John and Mary Keller’s Children: Elizabeth, Susan & Peter Keller

My third great-grandmother Mary Anne (Delano) Keller has a very well documented lineage to the progenitor of the Delano Family in America, Philip Delano.  I wish I could say that about John Keller her husband. His parentage and origins are still unknown.  In the next posts I want to share what I know about their children in hopes that it might help us to find out more about John.

John and Mary (Delano) Keller had eleven (11) children.  I refer you to the post I wrote on the Barclay’s of Pine River blog:

The Death of Amarilla’s Grandfather, John Keller, dated March 25, 2011

I list the children in order and give some information about them.  In this blog I will discuss them each with a little more detail depending on if I have been able to find out more about them and where they are buried.

Elizabeth Keller Spracklin is the first child listed and she is my second great-grandmother.  She is well discussed in this blog and the Barclay of Pine River blog, so I won’t repeat the information here but encourage you to do some searching.  She married Daniel D. Spracklin a son of John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin at the end of 1852 and they migrated to Benton Co., Iowa.  She died in 1859 and he remarried in 1863 to Sarah (Blacketeer) Allgood.  Daniel died in 1915 and I will write about that event in the Barclay blog in future posts.

In this post and those that follow, I will write about John and Mary (Delano) Keller’s children, the siblings of Elizabeth, and their children’s descendants as best I know.

The next child born to John and Mary Keller was Susan Keller who was born 1832 and died 1834 it is unknown where she was buried but probably in Wayne Twp., Knox Co., Ohio because John was there at that time.  Unfortunately she missed the 1830 and 1840. These census are statistical so it would be difficult to really pin her down. So the only possibility for verifying her birth is a family bible or a tombstone which I have not been able to find.

The third child born to John and Mary Keller was Peter Keller.  Peter is a very interesting person.  Unfortunately, he lived a short time and died at the age of 34.

Peter Keller was born 28 November 1834 in Knox County, Ohio and died 22 May 1869 in Morrow County, Ohio.  He is buried with his parents in Hedding M.E. Cemetery.  The cemetery book states he was 34 y 5 m 24 d.  If I put these dates into my date calculator it comes out correct.

Peter’s information is on the left side of the large tombstone for John and Mary Keller and is very difficult to read. See my BJM Cemetery Discoveries blog for more details about this cemetery.  See past posts about John and Mary (Delano) Keller on this blog.

Peter married Eliza Ann Everts on 6 July 1957 in Sparta, So. Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio. Eliza was born about 1839 in Ohio and died in 1907 and is buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Galion, Ohio, see Find A Grave or click the link. Many Keller descendants are buried in this cemetery.

Eliza’s parents are Elanathan (?) and Elizabeth Everts.  Please note that this marriage record has her name as Eliza Ann Everts. I think that her name is getting mixed up with her mother’s name in the information I have found of her children.

Peter and Eliza's Marriage Record, Knox Co., Ohio

Peter and Eliza’s Marriage Record, Knox Co., Ohio

My information about this couple, suggested that Peter and Eliza had 5 children but after studying the census and other documents, I have settled on four (4) children.

Here they are listed in brief.  I will dedicate a post to them following this post and one about their mother Eliza.

1.  Joana Isabella Keller  was born 17 April, 1858 in Morrow Co., Ohio. She went by the nickname Belle.

2. Jesse Clayton Keller born 9 June, 1860 in Morrow Co., Ohio.

3. Andrew J. Keller he was born 29 November, 1864 in Knox Co.  I have seen his middle name as “Jay,” and “Jackson.”  He is a twin with his sister Anna.

4. Anna May Keller was born on 24 November, 1864 along with her twin brother Andrew.  Her middle name might be spelled “Mae.”

The 1850 U.S. Federal Census has Peter living with his parents John and Mary Keller in So. Bloomfield, Morrow County, Ohio.  This census was enumerated 11 Sept, 1850 by Jas. B. Shaw, Ass’t Marshall, Image #25.  There is no listing for Susan.

2477/2517 John Keller 36 yrs., $900 value, born PA; Mary age 34, born Ohio; Elizabeth age 18, born Ohio; Peter age 15, born Ohio; Lovina age 13, born Ohio; Marilla age 11, born Ohio; Caroline age 9, born Ohio; John age 6, born Ohio; Mary age 3, born Ohio; Henry age 1, born Ohio. Peter, Lovina, Marilla and Carolina attended school.

Here is the a portion of the 1871 Morrow County Atlas, it shows John Keller Sr., John Jr., Evertts, Barr and more.

1871 Atlas Morrow County

1871 Atlas Morrow County

On 9 May 1860 Peter Keller purchased land on 9 May 1860 from a Henry Sharpnack in Morrow Co., Ohio.

Source:  Deeds, 1840-1901: Index to deeds 1848-1912, Morrow County Ohio, Recorder of Deeds:  Henry Sharpnack to Peter Keller, 9 May 1860, Vol. 13, pg. 258, FHL#388702, pg. 258, Twp. 6, 24 acres.

This land is in the section north of where his father and mother had their land which was located the northeast corner of section 11 in Morrow County, Ohio.

Henry Sharpnack to Peter Keller
Received for Record May 23, 1860 and Recorded May 30, 1860 by Silas Gold

This Indenture made this 9th May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Sixty between Henry Sharpnack of the County of Morrow & State of Ohio party of the first part and Peter Keller of the County of Morrow and State of Ohio party on the second part.

Witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of seven hundred dollars to him in hand paid by said party of the second part the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do by these presents give grand bargain sell alien release convey & confirm unto the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever a certain lot or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Morrow and State of Ohio bounded and described as follows:

Beginning at North West Corner in the eastern half of the South west quarter of Section 10 in Township Six of Range 15 (15). Thence running along the north line to the Center of said East half of said quarter. Thence South on a line parallel with the west line of said quarter so far as to include the North West corner of said East half of said quarter. Thence North to the place of beginning Twenty four acres of land.

To have and to hold the premises hereby conveyed with all the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the said part of the Second part his heirs and assigns forever and the said party of the first part for themselves their heirs executors and administrators do convenant to and with the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever that he is will seized of the premises hereby granted and has good sights and lawful authority to sell and convey…..(Very dark and difficult to read the rest of the deed.)

Signed by Henry Sharpnack and Mary Anna Sharpnack
Witnessed by Joseph Conway and James [Bays]
Dated 9 day of May 1860. By Joseph Conway, J.P.

1860 Peter and family are living So. Bloomfield Twp. under the name Killer.

Source:  1860 U.S. Federal Census, So. Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio pg. 42, enumerated on June 21, 1860, by P. B. Ayers, Chesterville  PO.

Line 6, 334/333 Peter Killer, age 25, male, pump maker $700/150 born Ohio. Eliza A. Killer, age 21, F, born Ohio. Joanna I. age 2, f, born Ohio, unnamed baby age 1 year, male born Ohio.

That August, Peter sells 25 acres of land to his brother-in-law Harrison Barr, husband of his sister Amarilla.

Source:  Deeds: 1840-1901: Index to deeds 1848-1912, Morrow County Ohio, Recorder of Deeds:  Peter Keller to Harrison Barr, 23 Aug, 1860, Vol. 18, page 1 & 2, FHL#388706, 25 acres, Twp. 6.

This deed was very difficult, dark and fuzzy so what you see here is the best I can do.

Peter Keller Deed to Harrison Barr
Rec’d Sept 4, 1860, Recorded Sept 15, 1860. Very dark, fuzzy and difficult to read.

Know all men by these presents that Peter Keller and Eliza Ann his wife…of the County of Morrow and State of Ohio and in consideration of the sum ____ hundred dollars in hand paid by Harrison Barr of the said county…have bargained and ___________hereby grant and convey…to said Harrison Barr his heirs and assigns forever….the premises situated in the County of Morrow and describes as follows beginning at the [north east…..half of the south west quarter of Section ten (10) ….running along this ___________(too hard to read all blacked out)…quanity of twenty five acres of land…Signed by Peter Keller and Eliza A. Keller.

Witnesses by Joseph Conway and [Malissa] Conway
23 day of August, 1860.

Over the next several years till his death, Peter sells land to a John Coe and a J. Jackson.  I did not copy those deeds but here is the source information.

 1) Source:   Deeds, 1840-1901: Index to deeds 1848-1912, Morrow County Ohio, Recorder of Deeds: Peter Keller to John Coe, 14 June 1866Vol. 19, pg. 86 FHL#388706, pg. 209, Twp. 6, 10 acres. 

2) Source:  Deeds, 1840-1901: Index to deeds 1848-1912, Morrow County Ohio, Recorder of Deeds, Peter Keller to John Coe, 15 January 1868, 10 acres, Vol. 21, pg. 165, FHL#388706 pg. 209, Twp. 6, 10 acres. 

3) Source:  Deeds, 1840-1901: Index to deeds 1848-1912, Morrow County Ohio, Recorder of Deeds, Peter Keller to J. Jackson, 21  Jan. 1869, Vol. 22, page 405, FHL#388702, pg. 209, Twp. 6, 10 acres. 

Peter Keller passed away at age 34 years on 22 May 1869.  His death is recorded in the Morrow County Death Records Vol. I, 1856, 1857, 1867 thru 1879, published by the Morrow Co. Genealogical Society, 2008.

 Keller, Peter, South Bloomfield, W. 34 y 2 m 24 d, 5/22/1869 Knox. Co., Ohio Bloomfield, Consumption.

I found an obituary notice however brief, in the Morrow County Sentinel 2/14/1869 to 7/20/1870.

Died – Keller, on the 22d ult. of Lung Disease, Mr. Peter Keller, of South Bloomfield township in the 35th year of his age. The deceased was a good and worthy citizen and was loved and respected by all who knew him.  He leaves a wife, four children and a large circle of friends and acquaintances to mourn his early demise.  

A search of the Morrow County estates and probates did not reveal a file for Peter but, it looks like he sold off most of his land before his death?

Peter Keller served briefly in the Civil War.  I will share that information in the next post when I write about his wife and her life after his death.

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  1. Constance says:

    Hello – have mentioned that we are also 3rd great grandchildren through John and Mary Keller. From our father we have a turn of the century photo that notes Ada Barr Voegle daughter of Amarilla Keller granddaughter of John and Mary. The Keller family would hold annual reunions and the photo looks like a reunion of family. We just don’t know who the people are in the photo. Would be glad to send you a scan if you may recognize anyone in a turn of the century photo of the Keller/Barr/Voegle family.

    • bonmac says:

      Constance: Good to hear from you. I am going to talk about Amarilla soon. I would love to see the photo but I don’t know if I can help much. What you see in this blog and my others is me piecing it all together, I had very little when I began and so the families in Ohio are very unknown to me. I am aware of the Reunions that were held but don’t know if it is done much anymore? Depending on how they are dressed it might be a funeral? It will depend on the year the photo was taken, if we can figure that out then we can then eliminate some people. Let me contact you direct and let’s talk Bonnie

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