Keller Family Reunions: 1930 and 1931

Cousin Richard found some very interesting information in the newspaper. He found several announcements of Keller Family Reunions.

Keller Reunion 26 Aug 1930, pg. 2 Marion Star

The descendants of John and Mary (Delano) Keller met in their thirty reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Keller. Their home is the old Keller homestead and has remained in the family name for more than four score years. The business meeting was in charge of Charles Buckingham, president. Short talks were given by

  • Rev. G.F. Weissling,
  • Rev. R. H. Miller,
  • Allen Ludwig,
  • H.F. Miller,
  • J. H. Barr,
  • W.W. Miller,
  • Stanley Pearl, and Mrs. Jane Pearl.

Officers were reelected for the coming years. One death, two marriages, and six births ere reported in the family during the past year. The placed the next meeting was not decided. Those attending the reunion were:

Mr. and Mrs. Will Van Hbuten, (Should read Houten)

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Ludwig, sons Burton and Warren and daughters Ruth and Edith, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Willeka and son Elmer and daughter Emma, Ada;

Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Romick and daughters Maxine and Pauline, Mrs. Bell Frey, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Van Houten, Dunkirk;

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kellogg and son Lee. Mrs. Homer Rish, Rev. and Mrs. G.F. Weissling and son Frederick, Fremont;

Rev. and Mrs. R. H. Miller and daughter Margaret, Warren;

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller and daughter Margaret, Warren:

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller and daughter Vivian and sons Dwight and Neal, Mansfield;

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Barr and son James, Cleveland;

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Williams, Springfield;

Mrs. Ida Keller, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Keller and sons Chester, Charles and Paul and daughters Helen and Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Slack and daughter Elsie and son Fern, Mr. and Mrs. Will Keller, Walter Keller and son Homer, Mrs. Ethel Thurston and son Clovis, Mr. and Mrs. George Pearl and Maxine Martin all of Sparta;

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pearl and son Lester, Mr. and Mrs. John Wintermute and son Jack, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Jackson and daughters Ellen and Doris, Mt. Vernon;

John Lacey, Mr. and Mrs. Will Pointer and son and daughter; Dresden;

Grace Chandler, Columbus; Mr. and Mrs. John Keller and son Norwood, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Barr, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dinkle and sons Elwood, Frederick Edward and Willard. Miss Edna Keller, Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckingham. Miss Inez Miller, Mrs. Guy Cook, Mrs. C.E. Craley and son Frederick, Galion;

W. W. Miller, Clara Miller, Miss Delphia Barr, Earl Miller, Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Voegel and daughters Ruth and Ida, Crestline.

The following years was another reunion that was held this time in Galion on 29 Aug, 1931 it was the 32nd reunion. This means they were holding them since 1899. Would I love to see the minutes of these reunions.

One-hundred were present to attend the thirty-second annual reunion of the descendants of the John and Mary Delano Keller family held at Heise park in Galion, Thursday. C.E. Buckingham, president was in charge of the business meeting, and responses from the following person were enjoyed: Frank Williams, Frank Shaffer, Allen Ludwig, Jess Keller, E. M. Neff, H.F. Miller and Stanley Pearl. Officers elected for the ensuing year were: President C.E. Buckingham; vice president, Allen Ludwig; secretary and treasurer, Miss Helen Keller. Two marriages, five births and two deaths were reported during the past year. The place for the next reunion will be Kelly park in Crestline.

Courtesy of R. Dana February 2018.  This post was inserted where it would make most sense in the Keller genealogy but was actually written 8/17/2018.

If anyone has or knows of any of the minutes or papers of any of the reunions, please contact us, there are many who would love to read them, bjmcdonell@gmail.

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