John and Mary Keller: Once again Revisiting the Helt Family…

This POST IS AN UPDATE POST, written JUNE 5, 2017, but it will be published and backdated on this blog so it appears with the other posts about William and Lovina (Keller) Helt written back in 2015 and 2014. Currently I am writing about the Goss Family and it would be too confusing to add to the current research that is being presented at this time.

Cousins are the best! Richard has once again found some wonderful photographs to share. He found among his mother’s possession photographs of Lovina (Keller) Helt and her husband William Helt.

Lavina (Keller) Helt – Front

The Backside of Lovina (Keller) Helt’s photo

Here is William Helt:

W. G. Helt

The backside of his photo:

Backside of W. G. Helt’s photo

As far as I know this is the only photo of one of the Keller family children of John and Mary (Delano) Keller.  I have seen photos of Almira and Alvira, Mary’s sister’s and I cannot share them here, but they are at and online.  So does Lovina look more like her mother Mary or her father?


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4 Responses to John and Mary Keller: Once again Revisiting the Helt Family…

  1. Constance Sisson says:

    I have written here before, but, THANK YOU to Richard (how does he fit in here relative-wise?). Lovina and William are my husband’s great great grandparents and his great grandmother is their daughter Emma Amarilla Helt Williams. You ask if Lovina looks like her mother Mary or her father John. Are there pictures of them around? I have never seen them if there are. Thank you again!

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Hello Constance, thanks for stopping by. I have written quite extensively in my posts on this blog about Richard’s family the Helt’s, Pearls and Wintermutes and he has been kind to share his family history and memorabilia with me to share with everyone. See the PAGES at the top which are table of contents for the posts I have written grouped by families. He is a descendant through Lovina and William’s daughter Eliza Jane Helt Pearl.

      You misunderstand me, I did not say there was a picture for John and Mary, I was merely dreaming as to what he or she may have looked like based on the face of Lovina provided by the picture. I have seen pictures of the sisters of Mary Delano Keller – Alvira and Almira and their faces are rounder. Believe me Constance, if I ever do find a photo of John or Mary Keller, I would be sharing it like crazy. HA!

      By the way I do not have anything about the descendants of Emma Amarilla Helt Williams, I do not even know where she and her husband are buried.


  2. Richard L. Dana says:

    Thank you to Bonnie for posting these images on-line. I like the fact that they are now in the Public Domain, available to all. It is my hope that new discoveries can be made. Perhaps we will get leads on some of the other tin-type photographs of mystery relatives that Bonnie posted previously. Richard

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      I have done some updates to past posts and I put an announcement on the right side about these changes. Yes, it would be good and maybe someday a photo of many more family? Wouldn’t that be nice. Bonnie

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