Stephen Delano’s Lineage to Philip Delano

Please doublecheck the information below with other records and as I obtain more information I will come back and make corrections.

Plymouth Colony

Plymouth Colony

Stephen’s father was Jonathan Delano born 13 February 1713 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts and he died in November 1795 in Dartmouth.  His mother Abigail (Mary) Hammond born at Dartmouth, Massachusetts and she died in Massachusetts. They married on 14 November, 1734.

Jonathan Delano’s father was Jabez Delano born August 11, 1682 at Dartmouth and he died there in Dartmouth, Massachusetts on 23 December 1734.  He married his 1st cousin Mary Delano who was born March 1682 at Duxbury, Massachusetts and she died on 29 April 1716 in Massachusetts.  They married on 8 February 1710.  She was his first wife.  He married a 2nd time to Hannah Peckham.

Here is Jabez’s tombstone at Find A Grave:  The birth is given as Nov. 8, 1682 for Jabez. From Jabez’s information you can click on more links to other individuals. I have not studied them to see if they are correct so be cautious. It gives information about his parents and more.  The cemetery is Achushnet Cemetery in Bristol County, Massachusetts.  There are other cemeteries with Delano buried in them but this is a big one.

Jabez’s  father was Lt. Jonathan Delano born August 1647 in Duxbury, MA and died 28 December 1720 at Dartmouth, MA. He married Mercy Warren born 20 February 1657 in Plymouth, MA and died after 6 November, 1727 in Dartmouth, MA.  They married on 28 February 1678.

Mayflower Note:  Mercy Warren Delano was the daughter of Nathaniel Warren born May 1624 in Plymouth, MA and died between July 16 and October 21, 1667. His first wife was Sarah Walker born 1667 in Plymouth, MA and died 24 November 1700 in Plymouth.  They married on 19 November 1645.

Nathaniel Warren was a son of Richard Warren the Mayflower passenger.  He was born in Greenwich, Kent, England and died at Plymouth, MA about 1628. He married Elizabeth Just born about 1583 in England she died about 22 October 1673 in Plymouth.  They married before 1610.

Lt. Jonathan Delano’s father was Philip Delano and his mother was Hester Dewsberry.

Here is the link to Find A Grave about Philip Delano.

Mayflower Passengers:

Here is a chart I found and I think it is kind of interesting, whether it is true or not, I don’t know.  Enjoy!

Philip Delano's Ancestors?

Philip Delano’s Ancestors?

This has been an experience for me, trying to wade through the Delano lineages to Philip Delano.  There is a lot of inconsistency and so I caution you.  I am waiting for some books I ordered and hope they help. As more information comes to me I will come back and make updates and corrections.  I return now to John Keller and Mary (Delano) Keller’s children.

UPDATE November 22, 2014:  My books arrived.

Source:  Philip Delano of the “Fortune” 1621 and His Descendants in the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Generations, compiled by Muriel Curtis Cushing, Part Three Family #500-561, Published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 2012. #528 Stephen Delano pages 85 to 89. This is a Green Book.

Source:  The Genealogy History and Alliances of the American House of Delano 1621 to 1899, Compiled by Major Joel Andrew Delano, with the History and Heraldry of the Maison De Franchimont and De Lannoy to Delano, 1096 to 1621, Arranged by Mortimer Delano De Lannoy. Includes Part IV Lt. Jonathan Delano, the 4th Son and his descendants.  The Stephen Delano Sr. genealogy is on pages 426 to 431.  This book is a complete set of all of the Delano Genealogy for 1899 and the original.

I also have:

Source:  Philip Delano of the “Fortune” 1621 and His Descendants for Four Generations compiled by Muriel Curtis Cushing, Published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1999. This is a Green Book.  This book goes from Philip Delano to Jonathan Delano on page 109 to page 110. It gives a list of his children including Stephen Delano but ends there.  The book above picks up with Stephen and gives updated information about the family line down from him.


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  1. Richard Dana says:


    I am new to this blog. I am related to this family through the Pearl/Perrill family. Specifically, I am related to George Pearl who married Jane Helt Pearl through their son William Stanley Pearl. My grandmother, Alice Jane (Pearl) Wintermute (daughter to William Stanley), kept a number of photographs and old records including the wedding certificate of George Perrill (Pearl) and Jane Helt. I would be happy to share these materials if someone informs me as to how to download JPEG files to this blog.



    • bonmac says:

      Richard: Welcome, to my blog. I am happy to hear from you. Thank you for sharing about your family. I have to Stanley and and his sister but I don’t have anything further on the family. I did not have Stanley’s marriage. You cannot download pictures to my blog, you have to go through me. I could make you an author but I don’t think you want the responsibility. HA! I will contact you by email and we can talk. Again, thanks for sharing and for your enthusiasm. Bonnie

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