John and Mary Keller’s son Henry Keller: Buying and Selling Land…

Henry Keller was very involved in land transactions during his life.  These land transactions took place out of Morrow Co., Ohio which was established in 1848.

Henry was born in 1849 so he did not reach the age where he could buy and sell till about 1870 but according to the census of that year he was still living with his parents at that time.  However in 1871 he married Martha Kees so he was now a family man and needed to provide for them.  So this first deed of 1873 was probably the start of his land transactions.  In 1873 he would have been about 24 years old.

 Twp. 6 So. Bloomfield

Twp. 6 So. Bloomfield

NOTE:  Because of a lack of time at the Family History Library, I only copied about two deeds for Henry Keller. I was looking for partition deeds and anything that showed his father John Keller purchasing land or having his land divided up.  So some are just taken from the Deed Index for Morrow County, Ohio FHL #388692 and 388693 and would need to be verified that it is the correct Henry Keller.

1. 11 April 1873 Henry was buying land in Twp. 6 from Jone Co. Gdn (vol. 26, pg. 94.) No copy made.

2. 28 March 1882 Henry was again the Grantee and buying 52 acres from Elizabeth Everts (Vol. 36, pg. 34, FHL#19928220)  Elizabeth Everts was Eliza Everts Keller’s mother. Eliza was the widow of Henry’s brother Peter. Peter had died in 1869.

I, Elizabeth A. Evertts or Morrow County the Grantor, for and in consideration of Twenty Six hundred & Seventeen dollars fifty cents $2617.50 received in full satisfaction of Henry Keller…township of So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio.

Being a part of the West half of the South East Quarter of Section Eleven (11) Township six (6) Range fifteen (15) Bounded as follows on the North by lands of Eliza A. Keller on the East by lands of Burr Harris Joshua Harris and Sara Ann [Dusline] on the South by lands of J.W. Gardner on the West by lands of Alice Coile  and Township road and lands of Eliza Ann Keller Said described premises to contain Fifty two acres and Fifty Six rods. By our hands on the 28th day of March 1882 In the presence of [H.D. Weaver and Th. S. Weaver] Signed by Elisabeth A. Everts and Elisha Everts. Notarized and signed by the Clerk.

3.  31 March 1883 Henry Keller is the Grantor and he is selling 40 acres to a Flavin F. Brokaw, (Vol. 36 pg. 454).  The Brokaw (Brocaugh) family was known in the area. Maria Brokaw married Peter Spracklin a son of John and Lydia Spracklin. I do not know Flavin’s relationship to her.  I have posted about Peter Spracklin and his first marriage on this blog.  No copy made of the deed.

4.  31 March 1883 Grantor Eliza Jane Pearl et al., is selling 60 acres in Twp. 6 to Henry Keller. (Vol. 37, pg. 180).  Eliza is daughter of William and Lovina (Keller) Helt and she married George Pearl. No copy made.

5.  9 October 1883 Henry is a Grantee buying land from Jesse Keller & Joanna Keller who are Grantors and the children of his brother Peter Keller. (Grantor Index, Keller, Jesse C, 63 acres, Twp. 6, Vol. 37, pg. 402 FHL#1928221). I featured this deed in a post about Jesse and Joanna Keller.

Jessie and sister Joanna Keller Deed to Henry Keller

Jessie and sister Joanna Keller Deed to Henry Keller

Jessie C. Keller & Joanna I. Keller )
Quit Claim Deed To )
Henry Keller
Received Nov. 30, 1883 )

Know all Men by these presents that Mr. Jessie C. Keller and Joanna I. Keller of the County of Morrow and State of Ohio in Consideration of the sum of One Hundred Sixty Dollars. To them _____by Henry Keller the receipt wherein is hereby acknowledged. .. Revised, Release and ____________to the said Henry Keller his heirs and assigned forever the following Real Estate Situated in the County of Morrow in the State of Ohio and in the Township of South Bloomfield and bounded and described as follows viz:

The East half of the North half of the North East Quarter of Section Eleven (11) Township Six (6) and Range Fifteen (15) Containing forty (40) acres be the same more or less. Also Twenty three (23) acres of land off of the East end of the South half of the North East Quarter of Section Eleven (11) Township Six (6) and Range Fifteen (15). To Have and to Hold Said here….with all the privileges and appurtenances hereto belonging to the Said Henry Keller his heirs and assigns forever. In Witness Thereof the Said Jesse C. Keller and Joanna F. Keller have hereunto set their hands and seals this 9th day of October in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Three.
Signed Sealed and Delivered
In Presence of ) Jesse C. Keller (Seal)
Susanna J. Roberts ) Joanna I. Keller (Seal)
A.J. Roberts

The State of Ohio, Morrow County ss: Be it Remembered That on this 9th day of October 1883 Before me the Subscriber a Notary Public in and for said County personally came the above named Jesse C. Keller and Joanna I. Keller the Grantors in the above Conveyance and acknowledged the signing and sealing of the same to be their voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.

In Testimony Thereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my official seal on the day and year last aforesaid.
(Seal) Andrews J. Roberts, Notary Public

Recorded this 10 day of December 1883
By C. G. Van Linner Recorder

6.  February 1884 Henry Keller is buying 20 acres from John Lacy and wife. (Vol. 27, pg. 461, FHL#1928211).  John Lacy married Harriet Ellen Keller a daughter of John and Mary Keller. I will post about Harriett and John in the next post. You will notice that they were living in Muskingum Co. at this time.

John Lacy & Wife Deed to
Henry Keller
Received Feb. 19, 1884
At 8.5 O’clock A.M.

Know all Men by these Presents: That the John Lacy and Harriet E. Lacy wife of the said John Lacy of Muskingum County, Ohio in Consideration of Three Hundred and Fifty $350.00 dollars to them in hand paid by Henry Keller of Morrow Co. Ohio the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged do hereby grant, bargain, sell and convey to the said Henry Keller his heirs and assigns forever the following described real estate situated in the Township of South Bloomfield, in the County of Morrow in the State of Ohio and known as being Twenty (20) acres of land ____ measure of the west side of the East half of the south wall of the Northeast quarter of section No. Eleven (11) Township No. Six (6), Range fifteen (15) and all the Estate. Right. [To the] and interest of the said Grantors in and to said premises: To have and to hold the same with all the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging. __ Said Grantee his heirs and assigns forever and the said John Lacy and Harriett E. Lacy doth hereby covenant and warrant that the title so conveyed is clear free and unencumbered and that they will deferred the same against all lawful claims of all persons ___________. In Witness whereof the said John Lacy and Harriet E. Lacy his wife who hereby release all their right and expectancy of dower in said premises have hereunto set their hands and seals this 19 day of December in the A.D. eighteen hundred and eighty-three.

Signed by John Lacy and Harriett E. Lacy

Signed and Sealed in our presence: Serena J. Roberts and Andrews J. Roberts

NOTE: The deed continues on about the execution of the deed being of their own free will etc.

7.  19 December 1883 to July 1884 Deed: Henry Keller et. al. to W. F. Keller & Ida C. Keller.  This is a partition deed of the lands of John Keller.  All the families of the children of John Keller have signed away to W. F. Franklin their interest in the land: John Lacy, Harriet E. Lacy, Henry and Martha Keller, Emma A. Helt, Charles & Anna Buckingham, Mary & Alexander Shaffer, J. & Caroline Van Houten, Harrison and Amarilla Barr.  I will feature this deed with W. F. Keller’s posts.

Note:  Emma A. Helt is a daughter of Lovina Keller & William Helt. Anna Buckingham is a daughter of Peter and Eliza Keller.  I have written past posts on this blog about these individuals.

9. 26 March 1887 Henry is buying land from a George Jardseer – 13-36/100 acre (Vol. 41, page 192). No copy made.

10.  20 February 1892 Henry Keller is buying 20 acres from Grantor W.F. Keller, et. al., Vol. 46, pg. 461). No copy made. W.F. Keller is his younger brother and I will post about him soon.

11.  20 Feb 1892 Grantor Esther Cook et. al., to Henry Keller, 56 acres, (Vol. 46, pg. 480). No copy made.

Of course the above deeds that were not copied would have to be verified by locating them in the films with date and volume to make sure they are the correct Henry Keller.  There was another Henry Keller who married a Elizabeth Grubb living in the area. Now that I know a little more about the descendants of John and Mary (Delano) Keller it would be more interesting to find these deeds and study them. Maybe Family History Library will have these online someday as they do the probates for Ohio?

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