John and Mary Delano Keller’s children: Henry Keller and wife Martha Kees

It is now time to resume my posting on the children of John Keller and Mary (Delano) Keller.

I left off with Mary Anne Keller Shaffer the eighth child of my third great grandparents.  Remember their oldest daughter Elizabeth Keller married Daniel D. Spracklin in Ohio in 1852 and these two individuals are my great grandparents.

I resume with a son and brother Henry Keller:

Henry Keller was born 29 March 1849 in So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio.  He died in August 1909.  He married Martha Kees on the 28 of October 1871 in Morrow Co., Ohio.

Martha was born 23 October 1847 in Morrow Co. (not yet a county till 1848).  She died 29 September 1927. Both are buried in the Bloomfield Cemetery in So. Bloomfield, Ohio.

Source:  Marriage Record, Morrow County, Ohio, Henry Keller and Martha Keys he is 21 years and had no wife living, and that Martha Keese is of the age of 18 years.  Signed by Henry Keller, Sworn to and subscribed on 28 October, 1871 by A.A. Gardner, Probate Judge, #268, page 32

Henry & Martha's Tombstone

Henry & Martha’s Tombstone

See my BJM Cemeteries Discoveries Blog where I share my photos of Bloomfield Cemetery:  Post is dated July 22, 2014, Tombstone Tuesday: Bloomfield Cemetery – Henry Keller Family.

Martha was the daughter of Samuel Kees and Margaret Hadley.

752 and 755 – BENNINGTON TOWNSHIP – History of Morrow Co., BENNINGTON TOWNSHIP – Found online 2004

AARON B. KEES, farmer and stock-dealer; P. 0., Bloomfield. Samuel Kees, the son of Russel Kees, was born in Ohio, in Oct. 1811. He was married to Margaret, daughter of John and Sophia (Luce) Hadley, June 20, 1833. To this union was born a family of ten children-Samantha M., born Nov. 20, 1834; Minerva J., March 23, 1837; Thomas J., Sept. 3, 1839; Aaron B., Oct. 13, 1841; Sophia E., July 6, 1844; Angeline, Oct. 23, 1847; Mary and Martha, twins, March 23, 1851; Margaret A., Jan. 15,1854, and Kate A., March 19,1857.

Thomas died May 20,1874; Samantha married Osgood Duston, the first blacksmith in Sparta; Minerva married Mathias McKinstry, and lives in Hardin Co., Ohio; Sophia married James Carson, and lives in Sandusky Co., Ohio; Angeline married James Gage, and lives in Iowa; Martha married Henry Keller, and lives in Morrow Co.; Margaret married Jacob Berry, and lives in Illinois; Mary and Katie are single, and live at home with their mother; the mother was born Sept. 2, 1816; the father died July 27, 1875; his son, Aaron B., passed his youth and early manhood at’ home with his parents. When twenty years of age, he enlisted in Co. B., 43 Reg. O. V. I. This was Nov. 22, 1861; he first went into camp at Mt. Vernon, where he stayed until February the following year; he was then sent to Missouri; he was, until the battle of Vicksburg, in “Fuller’s Brigade,” and after that time was with Sherman on his March to the Sea. He was in the battles of New Madrid, Island Number 10, Iuka, Kenasaw, Corinth, Resacca, Atlanta, Dallas, etc. He was discharged July 13, 1865, having served all through the war, without being wounded. The latter part of the war he held the rank of corporal. He was united in marriage Dec. 21, 1865, to Miss Huldah Sprague, daughter of Alpheus and Jane (Courtright). Sprague, and by her has the following family: Flora B., born Nov. 4, 1866; in D., born March 6, 1868; Charley C., March 12, 1870; Carrie D., July 26, 1876, and Maggie M., August 1, 1879. All of these are living at home with their parents. Mr. Kees’s folks owns 220 acres of nice land; and Mr. Kees himself own forty-nine acres adjoining the old homestead. He is a Republican, and he and his wife are members of the M. E. Church at Bloomfield.

Henry and Martha had the following children:

1.  William C. Keller b. 8 March 1873 in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio and he died in 1966 .  He married Grace O. Robertson b. July 1876 and died 1946.  They are buried in the Bloomfield Cemetery.

1940 U.S. Federal Census:  Family of William C. Keller and others, South Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio, SD#8, ED No. 59-20, Sheet No. 3A, enumerated on April 15, 1940, by Paul K. Belcher.

Line 4, 54, O, 1250, yes, Keller, Jay R., Head, M, W, 54, m, no, H-1, Ohio, same house, yes, 60, Farmer, Farming, OA, 52, 0, yes, 48. Keller, Bessie, wife, F, w, 54, m, no, , H-1, born Ohio, same house, no, no, no, no, H, o, o, yes. Keller, Paul, son, M, w, 20, S, no, H-4, born in Ohio, same house, yes, 60, farmer, farming, OA, 52, 0, yes.Robertson, Paul, brother-in-law, M, w, 58, wd, no, H-2, born Ohio, Mt. Vernon, Knox, Ohio, no, yes, 20, laborer, Farming, PW, 44, 320, no. 

Line 8, 55, 0, 1000, yes, Slack, Glen A., Head, M, W, 52, m, no, H-1, born Ohio, same house, yes, 5, farmer, farming, OA, 52, 0, yes, 49.  Slack, Floy M, wife, F, 2, 50, M, n0, 8, born Ohio, same house, no, no, no, no, 4, o, o, no. Slack, Elsie M., daughter, F, W, 28, S, no, H-4, born Ohio, same house, yes, 40, house keeper, private home, 36, 180, yes.

Line 14, 54, o, 1000, yes, Keller, Walter, Head, M, W, 44, m, no, H-4, born Ohio, same house, yes, 60, farmer, farming, OA, 52, o, yes, 51.  Keller, Josephine, wife, F, W, 41, m, no, H-4, born Ohio, same house, no, no, no, no, H, o, o, no. Keller, Homer D. son, M, W, 17, S, yes, H-2, born Ohio, same house, no, no, no. no. S, family worker, farming, NP, 62, o, yes. Keller, Martha Jean, dau, F, W, 10, S, yes, 5, born Ohio, same house.  Keller, Francis, son, M,w, 9, S, yes, 3, born Ohio, same house. 

Line 19 59, o, 1500 yes, Keller, William C. head, M, W, 67, M, No, 8, born Ohio. same house, yes, 30, Farmer, farming, OA, 40, 0, yes. Keller, Grace, wife, F, W, 64, M, No., 8, born Ohio, same house, no, no, no, no, H, 0, 0, yes. 

There were several other Robertsons listed on this page:  Nilton K. Robertson and a Mitchel Robertson and family.  The 1940 Census is very interesting and we have other Keller’s listed of the Wm. Franklin Keller family.

They had:

a. Walter H. Keller born 7 July 1895 in So. Bloomfield Twp. and died in 1970.  He married a Josephine E. who was born about 1898 and died 1962.  They are also buried in the Bloomfield Cemetery.

He and his wife had:  Homer, Martha Jean and Francis.

b. Laura Etta Keller was born 6 October 1897 in South Bloomfield.

c. Grace O. Keller was born about May 1899 in South Bloomfield.

2. Apharetta Keller was born about 1877 and she married a Clifton Jackson about 1898 who was born circa 1869. They appear with other Jackson family in the 1900 U.S. Federal Census in Knox County, Ohio.  They are buried in the Mount Liberty Cemetery in Knox County, Ohio.  They are listed at Find A Grave.  She is under Etta.

a.  Cecil was born January 1900, and is only 4/12 in the 1900 Census.

Source:  1900 U.S. Federal Census, Knox County, Liberty Twp., SD#13, ED#56, Sht #1, 2nd day of June 1900, by Wm. B. Magill. 

Line 96, 25, 26, Jackson, Clifton, head, W, M, July 1869, 30, M, 2, born Indiana, father Ohio, mother Ohio, farmer, O, yes, yes, yes, O, F,F, 23. Jackson, Alfa E. wife, W, F, Aug, 1877, 22, M, 2, 1, 1, born Ohio, parents born Ohio, yes, yes, yes. Jackson, Cecil, son, W, M, Jan 1900, 4/12, S, born Ohio, father born Indiana, mother born Ohio. 

We go back into Henry Keller’s past and we find him living with his parents in the 1850, and 1860  U.S. Federal Census:

2477/2517 John Keller 36 yrs., $900 value, born PA; Mary age 34, born Ohio; Elizabeth age 18, born Ohio; Peter age 15, born Ohio; Lovina age 13, born Ohio; Marilla age 11, born Ohio; Caroline age 9, born Ohio; John age 6, born Ohio; Mary age 3, born Ohio; Henry age 1, born Ohio. Peter, Lovina, Marilla and Carolina attended school.

Source:  1850 U.S. Federal Census for John Keller family, So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio. Enumerated 11 Sept, 1850 by Jas B. Shaw, Ass’t Marshall. 

1860 U.S. Federal Census for the John Keller Family in South Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio.

There are 2 census pages listing this family: Pages 45 and 46. House number 245, 366, line 36. John Keller, s 49 years old, male, farmer with 1980 acreage and $600 in personal fortune, born in PA (Pennsylvania); Mary Keller, is 46 years old, female, born in Ohio; John Keller is 16 years old male, farm labor, born in Ohio, attended school; Mary Keller is 13 years old, female, born in Ohio, attended school; Henry Keller is 11 years old, male, born in Ohio, not attended to school within the year; Harriet A. is 8 years old, female, born in Ohio, attending school; William D. is 4 years old,male, born in Ohio and attending school?

Source:  1860 U.S. Federal Census, John Keller Family, So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio, enumerated  June 21, 1860, pgs. 43 and 44. 

In 1870 he is 21 years old and working on the farm:

Line 19 175/174 Keller, Eliza 31 F Keeping house 1200/250 born Ohio; Isabel age 12, Female, at home, born Ohio; Jessie, age 9 male, born Ohio; Andrew, age 5 male, born Ohio; Anna age 5, female, born in Ohio;

Line 24 176/180 Keller, John age 59, male, Farmer 2400/1325, born PA; Mary 56, Female, Keeping house, born Ohio; Henry 21, male working on the farm, born Ohio; Ellen 18, female, at home, born Ohio; William 13, male born Ohio;

177/181 Keller, John Jr. 25, male farmer 800/256 Ohio; Lacjua (Lovina?) 21, female, keeping house, born Ohio.

Source:  1870 U.S. Federal Census, Keller Families, So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio, pg. 21, PO: Sparta, July 13, 1870, by Perry M. [Morris],

Both Henry and Martha appear in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census with other members of the family:

98/102 – Denzer, Eliza A, age 41, keeping house born in Ohio, father, mother born in PA; Joana I. Keller, age 22, Ohio, daughter; Jessee C. Keller, age 20, son; Andrew Jay Keller age 18, son; Annie May Keller, age 15, daughter; Evertts, Elanathan(can’t read), age 72, born in Canada, parents born in Vermont; Evertts, Elizabeth A. age 68, born in PA, father PA, mother Ireland.

103/107 Mary Anne Keller age 66, widowed, keeping house, born in Ohio, father born in New York, mother born in Vermont. Keller, William F., son age 24, farmer, born in Ohio, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Ohio. Helt, Emma, grand-daughter, age 14, helping with housework, born Ohio, father born Ohio and mother born Ohio.

104/107 Keller, Henry, 31 years, farmer, born Ohio; Keller, Martha, 28, wife, keeping house, born Ohio, parents born Pennsylvania; Keller, William age 8, son, born Ohio; Keller, Alfaretha age 2, born Ohio.

Source:  1880 U.S. Federal Census, Denzer and Keller Families, So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio, pg. 9, SD 5, ED 133, Sheet A. 348.

Henry and Martha Keller are still living in South Bloomfield. His brother W. F. Keller is on-line 12 above him.

Line 17, 153/168 Keller, Henry Head, W, M. Mar. 1849, age 51, m. 28, born Ohio, father born PA, mother born Ohio, farmer, O, yes, yes, yes, O, F, F, 135; Keller, Martha, wife, W, F, Mar. 1851, age 49, M, 28, 2 children born 2 alive, born Ohio, father and mother born PA, yes, yes, yes.

Line 12 – Keller, William C. Head, W, M, May 1873, age 27, m, 5, born Ohio, parents born Ohio, farmer, O, yes, yes, yes, R, Keller, Grace O., wife, W, F, July 1876, age 23, m, 5, three children born 3 alive, born Ohio, father born Ohio, mother born New York, yes, yes, yes; Keller, Walter H. Son, W, M. July 1895, age 4 single, born Ohio; Keller, Laura E, daughter W, F, Oct 1897, age 2, single, born Ohio; Keller, Grace O., Daughter, W, F, May 1889, age 1, single, Ohio.

Source:  1900 U.S. Federal Census for the Henry Keller Family and the William C. Keller Family, SD#13, ED #107, Sheet #7, 20th Day of June 1900, Thomas F. Leonard.

In the Union Register, Mt. Gilead, Ohio newspaper, Wednesday, October 5, 1927 I found a short obituary notice for Martha Keller.  This newspaper can be found in the original at the Morrow County Genealogical Society in Mt. Gilead. It has not been microfilmed according to the volunteer.

Mrs. Martha Keller Called by Death

Mrs. Martha Keller, 76 years of age, died Thursday afternoon at the home of her son, William C. Keller, north of Mt. Liberty, following a serious illness of two days. The deceased, who was the widow of Henry Keller, is survived by her son, William C. Keller, one daughter Mrs. Clifton Jackson of Mt. Liberty, one sister, Mrs. Mary Howes of Centerburg, nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Burial was made in Bloomfield cemetery. 

Henry Keller’s death certificate states the following:

Place of Death Morrow County, Twp of South Bloomfield, Reg Dist. 426, File No. 58206, Primary Registration District #3898, Reg #13, Henry Keller, Male, White, born march 29, 1849, 60 years, 7 mos. 27 days, Married, Born in Ohio, farmer, Father John Keller, born PA, mother Mary Ann Delano born PA. Died Nov. 26, 1909 at 8 pm. Attended from Dec. 1907 to Nov. 1909. Cause of Death: pernicious anemia, contributing chronic gastritis. Signed by J.B. Larmire, MD etc. Informant Mrs. Henry Keller of Sparta, Ohio. Buried Bloomfield 11/28/1909. 

More research on the Henry Keller family could be done, like a thorough census search of each of the children. Obituaries would be helpful, however, time is at a premium and I will move on to share more about Henry’s estate and his involvement with deeds of the family.

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2 Responses to John and Mary Delano Keller’s children: Henry Keller and wife Martha Kees

  1. Jan says:

    1940 census, line 4, 54 Keller, Jay R. – he is my great-grandfather. The “R” is for Riblet (spelled variously), his mother’s maiden name. The Riblet’s were a very prominent family in the area. Bessie, my great-grandmother, was a Robertson and DAR eligible. There’s a boatload of Robertsons in the area, all relatives. Grandma Moses is a cousin (she was a Robertson). Her grandfather is my 5th great grandfather, she’s my 1st cousin 5x removed. Here’s the Robertson/Mayflower connection.

    • bonmac says:

      Hello Jan: That 1940 census page was packed with a lot of information. I am sure there was more on it than I knew. Thanks for commenting it is fun to get your take on these families. This is so cool. I love my cousins.

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