John and Mary Keller’s daughter Amarilla Keller Barr – 1839 to 1915

Why is it that certain ancestors catch your fancy.  Amarilla Keller Barr is one of those people for me.  She made the move to Crawford County like some of the other Keller descendants, but she ended up being buried in Richland County, Ohio.  It took me a little bit to find her final resting place but I am glad I did.

Again I caution you to verify the information given below.

Amarilla was born 28 March 1839 in Knox Co., Ohio and she married Harrison Barr on 12 September 1858 in Sparta, So. Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio.  Harrison was born the 29th of October, 1833 in Clarksville, Greene Co., Pennsylvania.  His parents were James and Mary Barr both born in Pennsylvania.   Harrison had 7 other siblings: Mary J. 1827-1881 buried in Riblet Cemetery, Hannah b. 1828 m. a McCulough also buried in Riblet, George S. Barr b. 1830, Jacob N. Barr b. 1836, James H. Barr b. 1842, Ira Barr b. 1843 and Daniel Barr b. 1845).  This family appears in the 1850 U.S. Federal Census for South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio.

Amarilla and Harrison Marriage in Morrow County 1858

Amarilla and Harrison Marriage in Morrow County 1858

 Keller, Amarilla to Harrison Barr 12 September, 1858, Vol 1, pg. 355 (found on Vol. 1B)

Source: Marriage Records, 1848-1951, Index 1848-1948, Morrow Co., Ohio. Marriages v. 1B-1 1854-1863 FHL#388780 (1B stops at p.45. 

Let’s get oriented to where Richland County is in relationship to Crawford County.  They butt up to each other with Crawford being west of Richland.

Ohio Counties

Ohio Counties

Here is a map of Richland County, so Sandusky Twp. is not that far from Crawford’s Polk Twp. and the city of Galion.

Richland County, Ohio

Richland County, Ohio

Amarilla appears in the 1850 U.S. Federal Census for South Bloomfield with her family and siblings with the name “Marilla” being used, which might have been a nickname?

2477/2517 John Keller 36 yrs., $900 value, born PA; Mary age 34, born Ohio; Elizabeth age 18, born Ohio; Peter age 15, born Ohio; Lovina age 13, born Ohio; Marilla age 11, born Ohio; Caroline age 9, born Ohio; John age 6, born Ohio; Mary age 3, born Ohio; Henry age 1, born Ohio. Peter, Lovina, Marilla and Carolina attended school.

That August, Harrison buys land from his brother-in-law, Peter Keller.  I repeat this deed here from the post about Peter Keller dated May 4, 2014 “John and Mary Keller’s children:  Elizabeth, Susan & Peter Keller.

Source:  Deeds: 1840-1901: Index to deeds 1848-1912, Morrow County Ohio, Recorder of Deeds:  Peter Keller to Harrison Barr, 23 Aug, 1860, Vol. 18, page 1 & 2, FHL#388706, 25 acres, Twp. 6.

Sometimes the microfilms can be very dark and fuzzy so what you see here is the best I can do.

Peter Keller Deed to Harrison Barr
Rec’d Sept 4, 1860, Recorded Sept 15, 1860. Very dark, fuzzy and difficult to read.

Know all men by these presents that Peter Keller and Eliza Ann his wife…of the County of Morrow and State of Ohio and in consideration of the sum ____ hundred dollars in hand paid by Harrison Barr of the said county…have bargained and ___________hereby grant and convey…to said Harrison Barr his heirs and assigns forever….the premises situated in the County of Morrow and describes as follows beginning at the [north east…..half of the south west quarter of Section ten (10) ….running along this ___________(too hard to read all blacked out)…quanity of twenty five acres of land…Signed by Peter Keller and Eliza A. Keller.

Witnesses by Joseph Conway and [Malissa] Conway
23 day of August, 1860.

By 1870 they, Harrison and Amarilla,  had moved to Sandusky Twp., Richland Co., Ohio.

Line 16 – 31/29 Barr, Harrison, age 37, farmer $800, born in Pennsylvania, citizen. Barr, Emma R. age 31, keeping house, born in Ohio, James H., age 11 born in Ohio, school. Mary age 9 born in Ohio, attending school. Sarah E. age 7, born in Ohio, attending school. Roseann age 5, born in Ohio.

Source:  Barr Family, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Sandusky Twp., Richland Co., Ohio, pg. 4, enumerated 15, October 1870, P.O. Shelby, Ohio.

In 1880 Harrison and Amarilla are still living in Sandusky Twp., Richland Co., Ohio.

89/83 Barr, Harrison, age 47, farmer, born in Pennsylvania, parents born in Pennsylvania. Keller, Emarilla age 42, keeping house, born in Ohio, parents born in Ohio. James 20 years old, laborer, single, born in Ohio, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Ohio. Sarah, age 17, daughter, born in Ohio. Rose Anne, age 15, daughter, at school, born in Ohio. Ida 10 years old, daughter, at school, born in Ohio. Effie, 7 years, daughter, at school born in Ohio. Gertrude 2 years, daughter, born in Ohio.

Source:  Barr Family, 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Sandusky Twp., Richland Co., Ohio, pg. 1, SD 6, ED 213 (Hard to read) Stamp page on sheet 180, enumerated on June 7th, 1880.

On the 19th of December 1883, they are part of  a partition deed selling land in Morrow County.  The names on the deed are:  John & Harriet Lacy, Henry & Martha Keller, Emma A. Helt, Charles & Anna Buckingham, Mary & Alexander Shaffer, J. H. & Caroline Van Houten, Harrison and Amarilla Barr.  I will post about this deed in the future when I review John Keller’s end of life.

Source:  Deeds, Recorder of Deeds, Morrow Co., Ohio, Grantor Henry Keller & Wife et. al. to Grantee W.F. & Ida C. Keller and Anna Buckingham, Vol. 37, pg. 529 and 593, FHL#1928221.

By the 1900 U.S. Federal Census they have migrated to Polk Twp., Crawford Co., Ohio which is technically next door.

 Line 24- 128, 129 – Harrison Barr M W b Oct 1833 age 66, m 40 yrs, born Pa parents born Pa, O F F 66; Barr Amarilla F W, b Mar 1839, age 61, m 40 yrs, nine children born 6 living, born Ohio, parents born Ohio; Barr Ida S. or L.W F b Jun 1870 age 29 single, Teacher; Barr Delphia W F, b Sep 1880 age 19 single, born Ohio, teacher; McCulough, Hanna sister W F b Sep 1824 age 75, wd. no children born O, born Pa, parents born Pa; Morton, Ansel grandson b Nov 1891, 8 yrs, single born Ohio, parents born Ohio. All yes read, yes write, yes speak, except Ansel. 

Source:  Barr Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Polk Twp., Crawford Co., Ohio, SD12, ED 22, Sheet 6, 9th-11th June, 1900 Benjamin F. [Garberiole]

1910 arrives and we find Amarilla still in Polk Twp. but she is now a widow.

52/53, Barr, Amarilla, Head, F, W, 71 Wd, 3 children out of 3 living, born Ohio, Father born PA, mother born New York, Farm manager, own farm; Barr, Delpha B., daughter, F, W, 29, S, born Ohio, Father born PA, mother born Ohio, No occupation.

 Source:  Amarilla Barr Family, 1910 U.S. Federal Census, Polk Twp., Crawford County, Ohio, SD#12, ED#32, Sht# 2B, April 22, 1910, Miss Nema Baine.  I have 9 children born to Amarilla and Harrison so I am not sure what the 3 out of 3 living means?

They, Amarilla and Harrison, had a very long  life together with Harrison with his passing on 31 May 1906 and then Amarilla following several years later on 12 May 1915.

They are both buried in the Riblet Cemetery which is located in Richland County, Ohio.  You can find a picture of their tombstone on Find A Grave.  Riblet Cemetery is located on Park Ave. W. Hi 309 S. Horning Rd. 175.

Harrison Oct. 29, 1832 to May 12, 1915

his wife Amarilia his wife
March 28, 1837
May 12, 1915

Source:  Richland County, Ohio Cemeteries, Springfield Twp., Ohio Genealogical Society, Belleville, Oh (was Mansfield), 2005.  There are Barrs on page 13 and Riblet on the next page as burials in this cemetery. This book was found at the Family History Library.

Harrison Barr, Thursday 30 May, 1907, Crestline Citizen and Bucyrus News Form for June 5, 1907.

Mr. Harrison Barr, residing about four miles southeast of here, died suddenly last Thursday morning. he was a native of Pennsylvania and seventy three years of age. Funeral was Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock, Rev. Snyder of the U.B. Church, Galion officiating. The deceased was the father of Miss Ida Barr, teacher in Jackson Twp., district No. 3 for a number of years and still teaching that school.

Mrs. Amarilla Barr, May 12, 1915, published in the Evening Telegraph, Saturday, May 15, 1915.

Mrs. Amarilla Barr, relict of the late Harrison Barr, died at the home on South Columbus street, at 5:30 Wednesday evening, aged 76 years, 1 month and 14 days, after a lingering illness. The funeral will be conducted from the United Brethren church Friday afternoon, Rev. Calendar officiating, and with burial in the Riblet cemetery east of this city, says the Galion Inquirer. The maiden name of the deceased was Amarilla, and she was the daughter of John and Mary Keller, born in Sparta, Morrow County, March 28, 1839. On September 20, 1858 she was united in marriage to Harrison Barr, a well known farmer, the marriage proving a happy one. The husband died April 30, 1906. Nine children were born of this union of whom four are deceased: Mrs. J.W. McCalla, Mrs. C. L. Martin, Effie and Emma Barr. The surviving children are Dephia, who lives with her mother; Mrs. E. M. Neff and Mrs. V. P. Voegele, Crestline; Mrs. H.F. Miller, east of Galion; J.H. Barr, of this city. Others surviving are two sisters Mrs. Mary Williams of Bellefontaine, and Mrs. Ellen Lacey, of Dresden, together with eleven grandchildren. The deceased was a consistent member of the United Brethren church of this city, and a woman of high Christian character who was greatly esteemed by all who knew her. For fifty years Mrs. Barr had lived in the Riblet neighborhood on the Mansfield road, four miles east of the city. About four years ago and some time after the death of her husband she removed to this city.

 Source:  Amarilla Barr, Death Certificate, #26730, May 12, 1915, Galion, Crawford Co., Ohio, Reg Dist #264, Primary Reg #8106, Reg. No. 53, S. Columbus St. 3 Ward, Bureau of Vital Statistics Ohio.

Amarilla Barr, Female, White, Widowed, DofB Mar 28, 1839, age 76 yrs, 1 mos. 14, days, Occupation Housekeeper. Born Ohio, Father John Keller, PA, Mother Mary Dellino, Born New Yrk State. Informant Delphia Barr, 326 Columbus, Galion. Filed May 14, 1915. A.A. Castle registrar. Died May 12, 1915, Chronic gastritis and Cholemia. POB Riblet Cemetery, Date of Burial May 14, 1915, L. J. Snyder & Co., Galion, Ohio

Seems to be a little disagreement as to the year of Amarilla’s birth, with her tombstone stating 1937 and her obituary and death certificate indicate 1839.  My date calculator has 78 years, 1 mo and 14 days if the year is 1937.  In her death certificate she is 76 yrs. 1 mos. 14 days which agrees with the 1839.

In the next post I will share what I know about their children.

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