Wm. Franklin Keller and the Slack Family Bible…

Back in 2011, when I was planning my trip to Ohio, I thought I would take a look at the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio to see if they had anything that might be of interest to me regarding the Keller and other families.

Well, I was surprised when a bible came up in my searches called the Slack Family Bible and of course, I contacted them for a copy of the pages:  http://www.wrhs.org/

Source:  Bible and Family Records, copied by Western Reserve Chapter D.A.R. 1971,  F34ZF D238, Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio, Volume 3 (111), Slack Family pages 99, 271, 221 and 222. 

Title Page Slack Bible

Title Page Slack Bible

It contained a lot of great information about the Slack family and the Keller family connection but nothing about the origins of John Keller nor Mary Delano. They were briefly mentioned as the parents of Wm. Franklin Keller.

Here are the names included on the pages the Western Reserve sent to me. I cannot give the full information and if you would like a copy just ask me in the comments on this post. This is three pages of typed information by the DAR which means it is not the original bible.

These records are from a book bought at the Centenary, Columbus, Ohio, June 1919…A copy of these records is in the genealogical vertical file at the Western Reserve Historical Society.”

 Elsie May Slack and Bernice Penhorwood marriage and lists children.

William Franklin Keller son of John and Mary Delano Keller…

Ida Catherine Riblet daughter of John and Lucinda Riblet…

Floy May Keller daughter of Wm. F. and Ida C. Keller…

William Henry Slack son of William H. & Hannah Slack…

Elsie, dau. of Isaac and Mary Dustin Irwin…

Glen Arthur Slack son of Wm. Henry & Elsie Slack…

Glenn A. Slack and Floy Mae marriage

Elsie May dau. of Glenn A. and Floy M. Slack…

Fern Arthur Slack marriage to Norine Helen Hulse… list children.

Mrs. Ida Keller died…

Mr. Frank Keller died..

mention of Ora, Earl, Henry Slack, Elsie Slack, Ora Butler

Floy Slack sister Ora Keller, married Clarence Butler

Jay Keller married Bessie Roberson.

page 2

List marriages

and lists births of Slack Children and then deaths.

 It was very easy to get a copy from the Western Reserve, I just emailed them the search information from their website.  I may have paid them a small fee, I don’t remember.

This is Wm. F. Keller and Ida C. Keller’s daughter Floy’s and her husband Glenn A. Slack’s descendants.  I have not conducted research in census, obituaries or cemeteries for these descendants at this time in order to verify the information.

When I visited the H.E. Hedding Cemetery the first time in 2007 the tombstone of John, Mary and Peter Keller was in jeopardy because of a large bush growing around it and black moss on it.  I contacted the So. Bloomfield Township offices and found a descendant of Floy and Glenn as a member of the government and asked him to rescue the tombstone.  He didn’t know the significance of John and Mary Keller to his ancestry.  However, I returned in 2011 the bush was gone with just a little bit of rose-bush and the stone was cleaned up and the moss was reduced.  I am very grateful.


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4 Responses to Wm. Franklin Keller and the Slack Family Bible…

  1. Wendy says:

    Where is that I can send for copies? I recognize some of the names as great, great grandparents and would love a copy of the Slack Family Bible

  2. Wendy says:

    Never mind, I am sorry. I just went over the page and found the link. Thank you

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