Taking a Break back on the road in Ontario…

Over the last several months I have been preparing for a major trip to Ontario, my second.  This of course has to do with other lines in my family tree that are not the old New England connections of my father through his mother Grace and grandmother Amarilla that I am sharing on this specific blog about Solomon Goss.   It also has to do with my Dad’s surname of MacDonald and the possibilities that there were Loyalists with that surname.

At this time, I am currently traveling in Ontario and I started my trip in Niagara Falls, New York crossing the border into Canada and driving over the Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian side and enjoying the area.  I encourage you to go to my blog The Boardmans and Browns of Winnipeg, which covers my mother’s side of my family tree.  There you can follow me along as I seek out information and visit historical family sites for the  families of Boardman, Brown, Ward and more:  http://boardmanbrown.wordpress.com/

Horseshoe Falls, Ontario

Horseshoe Falls, Ontario

My Dad’s surname of MacDonald follows his father’s side and I have traveled in Ontario and Quebec seeking information and visiting areas where my grandfather Ronald was from.  That trip took place in 2012.  This is my second trip to Ontario, Quebec and nearby areas to learn more about my Canadian families, I have really deep roots in Canada. I will be posting my finds and travels on the blog I mentioned above and also on The Man Who Lived Airplanes the blog about my Dad’s side of the family.  http://macdonellfamily.wordpress.com/

You may remember my post about my visit to Ottawa where I stood next to the statue of Lt. Colonel John Butler.  Yes, the very man who brought his Rangers and a band of Indians to the Wyoming Valley and attacked the forts and was instrumental in creating the Wyoming Massacre that took place in Pennsylvania near the Wilkes-Barre area.  This event involved our Goss family.  My interest in John Butler is to see if he can reveal more details about the events that occurred around the Wyoming Massacre.

I will be writing posts on my travels that have to do with the Loyalists and they will be part of “The Man Who Lived Airplanes” blog because a great many McDonalds were Loyalists and I am trying to find my Dad’s family and make the connections back to Scotland.  Yes, it is possible that my McD’s fought against the Goss family in the Revolution another side of my Dad’s family.  How about that?



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