John & Mary Keller Descendants: Lavina & William Helt’s Children

Lavina and William had 8 children that I am aware of.  Please verify the information presented below and use the following as a guide. Things got a little confusing with the Grove family so I hope I have this correct.

1. Mary Elizabeth Helt was born about 12 Feb. 1856 in South Bloomfield Twp., and died 27 Jan 1945 in Gardner, Johnson Co., Kansas. She married a Charles Olen Groves. His parents were Cyrus C. Groves 1821 to 1889 and Mary Jane Foster 1883 to 1913.  Mary remarried to a Mrs. Poynter and might have married a 3rd time?

Louisiana Counties

Louisiana Counties or are they parishes?

1. Clyde Olen Groves who was born 11 Sep 1877 and died 1 March 1961 in Pollock, Louisiana.  He married Sallie Walters who was born 17 February 1878 in Louisiana and died 21 July 1950 in Meriwether, Georgia.

1.  Clyde O. Groves (Jr.) born about 1905 in Louisiana married Gladys per the 1940 Census, see below.

2. William Eugene Groves born about 1907 in Dry Prong, Louisiana.  He married Gladys Rosalie Rhodes born about 1907 in Louisiana.

Source:  1930 U.S. Federal Census, family of William Groves, Pointe Coupee (parish), Louisiana, ED #39/14, SD#7, Sht #8B, enumerated on 14 April 1930 by Julina W. Andrews. 

Line 53, 186, 186, Groves, William E., Head, R, 5, No, M, W, 23, M, 22, No, yes, Louisiana, Father born Kansas, Mother born Louisiana, yes, Bookkeeper, Lumber Mill, 6744, W, yes, No. Groves, Gladys, R, Wife-H, v, F, W, 23, M, 22, No, Yes, Louisiana, Father born Mississippi, Mother born Louisiana, yes, teacher, Public School, 9494, W, yes.

Source: 1940 U.S. Federal Census, family of William Groves, New Orleans, Louisiana, Orleans Parish Ward 14, Block No. 6, 14, SC#2, ED26-399, Sht #5A, enumerated on 8 April 1940 by Thelma Menard.  

Palmer, line 13, 2838, 98, 72, 45, No., Groves, William, Head, 0, M, W, 33, M, no, Louisiana, Same place, No, yes, 40, consulting ________, insurance. Groves, Gladys O, Wife, 1, F, W, 34, M, no, Louisiana, same place. Groves, Barbara, daughter, 2, F, W, 3, S, no, o, Louisiana

3. Mary E. Groves born about 1909 in Louisiana

4. George F. Groves born about 1911 in Louisiana

5. Alice R. Groves born about 1913 in Louisiana

6. Dorothy Ethel Groves was born 4 September, 1915, in Pollock, Louisiana. She married a Wayne Creekmore Pittman and they had James Allen Pittman born 31 August 1938 in El Pasco, Texas. He married Nancy G. Graves.

7. Margaret Groves born about 1917, Louisiana

8. Robert W. Groves born about 1921 in Louisiana

Here is the census for 1910, 1930 and 1940:

Source: 1910 U.S. Federal Census, Clyde O. Groves family, Jena, LaSalle Co., Louisiana, Plice Jury, Ward 3, SD3, ED64, Sht 1A, enumerated April 15, 1910 by John W. Ezell. 

Line 16, 3, 3, Groves, Clide O., Head, M, W, 32, M1, 6, born Ohio, Father PA, Mother Ohio, English, pharmacist, Drugstore, OH, No, O, yes, yes, O, F, H. Groves, Sallie, Wife, F, W, 32, M1, 6, 3 born 3 living, born LA, Father Indiana, Mother LA, English, yes, yes. Groves, Clide O. son, M, W, 5, S, Louisiana, Ohio, Louisiana. Groves, William E., son, M, W, 3, Louisiana, Ohio, Louisiana. Groves, Mary E., daughter, F, W, 6/12 S, Louisiana, Ohio, Louisiana. Huffman, Beulah, Servant, F, W, 32, S, Louisiana, Father Mississippi, Mother Mississippi, English, Servant, Private Family, OA, No, 16, yes, yes.

Source, 1930 U.S. Federal Census, Clyde O. Groves family, Pollock Town, Grant Co., Louisiana, Ward 2, ED22-4, SD5, Sht 4A, enumerated on April 9, 1930, by Mrs. Lillie M. Scott.

Line 26, Ivy Street, 70, 73, Groves, Clyde O. Head, 0, 3000 R1, No, M, W, 52, ___25 years, No, Yes, born Ohio, parents born Ohio, 57, yes, Salesman, Life Insurance, 8885, W, yes, No. Groves, Sallie, wife – H, F, W, 52 M, 25, no yes, born Louisiana, parents born Louisiana. Groves George F. son, M, W, 19, S, yes, yes, born Louisiana, Ohio, LA. Alice R. Daughter, F, W, 17, S, yes, yes, Louisiana, Ohio, LA. Dorothy E. daughter, F, W, 14, S, yes, yes, Louisiana, Ohio, LA. Margaret Daughter, F, W, 13, S, yes, yes, Louisiana, Ohio, LA. Robert W. Son, M, W, 9, S, yes, Louisiana, Ohio, LA. Dorsey, Rebecca, mother in law, F, W, 76 Wd., no, yes, born LA, parents born LA. Swafford, Eddie B., Boarder, M, W, 24, S, no , yes, born LA, parents born LA

Source, 1940 U.S. Federal Census, Clyde O. Groves Family, Pollock, Grant Co., Louisiana, Twp/Div 8, SD8, ED22-12, Sht, 3B, enumerated on April 3 and 4, 1940 by O. R. Davis.

South of Pollock Bentley Road, Line 55, 53/0/3000/Yes, Groves, Clyde Sr. head, O, M, W, 62, M, No, C2, 50 born Kansas, 70, same house, yes, yes, no, no, 1, 48, O, Salesman, Life Ins. Co., PW, 274, 80, 1, 52, 50001, yes, 4. Groves, Sallie O., wife, 1, F, W, 62, M, No, 44, 30, born Louisiana, 85, same place, yes, no, no, 4, 5, housewife, 0, 0, no. Groves, Alice daughter, 2, F, W, 25, S, No, C5, 80, born Louisiana, 85, same place, yes, yes, no, 1, 40, 0, teacher, public school PW, V34, 91, 2, 52, 980, yes. Groves, Robert, son, 2, M, W, 19, S, No, 44, 30, born Louisiana, 85, same place, yes, no, no, no, NP, New worker, 6, 0, 0, no. Groves Clyde Jr. son, 2, M, W, 35, M, No, 44, 30, born Louisiana, 85, same place, yes, no, no, no, no, 44, Bookkeeper, Lumber Mill, PW, 210, 09, 1, 4, 175, no. Groves Gladys, daughter in law, 5, F, W, 29, M, No, 44, 30, born Louisiana, 85, R, Rapides, Louisiana, No, no, no, no, H, 5, housewife. Groves, George, son, 2, M, W, 29, M, No, 44, 30, born Louisiana, 85, same place, yes, yes, no, no, 1, 48, 0, salesman, Life Ins. co., PW, 274, 80, 1, 52, 1200, no. Groves, Geraldine daughter in law, 5, F, W, 38, M, No, C4, 70, born Louisiana, 85, same place, no, yes, no, no, no, 1, 40, O, teacher, public school, CW, V34, 91, 2, 52, 980, No. Poynter, Mary, Mother, 3, F, W, 84, Wd, No. 42, 10, born Ohio, 59, same place, yes, no, no, no, no, U, 7, housewife.

So we have William and Clyde Jr. marrying a Gladys?

The name Groves appeared on a deed partitioning John Keller’s land.  I posted about this deed on October 8, 2011 “Partition Deed: Morrow County, Ohio 1884.” You will see the Grove’s name. This post is on my Barclay’s of Pine River blog which you can access by going to the right panel of this blog for the link under BJ’s Family History blogs.

2.  Eliza Jane Helt was born July 1858 in South Bloomfield, Morrow County.  She married a George Pearl and had Stanley William Pearl born August 1877 and Emma E. Pearl born June 1884.

George and Eliza Jane lived out their lives in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio.  I picked up George Pearl in 1870 census living with a Nancy Pearl in South Bloomfield, Ohio in the census.  My records show he was the son of Nancy Doty and William Pearl.  There is a Alvie, George, Emma along with a Levac (Isaac?) and Letitia?

In 1880 George and Jane are living with this Nancy who is still in South Bloomfield.  They have William with them who is 2 years old.  We move on to the 1900 census and George and Jane are still living in South Bloomfield and this time the whole family appears except Nancy.

Line 96, 173, 189, Pearl, George, Head, W, M, Mar 1855, age 45, M, 23 years, born Ohio, Farmer, yes, yes, yes, O FF 155. Pearl, Eliza Jane, wife. W, F, July 1858, 41 M, 23, 2 born 2 living, born Ohio. Pearl Stanley W, son W, M, Aug, 1877, age 22, S, born Ohio, farmer laborer. Pearl, Emma E., daughter, W, F, June 1884, age 15, S, born Ohio, at school. Parents of all born in Ohio.

Source: 1900 U.S. Federal Census for So. Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio the George Pearl Family. Sheet No. 7, SD 13, ED 107, enumerated 21 June 1900, by Thomas F. Leonard.

After this census George and Jane appear in the U.S. Federal Census for 1910, 1920 and 1930 still living in South Bloomfield.  They are well into their 70’s.

There is a tombstone photo at the Bloomfield Cemetery in Morrow Co., Ohio which features George and Jane at Find A Grave.

PEARL – George Pearl 1855 to 1934, Jane Pearl 1858 to 1931.

George’s parents are also featured at Find A Grave – William Pearl July 5, 1862 age 62 years, Nancy Pearl, Feb 9, 1808 to Aug 22, 1902. There are other members of the Pearl family listed.

UPDATE: June 5, 2017:  Here is a handwritten Obituary of Eliza Jane Pearl, author is unknown.  ElizaJanePearl

3. Lavina May Helt was born 6 Sep 1860 in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio and died about 1925 in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio.  She married on 1 October 1876 in Cardington, Morrow Co., Ohio to a Franklin White Cotton born 31 July 1852 in Gambier, Knox Co., Ohio and he died 1928 in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio.  Both are buried in the Bloomfield Cemetery in Morrow County, Ohio.

Frank Cotton is featured in the “Morrow County History book:

Morrow County History Dec 2005.

FRANK COTTON, blacksmith; Sparta; was born in Knox Co., Ohio, July 31, 1852; he is the only son of Omer and Sarah (King) Cotton; the grandson of Emmett W. Cotton, and great-grandson of Harrison Cotton, one of the early pioneers of South Bloomfield Tp. The father of Frank is at present in Mobile, Alabama, a speculator in cotton; the mother lives in Illinois. Frank’s youth, until he was 14 years old, was passed at home, going to school; when he arrived at that age, he started out in life for himself, working on a farm by the month; in 1870 he commenced learning the blacksmiths’ trade at Green Valley, Knox Co., O. In the spring of 1874, he engaged to work at his trade with Abraham Herron, at Sparta, with whom he remained until 1877; he then erected a shop of his own, where he has remained until the present. Mr. Cotton’s marriage with Melissa daughter of Boyd and Ann (McKee) Clark, was celebrated Jan. 1, 1874; his wife’s death occurred July 17, 1875; his second wife was Mary, daughter of William and Lavina (Keller) Helt. 666 – SOUTH BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP to whom be was married Oct. 1, 1876; to the second marriage was born one daughter, Hallie O., born June 9, 1879. Mr. Cotton is a Democrat in politics, a Universalist in religion; besides doing a general blacksmithing business, he makes a specialty of horse-shoeing, and repairing mowing and reaping machines. Mr. Cotton is said to be one of the best blacksmiths in southern Morrow Co.

Franklin and Lavina had 8 children of which one died young. The census information is listed below.

1. Hallie Oma Cotton was born 9 June 1878 (year per the census) in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow County, Ohio.  She appears in at least two census – 1880 and 1900.

2. Nellie Lillian Cotton was born 16 Feb 1883 in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow County, Ohio. She appears in the 1900 census.

3. Florence Lavina Cotton was born 28 Aug 1886 in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow County, Ohio.  She is buried in the Bloomfield Cemetery. She died 15 Mary 1888 and her name is on the same tombstone as her parents.

4. Emmett White Cotton was born Oct. 1889 in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow County, Ohio. He died 19 Feb 1951 in San Joaquin Co., California and is buried in the Tracy Public Cemetery.  There is a memorial to him at Find A Grave but no tombstone picture.  He apparently married Mary Jane Robinson.  Emmett appears in the 1900 and 1910 census.

5.  Anna Grace Cotton was born 8 November 1892 in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow County Ohio.  She appears in the 1900 census but a Lelia G. appears in the 1910.

6.  Frances Mary Cotton was born 22 December 1893 in Centerburg, Knox County, Ohio. She appears in the 1900 and 1910 census.

7. Helen Cotton born April 1898 in Centerburg, Hilliar Twp., Knox Co., Ohio and she appears in the 1900 and 1910 census.

8.  Esther J. Cotton was born about 1902 in Centerburg, Hilliar Twp., Knox Co., Ohio.  She appears in the 1910 census.

Frank and Lavinia Cotton are buried in Bloomfield Cemetery in Morrow Co., Ohio. Find A Grave has a picture of their shared tombstone.

Source:  1880 U.S. Federal Census, Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio, Frank Cotton Family,  enumerated 30 June 1880 by H.D. Weaver, pg. #20.

Line 1, 22, 228, Cotton Frank, W, M, 28, Blacksmith, born Ohio, parents born Ohio. Cotton May, W, F, 19, Wife, keeping house, born Ohio, Father Michigan, mother Ohio. Cotton, Hattie, W, F, 1, dau. born Ohio, parents born Ohio

Source:  1900 U.S. Federal Census, Centerburg, Frank Cotton Family, Hilliar Twp., Knox. Co., Ohio, Sht #11, SD 13, ED 52, 25 June 1900 by Willie D. Willis.

Line 71, 280, 285, Cotton, Frank, Head, W, M, July 1851, 49, M, 23, born Ohio, father Ohio, mother Vermont, Blacksmith, O, yes, yes, yes, O M H. Cotton May L. wife, W, F, Sept. 1860, 39, M, 23, 7 born 6 living, born Ohio, parents born Ohio. yes, yes, yes. Cotton, Hallie N. daughter, W, F, June 1878, 21, S, born Ohio, school teacher 3, yes yes yes. Cotton Nellie L., daughter, W, F, Feb. 1883, 17, S, born Ohio, at school, 9, yes yes yes. Cotton Emmett W., son W, M. Oct 1888, 11, S, born Ohio, at school, 9, yes, yes, yes. Cotton Gracie, An., W. F., Nov. 1892, 7, S, born Ohio, at school 9, yes, yes, yes. Cotton Mary F. W. Daughter, W, F, Dec 1895, 4, S. born Ohio. Cotton Hellen daughter, W, F, Apr 1898, 1 yr. S, born Ohio.

Source:  1910 U.S. Federal Census, Centerburg, Frank Cotton Family, Hilliar Twp., Knox Co., Ohio, Sht 3A, SD 12, ED 65, 16-18 April 1910 by Earl Amadon.

Line 28, 70, 76, Cotton, Frank W. head, M, W, 57, M, 33, born Ohio, parents born Ohio. English, blacksmith, ower shop, OA, yes yes, O, M 28, Cotton, Lavina, wife, F, W, 49, M, 33, 8 born 7 living, born Ohio, parents born Ohio, yes yes. Cotton Emmet, son, M, W, 20, S, born Ohio, parents born Ohio, ______, On Railway, W, No, 4, yes, yes, no. O 3 X 8, Cotton Lellia G. daughter, F, W, 17 S, born Ohio, parents born Ohio. Cotton Mary F, daughter, F, W, 14, S, born Ohio, parents born Ohio, Cotton Helen E. daughter, F, W, 10?, born Ohio, parents born Ohio, Cotton Esther J. daughter, F, W, 8, S, born Ohio, parents born Ohio.

4.  John William Philander Helt was born about 1862 in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio.  John appears in the 1870 census with his parents and siblings.  There is a deed in the index for Morrow Co. Deeds where a John W. Helt buys land from W.F. Keller, Vol. 39, pg. 92, FHL#388693 pg. 308.  I do not have a copy of this deed.  I only had time to copy so many deeds.  W.F. Keller is the brother of Lavina Keller Helt.

5.  Emma Amarilla Helt was born about 1864 in South Bloomfield Twp. She married a J.F. Williams born about 1860 in Morrow County.

6.  Henry Solomon Helt was born 14 August 1866 in South Bloomfield Twp., and died in Detroit, Michigan 28 May 1842 and is buried the Chesterville Cemetery in Morrow County, Ohio.  He was married twice, first to Fannie Miller (d. 1902) and then to a Amanda Smith (d. 1939).

He married on 18 November 1888 to Fannie Miller who was born 8 April 1871 in South Bloomfield Twp., and died 27 January 1902 in Sparta, Morrow County, Ohio.  Her parents were John Miller and Elizabeth McCullough.

The children listed below are based on the census of 1900.  They were probably born in Chester Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio but that will need to be verified:

1.  John W. Helt born Aug 1889.

2.  Madge A. Helt born June 1891.

3. Frank F. Helt born Mar 1893.

4. Emma J. Helt born Aug 1895.

5.  Dewey R. Helt born Mar 1898.

6.  Mary Inez Helt who was born 11 October 1900 in Morrow County, Ohio so she does not appear in the 1900 U.S. Census.  She died March 1968 in Galion, Crawford County, Ohio.  She married Chester Arthur Johnson on 16 January 1922 in Crawford County, Ohio.  He was born 21 January 1893 in Crestline, Crawford County, Ohio and died 22 March 1951 in Galion.  They had three children: Robert Johnson, Marie Johnson and Beverly Ann Johnson.

Source: Chester A. Johnson d. Thurs, March 22, 1951, Galion Inquirer, Thurs., 22 March 1951

Chester A. Johnson III, Several Years, Dies this Morning

Following an illness of the past three years, Chester A. Johnson, 103 1/2 Harding Way East, died this morning at 1:15 o’clock at City Hospital where he had been admitted Tuesday evening. Friends may call after 7 o’clock this evening at the Snyder funeral home, where services will be held on Saturday morning at 10 o’clock. Rev. Dale Heath of the Free Methodist church will officiate, and interment will follow in Fairview Cemetery.  Mr. Johnson came to Galion 29 years ago from Mansfield. He was born near Crestline on January 21, 1893, the son of William and Nettie (Weidner) Johnson. On January 16, 1922 he was united in marriage to Mary I. Helt at Bucyrus, who survives with one son, Robert F. Johnson, of Bucyrus, and two daughters, Marie A. and Beverly A. Johnson at home. Also surviving are two grandchildren, Richard E. and Marian Lee Johnson of Bucyrus and two brothers, Harvey and Ervin Johnson whose residences are unknown.  Mr. Johnson’s last employment was as a grocery clerk, and he was a member of the Moose Lodge in Bucyrus. 

Source: Death Certificate for Chester A. Johnson, Ohio Vital Records,  #13835.

Place of Death: Ohio, Crawford Co., Galion, Lived there 29 years, Hospital Galion City Hospital. 103 1/2 Harding Way East. Died March 22, 1951, Male, White Married, DOB Jan 21, 1893, age 58. Clerk, Grocery Store, POB Crestline, Crawford Co., Ohio, father William Johnson, Mother Nettie Weidner. Informant Mrs. C.A. Johnson. COD Hypertensive Cartio Vascular disease 2 yrs, anterior sclerosis 5 yrs. From 6/10/48 to March 22, 1951 attended died at 1:15 am. by Charles J. Griebling MD, 112 So. Market, Galion, Ohio. Burial March 24, 1951 in Fairview, Galion, Crawford Co., Ohio. Embalmer Ralph L. Snyder, Funeral Directo Fred W. Heigzneau. registrar Dorothy Redden.

Chester and Mary are buried in Fairview Cemetery along with other family members including their son Robert F. Johnson.  You will find some great information at Find A Grave for this family. The memorial at Find A Grave for Robert includes an obituary and photograph of him.

A study of the U.S. Census shows that Henry was living in Morrow County in 1870 (with his parents).  He appears in the 1900 census with a very big family and married to Fannie.  By 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940 he had made the move to Detroit, Michigan.

Source: Henry S. Helt Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Chester Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio, SD#13, ED 98, Sht#7, 9 June 1900 by John B. Gordon.

Line 67, 182/194 Helt, Henry, Head, W, M, Aug 1868, 31, M 11, born Ohio, PA, Ohio, blacksmith, O, yes, yes, yes, O , 7, H. Helt, Fannie I, wife, W, F, April 1871, 29, M 11, born 6, living 5, born Ohio, PA, Ohio, yes, yes, yes. Helt, John W, son, W, M, Aug, 1889, 10, S, born Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, at school 9. Helt, Madge A, daughter, Jan 1891, 9, S, born Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, at school 9. Helt, Frank, son, W, M, Mar. 1893, 7, S, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, at school 5. Helt, Emma J., daughter, W, F, Aug 1898, 4, S, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio. Helt, Dewey R, son, W, M, Mar 1898, 2, S, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio. Miller, Elizabeth, Mother in law, W, F, April 1831, 69, Wd, 7 born, 5 living, born Ohio, Father Ireland, Mother PA. yes, yes, yes.

Obituary of Henry S. Helt, Thurs., May 28, 1942 Galion Inquirer Monday, 1 June 1942.

Relative of Two Galion Women, Buried Sunday

BUCYRUS – Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2 o”clock at the Henderson and Lutz funeral home for Henry S. Helt, 75, retired blacksmith, and former Bucyrus resident, who died in Detroit Bedford hospital Thursday afternoon. The Rev. J.W. Dowds officiated and burial was made in the Chesterville Cemetery. He was the father of Mrs. Mary Johnston and brother of Mrs. Emma Williams, of Galion. Born in Sparta, August 14, 1868 the deceased lived in Bucyrus until 35 years ago when he went to Detroit to make his home. Survivors include three other children, John of Ellenwood, Kas.; Mrs. Madge Chandler of Bucyrus, and Mrs. Emma Smith of Detroit; another sister Mrs. Martha Dunn of Waynesburg, PA, 17 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. 

7.  Margaret Helt was born about 1871 in South Bloomfield Twp. She may have married a Mr. Patterson who was born circa 1867 in Morrow County.

8.  Martha Minerva Helt was born 26 December 1871 in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow County, Ohio.  She married a Washington Dunn born 1870 in Pennsylvania.

I found a 1900 Census with a Washington Dunn and a Martha M. living in Morgan Twp.,  Greene Co., Pennsylvania. The census lists 4 children born 4 living but only 3 are listed in this census?

Source:  W. Dunn Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Morgan Twp., Greene Co., Pennsylvania, SD#17, ED#93, Sht#6, 11 June 1900, Thomas Thistlethwaite.  

Line 39, 105/105 Dunn, Washington L. Head, W, M, May 1870, 30 M, 6, born PA, Father PA, mother Ireland, house painter, 4, yes, yes, yes, R, H. Dunn, Martha M. wife, W, F, Dec 1871 28, M 6, 4 born, 4 living, born Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, yes, yes, yes. Dunn, Hary, Son, W, M, Jan 1895 5 yrs, born PA, PA, Ohio. Dunn, Bessie P., daughter, W, F, Jan 1897, 3 yrs, born PA, PA, Ohio. Dunn, Jessie W., Son, W, M, Jan 1899, age 1, PA, , PA, Ohio. Dunn, Sarah, Aunt, W, F, July 1854, 45 unmarried, born PA, PA, PA, yes, yes, yes.

There is so much more to do on this family of Lavina and William Helt.  I have some good information on some of the descendants and very little on others.  The research would include probate/estate, deeds, verifying vital records of birth, death and marriage, cemeteries, funeral home records and obituaries.  Unfortunately, I am behind in my posting so it is time for me to move on the next sibling is Amarilla Keller Barr.

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