The Delano Family Chronology given to Alice Wintermute…

Here is a descendant chart sent by a Mrs. Edward Philip Scharf of Lucas, Ohio to Alice Wintermute.  It is the Chronology of the Delano Family.  I am happy to say that the lineage looks pretty good. Here are the green books that follow our line through Mary Delano Keller.

Source:  Philip Delano of the “Fortune” 1621 and His Descendants for Four Generations compiled by Muriel Curtis Cushing, Published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1999. This is a Green Book.  This book goes from Philip Delano to Jonathan Delano on page 109 to page 110. It gives a list of his children including Stephen Delano but ends there.

Source:  Philip Delano of the “Fortune” 1621 and His Descendants in the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Generations, compiled by Muriel Curtis Cushing, Part Three Family #500-561, Published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 2012. #528 Stephen Delano pages 85 to 89. This is a Green Book as well.

This is the older book that was published.  You can find it online broken up into parts at Internet Archive, but I have my own complete copy now and it is heavy. This is what the Delano Kindred it trying to update with the above books.

Source:  The Genealogy History and Alliances of the American House of Delano 1621 to 1899, Compiled by Major Joel Andrew Delano, with the History and Heraldry of the Maison De Franchimont and De Lannoy to Delano, 1096 to 1621, Arranged by Mortimer Delano De Lannoy. Includes Part IV Lt. Jonathan Delano, the 4th Son and his descendants.  The Stephen Delano Sr. genealogy is on pages 426 to 431.  This book is a complete set of all of the Delano Genealogy for 1899 and the original.

In the Chronology of Delano below, I would probably change Doxbury to Duxbury. I particularly like the last paragraph starting with Elizabeth Spraklin (the c is left out of the spelling of the name) and listing the Keller children and descendants. They do not mention John Delano Keller?

I have very little information about Susan one of the Keller children. In the information about Mary found on the document, it states she died at 7 months although the death dates I have her age at 1.5 years at death.

As with all compilations like this, please check it carefully and use it as a guide.

Delano Family, Keller, Helt and more.

Permission to post given by Richard Dana a descendant of Alice Pearl Wintermute.

This Mayflower lineage given above is from Mary Delano Keller to Philip Delano who came on the second ship the “Fortune,” however, in the Keller to Helt to Pearl to Doty lineage that has been shared in the last few posts on this blog, there is an ancestry to Mayflower with Edward Doty of the Mayflower.

Here is a link to the book:  Doty-Doten Family in America, by Ethan Allen Doty at Internet Archive.  You will find Nancy Doty on pg. 335 #3524.  With a bit of effort you can trace the family back to Edward Doty and Faith Clarke. It goes Edward Doty, to Samuel, to John to Isaac to Peter to Nancy Doty who married William Pearl.

This means that we need to go the Mayflower Silver books to check this lineage.  So onto the To Do List is goes.

More to come on the Helt, Pearl, and Wintermute families.


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2 Responses to The Delano Family Chronology given to Alice Wintermute…

  1. Jan Daniel says:

    Hi, Bonnie!
    A dozen years or more ago, I corresponded with a Delano researcher who put me onto a genealogy chart purporting to trace the family back centuries to various important personages. I ordered it and it came as a large roll. Later, I recall finding online several, quite scholarly articles on
    reporting on subsequent research and controversy related to the lineage, debunking aspects of it. I’ve no idea what became of the info I’d gathered and mention it only to say that there’s fair agreement from the Fortune forward but not so much beyond that. Best regards.

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