Delano Sources for further study – a tangle weave of lineages…

As a descendant of the Delano Family you will need to know about the volumes that I referenced in the post dated February 20, 2014 “The Keller and Delano Family Connections.”  You can find it by scrolling down or going to the Archives list.

I am repeating them here so that you can find them easily.

In that post I mentioned the Delano Kindred a hereditary society that you need to know about.

The Genealogy, History and Alliances of the American House of Delano, 1621-1899

Here is Internet Archives version:

Another link at Internet Archive under Genealogy, History and Alliances of the American House of Delano – On  The title is on two pages:   “Genealogy of Delano 1621-1899 pt. 4-6, Part 4 Lt. Jonathan Delano (the 4th son) and his descendants.”  It has typed written additions as well.

Now the Delano Kindred and Mayflower are also updating the above volumes and they are doing that in what are called green books or DIFP.

These green books that are titled Philip Delano of the “Fortune” 1621 and his Descendants for Four Generations compiled by Muriel Curtis Cushing and others and published by General Society of Mayflower Descendants, (my copy 1999) in several volumes.  The Delano Kindred has a list of these books unfortunately they are not real clear about what numbers of families are covered.

In the Delano Kindred’s newsletter, “Bonnes Nouvelles, Nov-Dec 2013 #73, they give a description of the books they list at their website.

The term DIFP means “Delano Family in Progress.”  This is a very shortened description from the newsletter.  You will want to target number one and four in this list for the Stephen Delano lineage.

1.  Philip Delano book was published in 1999 and is in its 2nd edition.  It starts with Family number 1 and goes to 197, four generations.  The first on their order form and they are in order.

2.  Philip Delano book, part one, published 2004 covers the 5th, 6th generations from Family number #197 to #367.

3.  Philip Delano book, part, two, published in 2011, 5th and 6th, Family number 368 to 499.

4.  Philip Delano book, part three, published 2012, 5th, 6th, and 7th, Family number 500 to 561.

5.  Philip Delano book, part four, published 2012, 5th, 6th and 7th, Family number 562 to 562a to 636

Another option is the information in the SHOP at the General Society of Mayflower Descendants to be a little more helpful. Just hover over the book picture and it give the family numbers you want family #528 for the next book you will need.  I was not successful in ordering from this website and not sure why.

Philip Delano of the “Fortune”, Part 3, 5th, 6th and 7th Generations.

The first book 1-4 generations book will outline the lineage from Philip Delano to Stephen Delano of 1748. It stops there. So you will need the part 3 to continue for the Stephen Delano line, number 4 above.

When I was in Washington D.C. in 2007, I went to the DAR Library (my third visit) and went into their computer room and found a DAR application that was of the Stephen Delano line.  It is the only one of that line I could find.

Elizabeth Delano a daughter of Stephen and Mary Shaw Delano is the line that this application is referencing.  In a future post I will write about the children of Stephen and Mary Shaw Delano in more detail.

Clarice Tossey Beck DAR Application #584060 at the DAR is the one application that has been submitted on Stephen Delano and his Revolutionary War service.  This application is very interesting because the lineage to Richard Warren is crossed out.  Remember this is a DAR application not a submission to Mayflower two very different organizations with different focus.

Briefly it goes:

  • Stephen Delano son of Jonathan Delano and his wife Abigail (Mary) Hammond m. 14 November 1734.
  • Jonathan Delano son of Jabez Delano and his wife Mary Delano (cousin) m. 8 February, 1710
  • Jabez Delano child of Lt. Jonathan Delano who married Mercy Warren 28 February, 1678.
  • Mercy Warren Delano a daughter of Nathaniel Warren who married Sarah Walker 24 November, 1700
  • Nathaniel Warren was the son of Richard Warren (Mayflower Passenger) who married Elizabeth [Juatt] Marsh on 22 October, 1673.

Abigail Hammond is supposed to be daughter of Samuel Hammond and Priscilla Samson.  The Francis Cooke and Henry Samson Silver Mayflower books disagree about Abigail being a daughter of this couple?  Do we have a controversy…HA!

Francis Cooke of the Mayflower The First Five Generations by Ralph V. Wood, Jr. published 1996. On page 306 there is a #321 Samuel Hammond marrying a Priscilla Sampson before 1712.   On page 307 there is no listing for Abigail Hammond or Mary Hammond?  I am confused about this part.

Mayflower Families Through Five Generations Volume Twenty part 1, Family of Henry Samson, 2000. On page 26 #27 Priscilla Samson (James 2, Henry 1) before 1712 marries Samuel Hammond Jr.  On page 27 they give #109 Abigail b. prob. 1714.

Samuel’s parents are Samuel Hammond and Mary Hathaway. Her parents are Arthur Hathaway and Sarah Cooke. Sarah’s parents are John Cooke and Sarah Warren and John’s parents are Francis Cooke and Hester Le Mahieu.  On page 26 of the Henry Samson Family book they mention he is a descendant of Francis Cooke. I am leaning toward this Henry Samson book’s findings because it was published in 2000 when the other book about Francis Cooke was published in 1996.

Priscilla is a daughter of James Samson and Hannah Whitman.  James is a son of Henry Samson and Ann Plummer.

Cousin Jan mentioned this to me in a recent comment and I have tried to untangle the lineage to Mayflower but I need to do more studying of this topic which is very interesting.  Mayflower is not like DAR and you cannot get applications easily from them.  I have done so in the past but I was there in their library in Plymouth.  I am willing to make corrections and additions to the above, so please leave a comment.

UPDATE November 22, 2014:  In October 2014, I was at the Family History Library and they have a nice collection of the Silver Mayflower books.  So I studied the Francis Cooke, Henry Samson and Richard Warren books, taking photos of the line of descent.  

Updated Francis Cooke:  Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume Twelve, Francis Cooke, by Ralph W. Wood, Jr. with Preface by Dr. Jeremy D. Bangs. FHLBook#974.4 D2 mf V.12 copy 4.  On page 311 under #325 Samuel Hammond (Mary Hathaway, Sarah Cooke, John, Francis), published first in November 1996, revised December 1999 and 2nd revised printing January 2008.  

This edition dated 2008 reads under Samuel Hammond:

Samuel married (1) probably in Dartmouth before 1712 to Priscilla Samson, probably the one born in Dartmouth, died probably in Dartmouth after 6 December 1727, daughter of James and Hannah ____ Samson and a descendant of Henry Samson.” 

There is no mention of an Abigail Hammond in the list of children on page 312 under either of his two wives.  It is Abigail Hammond that married Jonathan Delano the parents of Stephen Delano born 1748. 



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