The Helt and Pearl Family Reunions…

Below are photographs of several family reunions for the Helt and Pearl families.

This photo is for the reunion taken about 1903.  Irene, Stanley Pearl’s daughter, was born in 1903. To open, click on the photo and remember to hit your back button or close the tab to return.

Stanley is hold his daughter (Irene) daughter Anna Pearl to the left circa early part of the 1900's

Stanley is holding his daughter (Irene) daughter Anna Pearl to the left. Count 4 children from left in the front row and back to man in hat with the baby.

Years later another reunion took place 29 July, 1928 held at the Morrow County Fairgrounds near Mt. Gilead.  A possible newspaper article appeared that may have been titled: “Doty – Perrel Family Reunion,” and below that was “Pioneer Ancestry Traced Back to Days of Revolution.” I made an attempt to locate this article using my online newspaper sources but they lack coverage in the heart of Ohio where I need to look.

Stanley in the straw hat, 1928 Helt/Pearl Reunion

Stanley in the straw hat, 1928 Helt/Pearl Reunion

Richard is having trouble identify the people in these photos.  In the 1928 reunion photo he says Stanley is the one in the straw hat.

The next reunion was to occur the last Sunday in July of 1929 at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McCloud west of Mt. Vernon.  Oscar Pearl was listed as reunion president with Dora Pearl as its secretary.

If you recognize anyone please let us know by leaving a comment. Richard can read the comments but I will have to get him in touch with you, so please take the time to share.

Here is a family history written by Anna Pearl for this reunion.

History of the Peter Doty and William Perrel Families,

written for the

Pearl Reunion of July 29, 1928.

Click her for a copy of the original in PDF: DotyPerrel History

In the pioneer days of our country, while the colonists were fighting for our independence, and the army under George Washington was quartered at Valley Forge, a mother, Mrs. Boyle of New Jersey, with the help of her daughter, baked bread for the soldiers.  One young soldier Peter Doty found the daughter attractive and they were married.  Later they came to Ohio to live in Knox County some where near Hunt’s Station, on Feb 9, 1808, their youngest daughter, Nancy Doty, was born. There were only a few rude cabins at this time where they city of Mt. Vernon now stands. Indians were frequent and welcome visitors in their home.

Nancy well remembered when her brother departed from their home to take part in the war of 1812. The mother’s sorrow and the weaving of blankets for the soldier brother made a lasting impression on the mind of the child Nancy.

On April 10, when 20 yrs of age Nancy married William Perrel, whose ancestors lived in Maryland.

Soon after their marriage, they moved to S. Bloomfield Twp., Knox Co., Ohio, where land was cleared and a cabin built.  On May 30, 1833, at Chillicothe, Ohio a deed was obtained from the President of the United States, Andrew Jackson for 62 and 90/100 acres of land.  This farm was two miles west of Sparta and known as the Pearl Farm for many years.  After building the necessary home on their land they lived here and the most of their children were born here and all attended the same school.  Nine boys and two girls were born to this family.

They are as follows:

  1. Johnnie, who died when 1 year old.
  2. Peter
  3. Alexander
  4. Jackson
  5. William
  6. James
  7. Jane 
  8. Ellen
  9. Isaac  
  10. Alvin
  11. George

 All are grandchildren of a Revolutionary soldier.

When the father and mother wished to go visiting they made the trip in their ox cart.

William Perrel, husband of Nancy Doty Perrel, died July 5, 1863 at the age of 63 years.  Nancy kept her family together on the farm and earned the living by her carpet weaving.  The Doty family are noted for their long lives. Peter Doty, father of Nancy, was born January 8, 1718 and lived to be 104 years of age. Nancy died August 2, 1902, at the age of 94 years. 6 months. and 13 days.

The oldest living son is 96 yrs of age and the ages of the four living children, Peter, Jane, Ellen and George total 336 years.  Among the interesting family keepsakes are the original deed of the Perrel farm, signed by Andrew Jackson, President which is in the home of George Pearl, near Sparta, the youngest son. The Family Bible owned by Joe Pearl, near Sparta son of Alexander. The old clock, which is at least 100 yrs. old and told the time to this entire family is still running in the home of Fred Pearl of Michigan, son of William Perrel Jr.  The old rifle used by William Perrel Sr. to bring down many a wild turkey and deer is owned by Frank Pearl, of Fulton, son of James. Also the gun carried in the Revolutionary War by Peter Doty father of Nancy Doty Perrel is owned by Lawrence Inscho, the great grandson of the original owner.

 This family, today, spell the name with the English spelling, Pearl, instead of the French word Perrel, but whatever the spelling we are proud to belong to such ancestors. 

W.S. Pearl, per A.E.P.

Transcribed by Bonnie Jean MacDonald with permission 1/3/2015.

Please note that Bloomfield township was in Knox County till 1848 when it became part of Morrow County as South Bloomfield so in the above it should read Knox Co. Bloomfield Twp. It is important if you are searching for records to know where to look. The date for Peter Doty’s birth is not right.  So please read this history with caution.  I refer you to the DAR and Revolutionary War sources for more information on Peter Doty.

John and Mary Keller: Revisiting the Helt, Pearl/Perrill and Doty Family,” January 18, 2015.

There is still more to come on the Helt and Pearl family.


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