Oliver Delano, a Brother!

On my trip to Ohio in 2011, I studied several volumes of books of cemetery indexes for Franklin county. I was not successful in finding Stephen and Mary (Shaw) Delano’s burial location.  I did take a photocopy of the page about Clinton Twp., cemeteries.  It describes the cemeteries in that township as in a general state of disrepair.  It gives information on where to look for records on these cemeteries.

Here is a list of the cemeteries in Clinton Twp.  I was looking for any Delano names in the cemeteries there and the only one I found was for Oliver Delano a son and brother to Stephen Delano.

  • Clinton Chapel (ME) established 1825. Other Readings Wager, ONWQ Vol. 7 (1904), Building Heritage.
  • Cooke Cemetery earliest stone 1817.  Bodies probably moved in 1958.  Readings: ONWQ Vol. U (1904), ORPF Vol., 20, Cozart.
  • McKendree Methodist earliest stone is 1831. Many stones missing.  Maintained by church.  Reading: Wagner.
  • Kempton – established 1819 but earliest stone is 1811.  Readings: Livingston, DAR, Wagner.  I will share about Oliver, brother to Stephen in a future post and this cemetery.
  • Armbruster M.E. date unknown  (gone – no record and no date).
  • Union Cemetery established 1806 which I looked at on-line and they didn’t have a listing for Delano, also on microfilm with Franklin Co. Genealogical Society.

These cemeteries are in Clinton Twp., Franklin Co., Ohio.  The town of Worthington is in Sharon Twp., and I also looked there for any records on this family.  Check out this website for cemeteries in Franklin County, Ohio.


A visit to the Kempton Cemetery in Franklin County, Ohio was in order.  I left Columbus and made my way up to Olentangy River Road. Kempton Cemetery is located between Henderson and Bethel Road.  I was going north so it was on my left side.  I blew right by it and had to turn around.  It is up on a knoll and not easy to spot.  There is a sign and the cemetery is on the corner of Olentangy River Road and Knightsbridge Blvd.  There is an apartment house and parking lot that is behind the cemetery.  The cemetery is where my push-pin is located #12.

Kempton Cemetery, Franklin Co., Ohio

Kempton Cemetery, Franklin Co., Ohio

I wish I could tell you that this cemetery was in good shape but it isn’t.  The years have been hard on it.  Fortunately it is not in the traffic path of the apartment house but off in the corner out-of-the-way. There are two sources of cemetery readings that I consulted and hopefully they have preserved as much of the records of this cemetery as possible.  The link above to Franklin Cemeteries is also a good source for this cemetery and I think the person who operates that website has done a great job.  You will have to click a few links to find Kempton.

Source:  Volume Six of the Franklin County Cemetery Records, by the Franklin County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, had Clinton Township Records and covered Kempton cemetery pages 74-75. I found this at the Columbus Metropolitan Library in Columbus.   Sorry don’t have the publication date but probably about 1980. Oliver Delano is listed:  Delano, Oliver Jan 1822 38y

Source:  Roster of graves in Kempton Cemetery, Clinton Township, Franklin County, Ohio, by Davis, J. Boyd, Mrs., Daughters of the American Revolution, Whetstone Chapter, from the files of Mr. Frank. A. Livingstone. FHL#1329737 Item 3.  Published about September 29, 1961 with the data from the tombstone read in 1933 by Mrs. John J. Rings.

Oliver Delano, Jan. 1822 38 yrs.  Solomon Malbone 9/1/1819 28 yrs. 

Solomon Malbone was a husband to Priscilla Delano a sister of Oliver and Stephen.  His parents may have been Charles Malbone and Jerusha ______.

Oliver left a will:  This source has a listing of Franklin County Wills:  Abstracted Wills & Estate Settlements from Franklin Co., Ohio:  Probate Court Records, with genealogical notes.  FHL#1307619 Item 6.

Oliver Delano's will 1821

Oliver Delano’s will 1820

Oliver Delano's Will 1821

Oliver Delano’s Will 1820

“Clinton, January 2, 1820. The following is the last will and testament of Oliver Delano late of Clinton Township deceased first my debts can be paid and leave a cow and horse for my wife without selling any of the holm farm then and in that case I wish the thirty acres of land that Solomon Mallome formerly lived on to be appropriated for the support of my parents but if any of the farm must be sold to pay the debts I wish the thirty acres sold secondly I wish my wife to have the ___ of the remaining of the holm farm and one horse with cow till the boys become of age and as they come of age to have an equal proportion of the land sell off to each of them reserving _____the use of ___ to my wife her lifetime the foregoing will was declared in the presence of John Soul, Polly Soul, and also John Boot and Sylvia Bull with directions to have it committed to writing within six days. Polly Soul, Thos. Bull and Sylvia Bull.

Unfortunately, Oliver does not name his wife nor mention names of his children.  I get the feeling he was in a hurry writing his will.

Here is a portion of an article about Oliver’s passing found in the Ohio Monitor, Thursday, January 13, 1820, Vol. IV, Issue 26, page 4.

Poetry Communicated. Died, In Clinton township, 2d January inst. after a long and painful sickness of five months which terminated in consumption.  Mr. Oliver Delano, age 39 years; during which time he bore the heavy affliction with much patience and a becoming resignation to the divine will….has left a feeble and disconsolate widow, three young children, aged, afflicted and indigent parents, brothers and sisters, to mourn an almost irreparable loss. From early youth he had been a professor of the Religion of Jesus, and was of the Methodist connection; originated in Vermont, but last from the state of New York; has lived in this vicinity about seven years, with other friends and relatives.  This article continues with a poem.

I was very happy to find this last article because it tells me that the family moved there to Ohio about 1813.

Here is another article selling Oliver’s land in 1825 in the Ohio Monitor, Saturday, April 23, 1825, Vol. IX, Issue 29, page 3.

Vendue, by virtue of an order of the court of common please of Franklin county, I will offer for sale, on the premises on the 4th day of June, next, at ten o’clock A.M. 30 acres of the north side of Lot no. 16 in section 2d in Clinton township formerly owned by Oliver Delano adjoining Dr. Wetmore’s land on north, and adjoining land owned and occupied by widow Hester Delano, on the south.  Stephen Holt. April 23, 1825.   

His wife Esther (Partridge) Delano also had a will.  She gives names and relationships in her will.  I do not know where Esther is buried.

Esther was the daughter of Stephen Partridge (10 July 1746 Medway, Norfolk, MA to 1818) and Esther Emerson (14 Jun 1751 Uxbridge, Worcester, MA and died 10 Feb. 1835 Marysville, Ohio).  They had 10 children: Hannah, Judith, Lewis, Lucretia, Stephen, Esther, Eunice, Reuben, Aprial, and Cyrus.  This family is featured in this article:  “John Partridge and his Descendants,” New England Historic & Genealogical Register, 1903, Vol. 57, pg. 286 covers Esther’s birth and marriage to Oliver a son of Stephen & Mary (Shaw) Delano.  There are many more pages on the Partridge family.

Franklin Co. Pleas, March Term 1839, Jason Bull and Samuel S. Shattuck two of the subscribing witnesses personally appears in my court to the [will] of Esther Delano and being first duly sworn and say that they signed said will in the presence of the [citation] and at her request, and that at the time of executing said will the said Esther Delano [    – as sixty years of age ____of sound mind & memory & not under any authority and that the  paper produced in court as her will in the same they witnessed as such. Subscribed and served to in Open Court March 30th, 1839, A. W. [Manting] Jr. Clrk. Signed Jason Bull and F. L. Shattuck. 

Esther Delano Will Jacket Case #1304. Signed 3 Apr 1838 Probated 30 Mar 1839

Esther Delano Will Jacket Case #1304. Signed 3 Apr 1838 Probated 30 Mar 1839

I Esther Delano of the County of Franklin in the State of Ohio make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say: I give devise and bequeath to my beloved Sister Judith Partridge a Certainn piece or parcel of Land that was conveyed by Fleury Shield and Huluah his wife both of County afforesaid on the ninth day of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and Twenty-eight. Said Land to Contain five acres and Eighty four rods and one-third provided always that if Providence should Cull her away by death said (if on it is sold) Land shall revert back equally to Norman Delano, my son, and Abi Delano wife of my Son Marvin Delano.  I give my bed and bedding to my son Norman, I give one sheep and my gold beads to my grand-daughter Esther Caroline.  I appoint Joub Holt my Executor of this my Last Will and Testament to dispose of  personal property and divide the ____ equally between by Son Norman & Abi wife of my son Marvin but in case Marvin should not return to pay a certain for Marvin wherein John Soul is bail and then divide the remainder between the said Norman and Abi.  In Testimony where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3rd day of April 1838.  In the presence of Jason Bull and S.S. Shattuck.  Signed Esther Delano (Seal) 

In August 2007 at the Allen Co. Library they had this index. Index to Chancery Book, Vol. I, 1823-1828 Franklin Co., Ohio, Court of Common Pleas pg. 11

Delano, Esther 1826 pg. 216-217 widow of Oliver Delano 1826 pg. 235-237 (same as Above) Delano, Marvin 1826 pg. 216-217 infant son and heir of Oliver Delano 1826 pg. 235-237 Delano, Norman 1826 pg. 216-217 and pg. 235-237 (same as above) Delano, Oliver 1826 pg. 216-217, pgs. 235-237 (same as above) Delano, Oliver (dec) 1826 pg. 216-217 widow Esther, infant sons & heirs, Marvin, Oliver & Norman Delano.

Returning to the Kempton Cemetery there had to be at some point a tombstone for Oliver Delano a brother to our Stephen Delano.  I was unable to locate it that day in 2011. I walked every stone and tried to read them but they were so worn and faded it was near impossible to make most of them out.  There was evidence of broken stones, buried stones and more. Over towards the cliff side on Knightbridge Road trees and shrubs were choking some of the stones.  At one point it must have been a truly lovely cemetery.  Sigh! Here are my photos of this cemetery which are not much but it gives you an overview. You can see the buildings in the background.  As you can see there is a lot of empty space in between stones and more.

Kempton Sign

Kempton Sign

Kempton Cemetery Ohio

Kempton Cemetery Ohio

The photo below is looking toward the bushes and area where some of the stones are being taken over by the vegetation.   The second one is looking toward the road.



Here I am with the sign and I am smiling but there was a lot of frustration and sadness.  I really had wanted to see Oliver’s tombstone. I had to get moving and make it to Kenton, Ohio before dark.

Me at Kempton Cemetery 2011

Me at Kempton Cemetery 2011

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