John & Mary Anne Delano Keller’s Children: Caroline Keller Van Houten

Caroline’s older sister Elizabeth Keller Spracklin (my 2nd great-grandmother) wrote a letter back home congratulating her sister Caroline on her marriage.  I featured that letter on my blog:  The Barclays of Pine River:

This letter is very precious to me because it is about all I have of Elizabeth and Daniel that is personal.  It looks like it may never have been sent because it ended up with my Aunt Miriam, a great-granddaughter of Elizabeth, my Dad’s sister.  Please go to the Barclay blog (see right panel of this blog for a link) and enjoy it.

When I was in Ohio in 2011, I made it a quest to find Caroline and her husband Joseph’s final resting place.  I did just that and found the Dunkirk Cemetery book in the public library in Kenton.  I also found their deaths listed in the records at the Hardin County Genealogical Society in Kenton.

Caroline and Joseph Van Houten Tombstone Dunkirk Cemetery, Ohio

Caroline and Joseph Van Houten Tombstone Dunkirk Cemetery, Ohio and me…

According to my records Caroline Keller was born on 28 November 1841 in Knox County, Ohio (Morrow was established in 1848). She died on 2 June 1902 in Washington Twp.,  Hardin County, Ohio.  She is buried at the Dunkirk Cemetery and is listed on Find A Grave as VanHouten with no space in the name.

Caroline married Joseph Higgs Van Houten on 1 December 1857 in Morrow County, Ohio.  Unfortunately the record only has his name and the bride is left blank:

A missing bridge in the Van Houten Marriage

A missing bridge in the Van Houten Marriage

Source:  Marriage Records of Morrow County, 1848-1952 Index 1848-1948, Morrow County, Ohio. Joseph Van Houten to “Blank” Vol. 1, pg. 278, FHL#388779. 

Joseph may have been the son of James D. Van Houten and Susan Ann Harrison. Joseph was one of about 6 siblings if I have his parents correct:  Benjamin Harrison Van Houten b. 1839, Margaret Ann Van Houten born 1840, Almira M. Van Houten born 1845 and Jame Brocklehurst Van Houten born 1848.  I have found that searching for Van Houtens has been difficult in the online and paper records, so try different spellings.

Caroline and Joseph appear in the 1870 U.S. Federal Census for Sandusky Twp. Richland County, Ohio along with a John Riblett and Caroline’s other sister Mary Shaffer and family.

Line 6 75/71 Vanhouten, Joseph 36, WM, White, Farmer, $600, Born New Jersey, Citizen. Caroline age 24, F, white, keeping house, born Ohio. John C. age 12, male, white, at home, at school, Joseph H. age 7, male, white, born Ohio, at school, Wilber B. age 4, male, white, born in Ohio and Mary A. age 1, female, white born in Ohio.

Line 12 76/72 Riblett, John age 39, Male, white, Farmer, $5220, $900, born in Pennsylvania, citizen. Lucinda age 38, female, white, keeping house, born in Ohio. Mary A, age 17 Female, white, at home, born in Ohio, at school, Ida C. age 14, female, white, at home, born in Ohio, at school, Ada S. age 12, female, white at home, born in Ohio, at school and Ella age 10, female, white born in Ohio, at school.

Line 23 80/76 Shaffer, Alexander age 30 male, white, Farmer, born in Ohio, citizen. Mary age 28 female, white, keeping house, born in Ohio and Charles age 3 male, white born in Ohio.

Source:  1870 U.S. Federal Census for Sandusky Twp., Richland County, Ohio, pg. 10, PO Shelby, Ohio, 19 Oct 1870 by C. P. Seiler(?).  Ida C. Riblett would marry Caroline’s brother Wm. Franklin Keller.

On the 19th of December 1883, they are part of  a partition deed selling land in Morrow County.  The names on the deed are:  John & Harriet Lacy, Henry & Martha Keller, Emma A. Helt, Charles & Anna Buckingham, Mary & Alexander Shaffer, J. H. & Caroline Van Houten, Harrison and Amarilla Barr.  I will post about this deed in the future when I review John Keller’s end of life.

Source:  Deeds, Recorder of Deeds, Morrow Co., Ohio, Grantor Henry Keller & Wife et. al. to Grantee W.F. & Ida C. Keller and Anna Buckingham, Vol. 37, pg. 529 and 593, FHL#1928221.

By 1900 Joseph and Caroline have migrated to Washington Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio:

Line 41, 78, 81 Van Hauten, Joseph H. Head, W, M, Jan 1834, age 66, M 42 yrs, born New Jersey, parents born in New Jersey, land lord – : Van Hauten, Caroline, Wife, W, F, Nov. 1841, age 58, m, 42, five children born, 4 living, born Ohio, father born in PA, mother born in PA; Line 43, 79, 82 Van Houten, Wilbur G. L., Head, W, M, Dec, 1865, m 8, born Ohio, farmer; Van Houten Anna M, wife, W, F, Feb. 1867, 33, m 8, no children born, born Ohio.

Source:  Van Hauten Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Washington Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio SD#7, ED#104, #320, Sht 4, June 8, 1900, James K. Fulks.

Joseph and Caroline had 5 children, that I know about and I base this on census and tombstone records.

1.  John Charles Van Houten born about 1858 in Ohio and died 8 May, 1883 in Hardin Co., Ohio.

2.  Joseph W. Van Houten was born about 1863 in Ohio and married Maggie who was born about 1868. They are both buried in the Dunkirk Cemetery across from their parents. See Find A Grave for more information.

3. Wilbur B. L. Van Houten was born about Dec. 1865 in Ohio and died around 1953 in Hardin Co., Ohio.  He married an Anna M. born Feb 1867 in Ohio and she died 1950.  Both are buried in Dunkirk across from his parents, see Find A Grave for more information.

4. Mary Alice Van Houten was born 16 Aug 1869 in Ohio and died 15 January 1936.  She may have married Eugene Reams born 1866 in Ohio.  They had approximately 6 children:  Laurel C. Reams, Welcome E. Reams, ____Reams, Audrey M. Reams, Harold E. Reams and Gladys Reams.

5.  Laura E. Van Houten was born about 1873 in Ohio and probably married a Mr. Ludwig born about 1869.

See my BJM Cemetery post about the final resting place of some of the Van Houtens that I site above.

Source:  Hardin County Ohio Death Index, 1867 to 1908, Hardin Co., Genealogical Society, 1998, records extracted by Charles R. Kelley.  

pg. 172 Vanhouten, Caroline, F, 6, 2, 1902 61 y 7m 28d, Hardin Co., Vol. 3, pg. 212; Vanhouten, J.C. May 8, 1883, 24y 2m 12d Hardin Co. Vol. 2, pg. 157. VanHouten, Joseph Sr. M. Jan 30, 1903 69y 28d, Hardin Co., Vol. 3, pg. 213. 

This pretty much covers what I know about Caroline’s family and as usual there is more to be done in estate/probate records, deeds and land, obituaries and more.   The next sibling to be shared is John Delano Keller.

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2 Responses to John & Mary Anne Delano Keller’s Children: Caroline Keller Van Houten

  1. Constance Sisson says:

    Thank you again for this information. It is interesting that Emma Amarilla Helt was listed on the deed transfer with what seems to be her aunts and uncles. With the death of her mother (Lovina Lavinia Keller Helt) and her grandmother (Mary Delano Keller), it seems a portion of the property was deeded to Emma.

    • bonmac says:

      Constance: You are most welcome. I will post about the partition deed and more when I finish up the children of John and Mary Keller and then post about the end of John’s life and Mary’s in more detail. It might be another two months before I get the children all completed, it takes time to write these and make sure they are good. Yes, with Emma on the deed and with Lavina’s death, Lavina’s share would go to her descendants so Emma was either representing the family and her siblings or they had released their rights to the land to her, which means more deeds under the Helt or her or their married names. I did not seek out those types of deeds at the time for I was concentrating on Kellers and know that I know more I have possibilities. Thanks for commenting and sharing, Bonnie

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