Lavina Helt and William G. Helt’s Final Resting Place

I cannot take credit for this new information about where Lavina is buried nor what happened to William.  A cousin shared the information in the comments section of the previous post. The comments are at the end of the tags at the bottom of the post.

Lavina is in Hedding M.E. Cemetery she is behind John and Mary.  They are in Row 11 and she is in Row 12 and yes she is listed under the name Helf not Helt.

The Hedding M.E. Cemetery by the Morrow County Genealogical Society book reads: “Helf, Lavina, w/o W. C. Helf.”

I have read that cemetery book many times and missed this information totally.  Thank goodness for cousins!

Here is the link to Find A Grave where our cousin has posted photos of the tombstone and how it is in relationship to John, Mary and Peter’s tombstone.

The photos at Find A Grave are better in featuring Lavina’s tombstone.  Now I will share my photos from 2011 when I visited for the 2nd time this cemetery.  Her stone is the one in the middle back a little way, just sitting there so plain to see and just waiting to be found.

The bush that was there in 2007 when I first visited is now cut back and under control.  I also did a little more pruning this time as well.


Lavina’s tombstone to the left of John, Mary and Peter’s.


Here I am next to the stone for John, Mary and Peter and to the left in the background is Lavina’s. Sigh!

William G. Helt died in Morgan Twp., Greene Co., Pennsylvania 15 November, 1919 and is buried in Oakmont Cemetery as verified by a death certificate at Ancestry for him in Pennsylvania.  He was born 18, Sept. 1827. His father was John Helt and his mother’s maiden name was Hess.  He is said to be married but his wife’s name is not listed.  He was 92 years, 1 mos and 27 days old at his death.  The informant was a Mrs. Wm. Patterson of Waynesbury, PA.

My blog BJM Cemetery Discoveries has several posts about the Hedding M.E. cemetery you might want to check it out.  Here is the main one:

So does this mean that I have to go back to Ohio, probably. HA!


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