John and Mary Delano Keller’s youngest son: William Franklin Keller and his wife Ida Riblet

I think he preferred to be called Frank, it is what is on his tombstone in the cemetery in South Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio.

My cousin is more knowledgeable about this family.  What I will do is share what I know and again I encourage you to double-check the information presented.

William Franklin Keller was born 15 September 1855 in Morrow Co., Ohio to John and Mary (Delano) Keller.  Frank was the youngest of 11 siblings. He died 2 February 1911 and he is buried in the H.E. Hedding Methodist Cemetery but over close to the west boundary line not near his parents.

Find A Grave has a tombstone photo as well:

Frank Keller & Ida Keller

Frank & Ida Keller by B. MacDonald, not easy to read

Wm. Franklin married Ida Catherine Riblet on 22 December 1880 in Galion, Crawford Co., Ohio.

Source:  Ohio County Marriages 1789 to 1997, William F. Keller to Ida Catherine Riblett, 22 December 1880, FHL#388742, pg. 97. Image of the marriage is available at Family 

Ida Catherine Riblet was born 11 November 1855, in Ohio to John P.K. Riblet and Lucinda Houck/Houk.  The Riblets were a prominent family in the central Ohio area. The Ohio Genealogical Society has a vertical files of surnames which can be quite extensive for some families like the Riblets.

Here is a list of items I copied from the file on my visit there in 2011.  The file might have contained more information then I have presented.

1.  Christian Riblet by Alta Miller Scharf and another document about a John Oyster by a Helen Armstrong Oyster.  Cover pages.

“Christian Riblet was born August 18, 1761 in Northhampton Co., PA. He died April 6, 1844 in Richland Co., Ohio. At the age of 15 he applied for military service in the Revolutionary War….in 1831 he and his wife moved to Ohio with their son, Daniel Riblet and family. He applied for pension May 23, 1834 and gave his residence as Richland County, Ohio…He was blind about 15 years before his death…”

Christian Riblet died at the home of his son Daniel and was buried in the graveyard near “Riblet’s Corners” 

You will find his tombstone and other Riblets at Find A Grave.  This is the same cemetery where Amarilla Keller Barr and husband Harrison Barr are buried.

Riblet, Christian, d. 06 April 1844, age 82 yr. 7 mo. 27 da. Revolutionary War, Pennsylvania Militia.
Riblet, Lucinda, d. 17 Sep 1873, age 41 yr. 10 mo. 5 da [Mother]
Riblet, Mary Ann, d/o William Scott, w/o Dug. d. 4 June 1858, age 41 yr. 3 mos. 2 da.
Riblet, Mary Emma, d. 29 Jan 1974, age 21 yr. 13 da. [Sister] NOTE: Mistake should be 1874.
Riblet, Mary M. d. 9 Nov. 1852, age 89 yr. 2 mo. 22 da.
Riblet, R.D., s/o J.P. & Lucinda, d. 11 Aug 1856, age 9 m

Source:  Richland County, Ohio Cemeteries, Springfield Twp., published 2005 – Riblet Cemetery. This source is separate from the OGS file.

2.  The Riblet Family and its Relationship to Galion, a manuscript about 8 pages of typed information on this family.  Gives a list of the children of Daniel Riblet of which one was John Riblet who married Lucinda Houk

3. A newspaper article: Christian Riblet Lost Sight While Fighting Indians a newspaper article without the name of paper or date? Cover page.

4. Riblet Family Helped Growth of Community by Bernard M. Mansfield, M.D. no date.  Typed page.

5. A newspaper article about the Riblet House, East of Galion which has photos of the Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Riblet. Again no date nor newspaper title.

Christian’s son Daniel Riblet moved the family to Ohio and settled there.  Daniel died in 1866 and was buried in the Union Green Cemetery which was closed to reuse the land for other purposes and the burials were moved to Fairview Cemetery in Galion, Crawford Co., Ohio.  You will find them at Find A Grave.

Daniel had many children one was John P.K. Riblet who married Lucinda Houk and these are the parents of Ida Catherine Riblet.

Anyone who is of the lineage of Riblet Family is able to apply for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution up to Christian Riblet. (DAR).

William Franklin Keller being the youngest of the Keller children doesn’t appear in the census till 1860: William [D.], 4 years old, male, born in Ohio and attending school? In 1870 William 13, male, born Ohio.  

In 1880 John Keller passes and the family consists of Mary, with William F. age 24 helping out in Morrow County, Ohio.

103/107 Mary Anne Keller age 66, widowed, keeping house, born in Ohio, father born in New York, mother born in Vermont. Keller, William F., son age 24, farmer, born in Ohio, father born in Pennsylvania, mother born in Ohio. Helt, Emma, grand-daughter, age 14, helping with housework, born Ohio, father born Ohio and mother born Ohio.

We find Wm. F. Keller with his family living in South Bloomfield Twp. in 1900 along with his brother Henry and his nephew William.

Line 12 152/167, Keller William F. Head, W, M., Sept. 1855, age 44, m, 19, born Ohio, father born PA, mother born Ohio, farmer, O, yes, yes, yes, O, F, F, 134; Keller, Ida C., wife, W, F, Nov. 1855, age 44, M, 19, 3 children born 3 alive, born Ohio, father born PA, mother born Ohio, yes, yes, yes; Keller, Ora E. Daughter W, F, Oct. 1881, age 18 single, born Ohio, yes, yes, yes; Keller, Jay R., Son, W, M. Aug. 1885, age 14, single, born Ohio, at school, 7 yes, yes, yes; Keller, Flora [M] Daughter W, F, May 1889, age 11, single, born Ohio, at school, 8 yes, yes, yes.

Line 17, 153/168 Keller, Henry Head, W, M. Mar. 1849, age 51, m. 28, born Ohio, father born PA, mother born Ohio, farmer, O, yes, yes, yes, O, F, F, 135; Keller, Martha, wife, W, F, Mar. 1851, age 49, M, 28, 2 children born 2 alive, born Ohio, father and mother born PA, yes, yes, yes.

Keller, William C. Head, W, M, May 1873, age 27, m, 5, born Ohio, parents born Ohio, farmer, O, yes, yes, yes, R, Keller, Grace O., wife, W, F, July 1876, age 23, m, 5, three children born 3 alive, born Ohio, father born Ohio, mother born New York, yes, yes, yes; Keller, Walter H. Son, W, M. July 1895, age 4 single, born Ohio; Keller, Laura E, daughter W, F, Oct 1897, age 2, single, born Ohio; Keller, Grace O., Daughter, W, F, May 1889, age 1, single, Ohio.

Source: 1900 U.S. Federal Census, South Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio, SD#13, ED#107, Sheet #7, enumerated the 20th day of June, 1900 by Thomas F. Leonard.

William Franklin and Ida Riblet Keller had the following children:

1.  Ora Else Keller was born 2 October 1881 in South Bloomfield. She married a Clarence E. Butler.  Ora died about June 1940.

2. Jay Riblet Keller was born 27 August 1885 in South Bloomfield. He married Bessie Robertson who was the daughter of [Edme] Robertson and Mary Ellen Bishop. Jay and Bessie had about five children: Helen (1908), Chester H. (1910 to 1980), Charles W. (1912), Dorothy M. (1915) and Paul L. Keller (1919).

If you would like to know more about this family line my cousin would probably be willing to share.  This is part of a comment she made on this blog a few posts back under Henry Keller and I thought it was too good not to repeat here.  Jay is her great grandfather.

“The Riblet’s were a very prominent family in the area. Bessie, my great-grandmother, was a Robertson and DAR eligible. There’s a boatload of Robertsons in the area, all relatives. Grandma Moses is a cousin (she was a Robertson). Her grandfather is my 5th great-grandfather, she’s my 1st cousin 5x removed. Here’s the Robertson/Mayflower connection.

3.  Floy May Keller was born 10 May 1899 and died 31 August 1962. She married Glenn Arthur Slack who was born 6 June 1887 and died 20 January 1954. They had Fern A. Slack and Elsie May Slack.

As I was preparing this post I realized that Henry died in 1909 and Frank followed him only two years later in 1911.

The last census for William Franklin is the 1910.

Line 96, 77, 81, Keller, Wm. F. Head, M, W, age 54 m1, 29
Keller, Ida C. wife, F, W, age 54, m1, 29, three children born, 3 alive
Helt, Dewey R, boarder, M, W age 11, single

Dewey is Henry Solomon Helt and Fannie Miller’s son. This is Lovina Keller Helt’s family. She is Frank’s older sister who had died in 1873.

Source:  1910 U.S. Federal Census, Wm. F. Keller Family, So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio. SD#13, ED#160, Sht #3B, enumerated 21 April 1910 by Edward W. Mitchell.

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