John & Mary Anne Delano Keller’s Children: Lovina Lavina Keller Helt – 1837 to 1873

In the past post about Anna Buckingham one of Peter Keller’s daughters, I mentioned a deed and gave a list of names.  Only one name was on that deed for the Helt family. The name was Emma A. Helt.  What happened to Lovina and William Helt her parents?  Well, I have to say that I have some information on this family but not as much as I would like.

Lovina was born to John and Mary Keller on 17 February 1837 in Knox County, Ohio. Remember Morrow County was not established till 1848.  She is said to have died on 22 December 1873 in South Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio but there may be evidence that she passed in 1879 instead.

Her name is very confusing in the spelling, I have seen Lovina Lavina or maybe Lavinia. I will use Lovina till someone or the records tell me other wise?  Update: Cemetery Records have Lavina.

Lovina appears in the 1850 U.S. Census for South Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio with her family with the spelling Lovina.  She was 13 at the time.  Here is a summary of this census.

 2477/2517 John Keller 36 yrs., $900 value, born PA; Mary age 34, born Ohio; Elizabeth age 18, born Ohio; Peter age 15, born Ohio; Lovina age 13, born Ohio; Marilla age 11, born Ohio; Caroline age 9, born Ohio; John age 6, born Ohio; Mary age 3, born Ohio; Henry age 1, born Ohio. Peter, Lovina, Marilla and Carolina attended school.

Lovina married William Golf Helt on 17 February, 1855 in Morrow County.  The family chart below has his name as John William Helt?

pg. 554; Keller, Lovina to William G. Helt Vol. 1, pg. 2;

Source:  Marriage Records, 1848-1951, Index 1848-1948, Morrow Co., Ohio, General Index V1A-10, 1848-1948 #388779 Item 1, Marriages v. 1A #388779 Item 2 1848-1858, Marriages v. 1B-1 1854-1863 FHL#388780 1B stops at p.45., Marriages v 1-B FHL#317297 Item 2, Marriages v.2 1863-1869 FHL #388781, Marriages V. 3 1870-1880 FHL#388782.

William and Lavina's Marriage 1855

William and Lavina’s Marriage 1855

1 Feb 1855, Keller, Lovina to William G. Helt Vol. 1, pg. 2

If you click on the marriage record to see a bigger version, you will see that the names are William G. Helt and Lavina Keller. Don’t forget to hit your back button to return to this blog.

William G. Helt was born 18 Sep 1827, Knox Co., Ohio and died about 15 Nov 1919.  I have tried for an obituary notice and estate file on this man put have had no luck at this time (Updated:  He died in Pennsylvania so there would be no records of his death in Ohio.)

Below is a Family Chart done in 1980, there are several things that interest me.  Here you see the use of the name John William Helt and Lavinia Keller with her death in 1879.  This chart goes right to left ending with a James Allen Pittman.  Since I do not have a tombstone verifying Lovina nor William’s deaths this chart is very interesting?  I also find the name of Grove very interesting and will share more in the next post.

Chart with Helt & Keller

Chart with Helt & Keller

William and Lovina appear in this census:

Source:  1860 U.S. Federal Census for William Helt Family, P.O. Box Chesterville, enumerated 21 June 1860 by P.B. [Ayens].

Line 24, 330/364 Harrison Barr, 27, M. farmer, $250, $0, Pa., Emarilla Barr, 21, F, O. James H. 10/12 M., O. Ira Barr 17 M, domestic, O.

Line 28 351/350 William Helt, 39, M, brick layer, $180, $100, O, Lovina Helt, 23, F, O, Mary E, 4, F, O. Eliza J. 2, F, O.

Line 32, 352/351 Henry Brokaw 47, M, farmer, $900, 350, NJ, Louisa Brokaw 45, F, PA, Joshua, 22, M, farmer, Ind. Joanna, 20, F, domestic, Ohio. Maria, 18, F, domestic, O. Mary A. 16, F, O. William H., 14, M, O. Emeline, 13, F., O. Jackson, 11, M., O.

Before this census was a deed between William Helt and Henry Brokaw.  I do not know Henry’s relationship to Mariah Brokaw/Brocaugh the first wife of Peter Spracklen at this time.  For more information on the Brokaws see the post on this blog dated October 27, 2013 titled “A Son of John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin – Peter Spracklen of Belle Plaine, Iowa – 1st Marriage.

Below is a transcription of the deed between Henry Brokaw and William Helt in 1860.

Source:  Registrar of Deeds, Morrow Co., Ohio, Grantor Henry Brokaw to Grantee William Helt, Vol. 13, p. 258, FHL#388702.

Henry Brokaw Deed William Helt, Received for Record May 28, 1860 and Recorded May 29, 1860 by Silas Holt. This Indenture 7th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty between Henry Brokaw —-Brokaw his wife of the County of Morrow and State of Ohio, party of the first part and William Helt of the County of Morrow and State of Ohio party of the second part Witnesfeth that the said party of the first pary for an in consideration of the sume of one hundred and twenty five dollar to them in hand will and truly paid by the said party of the second part the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do _________ presents give, grant, bargain sell, alien, release, convey and confirm unto the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever a certain lot or parcel of land fifteen (15) in the County of Morrow and State of Ohio and a part of the North East quarter and a part of the North West quarter of Section thirteen (13) Bounded as follows. Commencing at the center of the Chesterville road where the [Sheldon] road intersects the said road. Thence running north 12 1/2 west Thirty seven rods (37) and thirty two (32) poles. Thence north 30 (maybe 38) West eight rods (8) and thirty two (32) poles. Thence West 88 1/4 (degrees) North Twelve (12) rods and thirty seven (37) poles. Thence South 1″ west forthy two (42) rods eighty-four (84) poles. Thence east 26 rods to the place of beginning making five (5) acres after deducting ten feet from road.

To have and hold the premises hereby conveyed with all the privileges and appurtenances there unto belonging… (missing 2nd page and rest of the deed).

Tracing William and Lovina Helt in the census we find:

Source:  1870 U.S. Federal Census for William and Lovina Helt, So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio #463, July 8, 1870, by Perry M. Wood, PO. Sparta, page no 15/11:

Line 12, 124, 127 Helt William, 42, M W [Plasterer] $800/125 born Ohio. Helt, Lovina age 31, F, W, keeping house, born Ohio. Helt, Mary, age 14 F, W, at home, attended school. Helt, Eliza age 12, F, W, at home, attended school. Helt, May age 10, F, W, at home, attended school. Helt, John age 7, M, W, at home, attended school. Helt, Emma, age 4 F, W. Helt, Solomon, age 2, M, W. All born in Ohio.  

William Helt is supposed to have lived till 1919 which means that he may have remarried. There is a William Helt with a Lydia living in Chester Township in Morrow Co., Ohio in June of 1880 page 1, SD 5, ED 134.  The names of the children don’t seem to match with previous records and their ages do not fit if Lovina died in 1873.  So what happened to William is still a bit of a mystery.

Line 9, 4/4, Helt, William W, M. 52, Stone mason, Lydia W, F, 42, Wife, Keeping House, Samuel H. W. M. 11 son, At School., Mary W, F, 9 daughter, At School, 5/3 Marcus L. W, M. 1 son, At home. 

There is a great deal more to do on this family but I have to move on. In the next post I will share what I know about William and Lovina’s children. UPDATE:  In the next post I share information that was shared with me about the final resting place of this couple.

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4 Responses to John & Mary Anne Delano Keller’s Children: Lovina Lavina Keller Helt – 1837 to 1873

  1. Constance Sisson says:

    Emma A. (Amarilla) Helt is our great grandmother. After the death of her mother Lovina, it seems the children were ‘farmed out’ to others. Emma appears in the 1880 census (she was just 14) living with her grandmother Mary Ann Keller.

    • bonmac says:

      Contance: Yes, this is true, I have been vacationing so I am not yet back to genealogy mode. This seems to be happening a lot, where the mother dies and the kids get sent elsewhere, makes it really hard to track them down. Do you know where Lovina is buried and what happened to William?

  2. Constance Sisson says:

    Yes. Lovina is buried next to John and Mary Ann Keller in Hedding Methodist Cemetery in Morrow County OH. She is listed as Helf on Find a Grave, but I am getting these three transferred to my Findagrave account. I have visited the cemetery several times, and I believe you had a picture a while back from one of your visits on one of your blogs. Lovina is located right next to John and Mary Ann. William Goff Helt has a death certificate on ancestry – he died November 15, 1919 and is buried at Oakmont Cemetery in Greene County, PA. I believe he did remarry Lydia after the death of Lovina.

    • bonmac says:

      Constance: Thank you thank you. I also have a Find A Grave account and planning to add tombstones. Yes, I have posted John and Mary’s tombstone several times. I also posted at my BJM Cemetery Blog recently a more thorough selection of my photos. I will check out the information on Lovina and William. This is great and thanks so much for sharing.

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