they will add more in time.

Tax Record 1833 Knox Co., Ohio

Tax Record 1833 Knox Co., Ohio page 1

1833 No. 23 Bloomfield we find Ruben, Abraham, Jonathan and George listed in the records. These are the personal taxes.  The second number is value.

Askins, Ruben: horses 2, 80, cattle, 2, 16 total 096. page 2 – State & Canal 28, 8, Co. School 45, 6, Road 19, 2, Total 93, 6

Askins, Abraham: Horses 1, 40, cattle 1, 8, total 048, page 2 -State & Canal 14, 4, Co. Home, 22, 8, Road, 09, 6 Total 66, 8

Askins, Jonathan: no horses, cattle 3, 24, total 026, page 2 – State & Canal 07, 2, Co. School: 11, 4, Road 04, 8, total 23, 6. 

Askins, George: horses 1, 40, cattle 2, 16, total 056, page 2 – State & Canal 16 8, Co. School 26, 6, Road 11, 2 total 56, 6

1834 pag. 123 Bloomfield, I find Reuben Askins listed and a couple of pages later, I find Reuben, Abraham and Jonathan. These are very difficult to read, dark, blurry etc.

Askins, Ruben:  Land? 15, 6, 21, SE, 160, 238 page 2 07, 6, 69, 0, 64, 6, 0, 14, 21.  He is the only one listed. 

A few pages over are personal taxes.

Askins, Reuben 2, 80, 2, 16 page 2 19, 2, 48, 0, 19, 2, 86, 4

Askins, Abraham 2, 80, 1, 8 page 2 17, 6, 44, 0 , 17, 6, 79, 2

Askins, Jonathan __, __, 2, 16, 03, 2, 80, 01, 03, 2, 14, 4

I had searched the tax records from 1816 to 1838 for Knox and these were the only times that the Askins appeared. I was pretty happy to find Jonathan in these records because I had not been able to find anything in the records in Knox County about him.   By the way, these films are extremely difficult to read.  I have actually tried reading them at the Ohio Historical Society and again at the Family History Library.  It is very difficult to know when it moves from one time period to another and they are dark and fuzzy.

If we take 15, 6, 21 from the above record we have Range/Township/Section.  According to my Kocher map this land would be in the southeast corner of  the township and it is 160 acres?  The land would border on Hilliar on the south and Liberty on the east.

Note:  The name of Lovina Smith has several possible spellings.  I have seen “Lavina” and “O. Corina.”  There is very little about Lovina/Lavina Smith.  In the records at Ancestry she is listed as Corina. The 1880 U.S. Federal Census for Morrow Co. states that Mary Delano Keller’s mother was born in Vermont. Another family tree has her birth about 1790 in New York and still another has 1778 in Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont.  I thought my surname of Brown was hard to study, Smith is not going to be easy.

In summary, there is so much more I would like to do regarding the Askins family but time and money are at a premium and since there are other researchers out there trying to piece this together, I will defer to them.  I am willing to make corrections and additions, as well as share what I have found.

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2 Responses to Lovina Smith Delano remarries to Jonathan Askins

  1. Constance Sisson says:

    I have found a Levina Askins buried in PA in 1844. The reason I believe this may be our Lavina/Lovina/Lavinia is because it is the SMITH cemetery and that is her maiden name. Here is the link to the find a grave information.

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