The End of Mary (Delano) Keller’s life and a summary of the children…

Mary Anne (Delano) Keller passed several years after the death of her husband John Keller. Mary’s end of life has been a bit troublesome.  There is no death registration for her in the Morrow County records.  I have checked several times.  John Keller, her husband, is listed in the death registers and I will share about his death in a future post. The only death information is the tombstone in the H.E. Hedding Methodist Cemetery in Morrow County and the American House of Delano book on page 426 gives her death as 3 August 1882.



John, Mary & Peter's tombstone in H.E. Hedding Cemetery, Morrow Co., Ohio

John, Mary & Peter’s tombstone in H.E. Hedding Cemetery, Morrow Co., Ohio 2011

John, Mary and Peter Keller

John, Mary and Peter Keller 2007

The Morrow County Genealogical Society cemetery book that was published reads, H.E. Hedding Methodist Cemetery, Morrow Co., Ohio.

Keller, John d. May 4, 1880 Age 60 y. 5 m. 10d.

Mary A., w/o J. Keller, D. Aug. 3, 188?? – A – 68y3m3d,

Peter, d. May 22, 1863  Aged 34y 5m 24d.  

There are mistakes in this above publication and understandable because of the nature of the stone making it very difficult to read.  I will discuss John’s death in a future post.  Peter died in 1869, not 1863.  He was involved with several deeds through the 1860’s.

Unfortunately I do not have a really good close up photo which reveals the inscription but I feel her death year is 1882.

Close up of Mary's inscription difficult to read the year.

Close up of Mary’s inscription difficult to read the year. BJM 2011

Mary's inscription close up, Courtesy of Cousin Jan.

Mary’s inscription close up, Courtesy of Cousin Jan.

Mary was involved with the administration of John’s estate but her name is listed as Mary “Henry” not “Keller.”This is an “Executor’s Notice,” in the Morrow County Sentinel, June 10, 1880. John died in early May so this ad was published a month and a half later. When I share John’s estate file, you will see that Wm. Franklin, Henry and Mary were appointed as John’s Executors for his will. So I am wondering if the newspaper mixed it up and confused Henry’s name with his mother’s last name and combined the two names?

Wm & Mary are administrators of John's estate

Wm & Mary are administrators of John’s estate

Newspapers in Ohio are spotty in coverage especially in the early years meaning there are lots of gaps in dates. It is also slogging work and slow research.  The next problem is trying to read the poor quality microfilm copies. I visited the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus in 2011 and it has a great newspaper collection.  I spent hours trying to locate obituaries. It was not very successful.

The Mt. Vernon public library and Morrow County Genealogical Society in Mt. Gilead has newspapers as well, some not on microfilm. I was unable to find an obituary notice in any of these local Morrow or Knox County newspapers for either John nor Mary. I tried twice and even had a researcher at Morrow Genealogical society help.  I keep hoping as more newspapers come online that something will show up, however, 1880 is pretty early for obituaries which really didn’t start becoming popular till a bit later.  There published newspaper abstract books for newspapers and I searched them as well.

Mary was a Delano and I have written about this connection on this blog.  I have gone back to Philip Delano.  I have attempted to point the way to Mayflower and DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) based on the lineage to Philip Delano who came on the “Fortune” to Plymouth. John and Mary’s daughter Elizabeth Keller Spracklin is the key for my road to DAR and Mayflower. As I have discussed the children I have shown with the help of cousins other lineages back to DAR and Mayflower on other lines that have intersected with the Keller/Delano families.

Here is a list of posts on this blog about the Delano and Keller connection and I want to caution you that I don’t have all of the connections nailed down.

Daniel’s In-Laws John & Mary (Delano) Keller a connection to DAR and to the “Fortune.” Feb. 12, 2014

The Keller and Delano Family Connection,” February 20, 2014

Stephen Delano Jr. His Untimely Death…”, February 23, 2014

Lovina Smith Delano remarries to Jonathan Askins,” March 4, 2014. Not really Mayflower but I am so curious what happened to her and see doesn’t seem to have parents.

Delano Sources for Further Study, a tangle weave of lineages,” March 11, 2014

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Oliver Delano, a Brother!” April 7, 2014

Columbus and Cornelius Delano of Ohio and other Delano Family,” April 13, 2014.  I was hoping I would find links.

Stephen Delano’s Lineage to Philip Delano,” April 20, 2014

Below is a brief summary of the lives of the children born to John and Mary (Delano) Keller. I will also list the posts I wrote about them and their descendants. It took me a year to do the Keller family so you can look at posts from 2014 to the early 2015 for posts.

Note: To get to posts on this blog use the search engine box.  The other is to use the Archives pull down box to find a date of a post. These are on the right side panel of this blog.  Categories under surname is another option.  Blogs are not like a book they read oldest to most current post.

John and Mary Keller had eleven (11) children.  Elizabeth Keller was their oldest. Remember she is my second great-grandmother the one who married Daniel D. Spracklin in 1852 and migrated with him to Iowa.

1. Elizabeth Keller born 4 Aug 1831, probably Sparta, Knox Co., Ohio married Daniel D. Spracklin 28 December 1852 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio and died in Benson Co., Iowa near Blairstown in February 1859.  She is buried in the Titler Cemetery northwest of Marengo, Iowa. This is Amarilla’s mother.

“John and Mary Keller’s Children: Elizabeth, Susan and Peter Keller, May 4, 2014.

2. Susan Keller born 3 Nov. 1832, Sparta, Knox Co., Ohio d. 20 June 1834, Sparta, Knox Co., Ohio, burial unknown.  This indicates she was a good year and half old when she died, while the Helt family regarding the “The Delano Chronology” has her only 7 months old.

3.  Peter Keller born 28 Nov. 1834, Sparta, Knox Co., Ohio married Eliza Ann Everts 6 July 1957 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio.  Peter died 22 May 1869 in So. Bloomfield Twp., Morrow Co., Ohio and is buried with his parents in the Hedding M.E. Cemetery. His information is listed on the left side of the parent’s tombstone.   Peter and Eliza had 5 children.  It is possible she remarried to a Mr. Denzer but I cannot find any more information. Peter served in the Civil War.  I have not obtained his Civil War service or pension record which could be interesting.

“John and Mary Keller’s Children: Elizabeth, Susan and Peter Keller, May 4, 2014.

“Eliza Keller, what was her fate? May 5, 2014

Peter and Eliza Keller’s children, Belle and Jesse,” May 11, 2014

Peter and Eliza Keller’s child: Andrew J. Keller,” May 12, 2014

Peter and Eliza Keller’s child: Anna Keller Buckingham,” May 19, 2014

4.  Lovinia Lavinia Keller was born 17 Feb 1837 in Sparta, Morrow Co., married William G. Helt on 17 Feb 1855 in Morrow Co., Ohio and died 22 Dec 1837 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio. Her tombstone is right behind her parents in the H.E. Hedding Cemetery.  They had 8 children.  William Helt died  15 November 1919 and is buried in Oakmont Cemetery in Greene Co., Pennsylvania.

John & Mary Anne Delano Keller’s Children: Lovina Lavina Keller Helt – 1837 to 1873,” June 30, 2014.

Lavina Helt and William G. Helt’s Final Resting Place,” July 7, 2014

John and Mary Keller Descendants: Lavina & William Helt’s Children,” July 17, 2014

John and Mary Keller: Revisiting the Helt, Pearl/Perrill and Doty Family,” January 18, 2015

Stanley William Pearl Family, a son of George and Jane Pearl,” January 25, 2015

“The Helt and Pearl Family Reunions,” February 1, 2015

The Delano Chronology Given to Alice Wintermute,” February 8, 2015

Pearl or Wintermute Family Photo Mysteries,” February 15, 2015

5.  Amarilla Keller born 28 Mar 1839 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio and married Harrison Barr on 12 September, 1858 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio.  They had about 9 children.  Amarilla died 12 May 1915 in Galion, Crawford Co., Ohio and Harrison Barr died 31 May 1906 and they are buried in the Riblet Cemetery, in Richland Co., Ohio.

John and Mary Keller’s daughter Amarilla Keller Barr – 1839 to 1915,” July 28, 2014

John and Mary Keller’s descendants: Amarilla and Harrison Barr’s children,” August 3, 2014

6.  Caroline Keller born 28 Nov 1841 in Sparta, Knox Co., Ohio married Joseph Higgs Van Houten on 1 Dec 1857 in Morrow Co., Ohio.  They had 5 children.  Caroline died 2 Jun 1902 in Washington Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio and Joseph followed in 29 Jan 1903 in the same location.  Caroline, Joseph and their children are buried in Dunkirk Cemetery in Hardin Co., Ohio.  It is north of Kenton, Ohio.

John and Mary Anne Delano Keller’s Children: Caroline Keller Van Houten,” August 11, 2014

See the BJM Cemetery Discoveries blog for more on Dunkirk Cemetery, find link on the right side of this blog.

7.  John Delano Keller Jr. was born 22 May 1844 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio and he probably married Mary L. Carson about 6 Dec 1868 in Morrow Co., Ohio.  He died 4 Jun 1876 in Fredericktown, Knox Co., Ohio.  I do not know where John is buried although I did a very thorough search to try to find him.

John and Mary Delano Keller’s another son: John Delano Keller,” August 17, 2014

8.  Mary Ann Keller was born 16 Dec 1846 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio and died sometime after 1925 in Logan Co., Ohio.  She married an Alexander Shaffer on 24 Jun 1866 in Morrow Co., Ohio.  They had about 9 children.  Alexander probably died on 27 July 1903 in Logan Co., Ohio and is buried in the Zanesville Cemetery there.

John and Mary Anne Delano Keller’s Children:  Mary Ann Keller Shaffer,” August 30, 2014

9.  Henry Keller was born 29 Mar 1849 in Sparta, Morrow Co., Ohio and married Martha Kees (Keyes) 28 Oct 1871 in Morrow Co., Ohio.  Henry died after Aug 1909 in Morrow Co. and Martha followed in about 1927.  They had 2 children.  He and his wife are buried in Bloomfield Cemetery in Morrow Co., Ohio.

John and Mary Delano Keller’s Children: Henry Keller and wife Martha Kees,” November 23, 2014

John and Mary Keller’s Son Henry Keller: His Estate,” December 1, 2014

John and Mary Keller’s Son Henry Keller: Buying and Selling Land,” December 10, 2014

10.  Harriet Ellen Keller was born 15 Mar 1852 in Morrow Co., Ohio and married 3 Jan 1875 in Morrow Co. to John Lacy.  She died 22 Mar 1920 in Dresden, Muskingum Co., Ohio and John died 8 March, 1935. They are both buried in the Dresden Cemetery in Muskingum Co., Ohio. They had about 4 children.

“John and Mary Anne Delano Keller’s children: Harriet Ellen Keller Lacy,” December 15, 2014

11.  William Franklin Keller was born 15 Sep 1855 in Fredericktown, Knox Co., Ohio and married on 22 December, 1880 in Galion, Crawford Co., Ohio to Ida Catherine Riblet.  They had 3 children.  He died 2 Feb 1911 in Morrow Co., Ohio and she followed on 16 November, 1930.  Ida and Frank are buried in the H.E. Hedding Cemetery in Morrow Co., Ohio near his parents.

John and Mary Delano Keller’s youngest son:  William Franklin Keller and his wife Ida Riblet.” December 23, 2014

Wm. Franklin Keller and the Slack Family Bible,” December 26, 2014

John and Mary Keller’s Son William Franklin Keller and land,” January 5, 2015

I have come the end of what I know about John and Mary Anne (Delano) Keller’s descendants. The research on these families is by no means done and updates and corrections can take place so please check the category for “Updates and corrections” on occasion to see if new information has been added. If you see something is missing or there is a glitch please let me know.  I believe in making corrections. Genealogy is ongoing and can change and evolve and is never really finished. Also check the comments because sometimes a cousin or reader finds this blog and shares.

John Keller’s life and origins

It is now time to share what I know about John Keller the father of the children listed above. John’s ancestry is unknown and I have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out his origins and placing him in Ohio as early as I can. I am not alone, other cousins have been trying as well.

All these posts about his children and descendants was in hope that I might find that one piece of information that will open the door to his past and origins.  I am still hoping that descendants of the children might have some piece of information that will help like a letter, bible, estate/probate, a deed, a family history and would be willing to leave a comment and share.

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  1. Diana Kellar Wilkinson says:

    Hello. I am searching also for the ancestors of my g grandfather John Kellar b 1871 d 1959 m Laura Estella Warner b 1884 d 1950. They settled in Kieffer OK between 1905 and 1910 and had 13 or more children. . I am the gr daughter of his son Lloyd Ellsworth Kellar.
    Some other children born after 1900 are
    Robert Earl b 1901
    Ida b.
    Harry b. D 1984 Kilgore tx.
    Frank d young
    Virginia Grace b. D 2009 little rock Ar.

    Your info is great.
    Regards. Diana Kellar Wilkinson

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Hello Diana: Thank you for stopping by and sharing. I don’t see anything familiar in your comments. My John Keller was born about 1810 supposedly in Washington Co., PA but that part has not been proved. He died in 1880 in Morrow Co., Ohio. So my John Keller is much earlier in the time frame than yours. I wish you luck in finding more on this family.

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