Pearl Family Reunion August 1928

I may have posted this once before but I think it doesn’t hurt to do it again. It has interesting information about this family.

Reunion – Pearl – held July 29, 1928 in Mt. Gilead at the Morrow Co. Fairgrounds, Found in the Marion Star, pg. 4

The Third Annual reunion of the descendants of William and Nancy Doty Pearl, was held a the Morrow county fairgrounds, Mt. Gilead, July 29. A large number attended. It was agreed that next year, on the last Sunday in July 1929, the reunion would be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McClead, west of Mt. Vernon. O. A short history of the family was given at the reunion. Nancy Doty, one of the descendants of the family, according to the history given at the reunion, was born in Knox Co., O., and was the daughter of Peter Doty. Peter Doty was a soldier in Washington’s army and following the war had moved to Ohio. At the time of Nancy’s birth, Feb. 9, 1808, there were only a few rude cabins where the city of Mt. Vernon now stands. On April 10, when 20 years of age, Nancy married William Pearl, whose ancestors lived in Maryland. Soon after their marriage they moved to South Bloomfield Twp. Morrow co., where land was cleared and a cabin built. Nine boys and two girls were born to the couple. They are as follows: John, who died when one year old, Peter, Alexander, Jackson, William, James, Jane, Ellen, Isaac, Alvin and George. 

William Pearl died July 5, 1863 at the age of 63 years. Nancy kept her family together on the farm and earned the living by carpet weaving. Nancy died Aug. 2, 1902 at the age of 91 years. The oldest living son Peter, is 96 years of age. The ages of the four living children, Peter, Jane, Ellen and George total 336 years.

Courtesy of R. Dana 2/2018 – This post has been inserted in the Pearl Family posts but was written on 8/17/2018.

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