Travels Completed….

Well, I am done with traveling for a while.  I completed my trip to Canada in September and then my time in Salt Lake City came to and end.  I am very pleased with the course on Scottish Records that I took at the British Institute.  It was very good and I learned a lot.  Here is the link to the British Institute.  They will be posting for next years courses soon.  It is sponsored by the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History, so it covers all of the British Isles.

Although the Scottish course does not really help me regarding this blog’s focus, the English course that I took last year did because it covered sources before 1850 and one of my interests is where did the original Philip Goss come from in England?

My teacher was Paul Milner and he was very good and knowledgeable.  Taking the Scottish course after the English course from last year is a good progression so I am pleased. He has a blog where he discusses sources which cover Scotland and England:

Salt Lake City has changed withe creation of the City Creek Shopping area which is filled with tall condo buildings, shops and restaurants and now a Harmon’s Grocery store which make is easy to stock up.  It is fun to explore.

Fountain in City Creek

Fountain in City Creek

Here is sunset over Salt Lake City, can you find the Temple? I took this through the hotel window so it might have some glare.

Sunset in Salt Lake City

Sunset in Salt Lake City

So it is now time to resume the research and postings.  I left off with the John and Mary Keller family. Remember their daughter Elizabeth Keller married Daniel D. Spracklin (my 2nd greats). I have Henry, Harriett and W. Franklin to cover, Elizabeth’s younger siblings.

Once that is done I will return to John and Lydia Spracklin’s family which will cover Daniel’s younger siblings Olive, John Jr., and the youngest Lydia Sophia.  I will complete the Spracklins by sharing what I know about John’s father Peter and his mother Elizabeth or affectionately “Betty.” There will be my findings in England for the Spracklins as well.

The research will then return to Solomon Goss and I will go back in time in his life to his parents and siblings and all the way to Philip Goss of Roxbury and Lancaster in the late 1600’s.  It will be amazing and will take a lot of work.  So be patient.

I do want to share my findings on my recent trips with you, so I will be doing that before I totally resume the children of John and Mary Keller.  There was my visit to Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario where they have  a Loyalist Collection. There is some new information about Solomon and Olive Goss’ son Levi Goss in Chatham, Kent Co., Ontario.


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