John and Mary Anne Delano Keller’s children: Harriet Ellen Keller Lacy

Harriet Ellen Keller was born 15 March 1852 in So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio and she died 22 March 1920 in Dresden, Muskingum County, Ohio.

1860 U.S. Federal Census for Keller Family:  Harriet is 8 years old.

House number 245, 366, line 36. John Keller, s 49 years old, male, farmer with 1980 acreage and $600 in personal fortune, born in PA (Pennsylvania); Mary Keller, is 46 years old, female, born in Ohio; John Keller is 16 years old male, farm labor, born in Ohio, attended school; Mary Keller is 13 years old, female, born in Ohio, attended school; Henry Keller is 11 years old, male, born in Ohio, not attended to school within the year; Harriet A. is 8 years old, female, born in Ohio, attending school; William D. is 4 years old,male, born in Ohio and attending school?

Source:  John Keller Family, 1860 U.S. Federal Census, So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio, pg. 43-44, enumerated 21 June, 1860. 

Line 24 176/180 Keller, John age 59, male, Farmer 2400/1325, born PA; Mary 56, Female, Keeping house, born Ohio; Henry 21, male working on the farm, born Ohio; Ellen 18, female, at home, born Ohio; William 13, male born Ohio.

Source:  John Keller Family, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio, pg. 21, PO: Sparta, enumerated July 13, 1870 by Perry M. [Morris]. Note Eliza Keller and John Keller (Jr.) are also listed on this page. 

Harriett Ellen Keller married John Lacy on 3 January 1875 in Morrow Co., Ohio.

Source:  Marriage Records, 1848-1951, Index 1848-1948, Morrow Co., Ohio, Keller, Harriet E to John Lacy Vol. 3 1870-1880, pg. 287 FHL#388782, FHL#388779 Index.  Family History has the marriages online.

John Lacy was born 13 Aug 1851 in Ohio and died 8 March 1935 in Dresden, Muskingum County, Ohio. His parents were William Lacey and a Licey J.

Lacey Family History Book

Lacey Family History Book

Source:  Ancestors and Descendants of Hiram G. Lacey & Sophia Sells, by their Grandchildren, Compiled and published by Garland Howard Lacey, Washington, Illinois, 1995. Chapter G: Other Laceys – Muskingum & Coshocton pg. 149-150. This source is very detailed large book.  It gives an Eliza Jones as William’s wife. Children: Daniel, John, Richard, Mary Iva, Thomas, Carrie, Sarah F., William, Ann E., and Ella T. There may be more children? Found at the Morrow County Genealogical Society Annex in Mt. Gilead in 2011 on my second visit there.  Name is also spelled “Lacy.”  There were 44 locations where this book is listed at Worldcat.

Page 149, 6. Son of William and Eliza Jones Lacey, John Lacy – U436: 1851, OH, m.: 3 Jan 1875, OH, Morrow Co., (Harriett Ellen Keller U437 b. 1852, d. 1920, br: OH, Muskingum Co., Dresden Cem): d. 1935; br. OH, Muskingum Co., Dresden Cem.

John Lacy and Harriett, his wife, sold 20 acres land to W.F. Keller on 4 November 1882 (Vol. 36, pg. 247, Index #388692.)  I did not make a copy of this deed.

In the last post about Henry Keller’s land transactions I shared a deed done in February 1884.  Henry Keller was buying 20 acres from John Lacy and wife. (Vol. 27, pg. 461, FHL#1928211).

John Lacy & Wife Deed to
Henry Keller
Received Feb. 19, 1884 recorded 19 Dec. 1883. 
At 8.5 O’clock A.M.

Know all Men by these Presents: That the John Lacy and Harriet E. Lacy wife of the said John Lacy of Muskingum County, Ohio in Consideration of Three Hundred and Fifty $350.00 dollars to them in hand paid by Henry Keller of Morrow Co. Ohio the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged…..(Featured in the last post.)

Why this deed was done separately for the Lacy family I am not sure because it is part of the partitioning of the land of Harriet’s parents John and Mary Keller.

On that same date of 19 December 1883 to July 1884 John and Harriet Lacy are included in this other deed involving Henry Keller et. al. to W. F. Keller & Ida C. Keller.  This is that partition deed of the lands of John Keller that I keep referring too.  All the families of the children of John Keller have signed away to W. F. Franklin their interest in the land: John Lacy, Harriet E. Lacy, Henry and Martha Keller, Emma A. Helt, Charles & Anna Buckingham, Mary & Alexander Shaffer, J. & Caroline Van Houten, Harrison and Amarilla Barr.

I will feature this completed partition as a transcribed deed in a future post.

Ohio Counties

Ohio Counties – Morrow’s southeast area to the northwest area of Muskingum

John and Harriet Keller Lacy left Morrow County, Ohio about 1880 and by the 1883 partition deed of John Keller’s land had settled in Muskingum County, Ohio. I pick up their trail in the 1900 census.

Line 92, 80, 80, Lacy, John, Head, W, M. Aug. 1851, age 49 M. 25 yrs, born Ohio, father born Virginia , mother Ohio, farmer O, yes, no, yes, O, M, H, 10; Lacy, Hariet L., Wif, W, F, Mar. 1852, age 47, M 25, four children born, 4 living, born Ohio, Father PA, mother Ohio, yes, yes, yes; Lacy Carye B., daughter, W, F, Dec, 1883, age 17, Single, born Ohio, R luber hosery 0 yes, yes, yes; Lacy Bingeman H., son, W, M, Nov. 1889, 10, Single, born Ohio, day laborer, yes, yes, yes; Lacy Insines, Son, W, M, Dec. 1894, age 6, single, Born Ohio, attend school, 9 yes, no, yes; Lacy, William, Father, W, M, Sept, 1825, age 74 M, 54, born Virginia, both parents born Virginia, day laborer 6, yes, no, yes, R, H; Lacy, Licey J., Mother, W, F, Sept, 1828, age 71, M, 54, 12 children born, 10 living, born Ohio, parents born in Virginia, wife no, no, yes.

 Source:  1900 U.S. Federal Census, John Lacy Family, Dresden Village, Jefferson Twp., Muskingum Co., Ohio, SD#14, ED#51, Sheet 8/9, enumerated 8 June, 1900 by Thomas Uhich. 

Line 60, 380, 397, Lacy, John, Head, M, W, age 58 M1, 35 yrs, born Ohio, father PA, mother Ohio, English, [R Picker} Woolen Mill, W, no, yes, yes, 0 M H 4, 5, 8, 3; Lacy, Harriet E, Wife, F, W, age 58, m1, 35 yrs, 4 children born, 4 living, born Ohio, father PA, mother Ohio, English, none; Lacy, Benjamin, son, M, W, age 21, single, born Ohio, English, spinner, wollen mill w, no, 0; Lacy, Anna, daughter, F, W, age 16 single, born Ohio, English, Rum, spooler, knitting factory, w, no, 12, yes, yes, no, 17, 6, 7, 6.

Source 1910:  1910 U.S. Federal Census, John Lacy Family, Dresden Village, Jefferson Twp., Muskingum Co., Ohio. SD#14, ED#66, Sht#15B, enumerated May 6, 1910 by George C. Roney. 

Line 54, X, 392, 407, Lacy, John, Head, 0 M, M, W, age 68 M, yes, yes, Ohio, father West Virginia, mother Ohio, yes, W…..Mixer, Woolen Mill, W, 532; Lacy, Harriet E, Wife, F, W, age 67, M, yes, yes, Ohio, father Virginia, mother Ohio, none; Lacy, Ines A., daughter, F, W, age 26, single, yes, yes, Ohio, knitter, Hoisery Mill, W 524.

Source: 1920 U.S. Federal Census, John Lacy Family, Dresden, Jefferson Twp., Muskingum Co., Ohio, SD#16, ED#97, Sht #14B, enumerated 21 January, 1920 by Howard A. Shipley. 

Both are buried in the Dresden Cemetery in Muskingum County, Ohio.

Row 4, Block 9 on page 38

Lacy, John 1851 -1935
Lacy, Harriet F. 1852 -1920

Source:  Dresden Cemetery, Muskingum Co., Ohio, FHL#977.191. Cemetery Inscriptions of Jefferson and Malisan Twps., pages 33-39, on page 38.

John and Harriett Lacy had four children:

1. Mary France Lacy was born about 1878 in Morrow County. She may have married a [Spring] Painter which didn’t make sense.

There is a 1910 U.S. Census for Jefferson Twp., Muskingum Co. sheets 17 and 18.  where a William Painter and Mary are living with an Esther (12) and George Spring (9) step daughter and son, then followed by a Waneta Painter (4) and Pansy Paynter (4/12).  I think it is this couple.

In the 1900 U.S. Census there is a Mary F. Spring and George H. Spring with a daughter Ester E. Spring.

Apparently, Mary F. Lacy married twice, 1st to George Spring and she remarried to William Painter, Muskingum, Ohio.

Source:  Ohio County Marriages, 1789-1997, Index and Images Family Search, George H. Spring and Mary F. Lacy 11 Nov. 1897. Image available online or on film FHL#865147 pg. 99. The second marriage was not found at this time.

2. Cora B. Lacy was born December 1883 in Morrow County. She married a Mr. Sevenns.  At Family Search under Ohio, County Marriages 1789-1997 there are references to a Cora Lacy as mother of several children:  Luella Marie Severns. The father was Corydon Severns. Another child was John Monroe Severns and the father was C.L. Severns.  No actual marriage of Cory Lacy to a Severns was found on this index.

3. Benjamin H. Lacy was born November 1888 Dresden Ohio (Family Search Marriages). He married Anna (Jones) who was born about 1891. They had 8 children: John Lacy (1913), Karl Lacy (1915), Evelyn Lacy (1919), Ethel Lacy (1922), Harrison Lacy (1922), Dorothy Lacy (1923), Everett S. Lacy (1925), and Virgil Lacy 1927.  Benjamin H. (1888-1970) is also buried in the Dresden Cemetery with his wife Anna Bell (1892-1972) and probably his children. They were married 26 November 1910.

4. Anna Inez Lacy born December 1893 in Ohio and died about 1973.  She is also buried in the Dresden Cemetery.

Find A Grave has listings for the Lacy family but not necessarily tombstone photos for the Dresden Cemetery.

There is so much more research to do on this family and it would be fun to find obituary notices and see it if talks about the woolen mills where they worked?


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  1. Shaye Buzard says:

    Hello there, I found this very interesting as Harriet Ellen Keller is my great great great grandmother. However I would like to add that Benjamin and Anna Bell had 9 children instead of 8. Their youngest Harriet Ellen Lacy is not mentioned. Harriet is my great grandmother and I would love to see her name included in your list. I have loved to read your research and learn more about my family. If you would like any more details about my great grandmother or any of her siblings, I have the details and I would love to share them with you. Again thank you for these articles and I hope to see you continue your search:)

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Welcome Shaye, thanks for stopping by. I remember her, Harriet Ellen Keller and John Lacy to be a hard couple to research since they moved to Dresden in Muskingum Co. I will go back and take a look at my research and of course I will add her to the list. Was she born early 1930’s.I am about to go out of town so I will try to get this updated sometime soon but I need a little more detail so I will contact you off line. I love meeting cousins, I am so happy you stopped by.

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