John Keller’s marriage to Mary Delano…

One of the earliest records we have of John Keller’s presence in the State of Ohio, is his marriage to Mary Anne Delano in 1830. This places him in Knox County, Ohio at Fredericktown which is north of Mt. Vernon.

Downtown Fredericktown by Nyttend

Downtown Fredericktown by Nyttend

The Delano history book on page 426 gives their marriage as 15 February 1830 in Fredericktown, John born PA.

The Genealogy, History and Alliances of the American House of Delano, 1621-1899

Here is Internet Archives version:

Another link at Internet Archive under Genealogy, History and Alliances of the American House of Delano – On  The title is on two pages:   “Genealogy of Delano 1621-1899 pt. 4-6, Part 4 Lt. Jonathan Delano (the 4th son) and his descendants.”  It has typed written additions as well.

The green book titled Philip Delano of the Fortune 1621 etc. Part Three Family Numbers 500-561 page 86, gives 15 February 1830 at Fredericktown, has their marriage with no mention of John’s birth date nor place of birth.

The Knox County Ohio record books for marriage give the date of 15 Mar 1830 with the recording the following year 6 April 1831. Family Search has the original pieces of paper.  The photo is of the court clerk book.


So we have February vs. March as a month for John and Mary’s marriage.  I have seen in indexes online that use the recorded date of their marriage in 1831.

Summary of this post:  Dates can always be disputed or different for our ancestor and we do need to record these discrepancies. I am most interested in placing John Keller in Ohio.  So this marriage is very important.  When did John get to Ohio? This implies that he was probably living in Ohio at an earlier time.  John Keller would need to meet and get to know Mary and then court her. Using the year 1810 as his birth year he would be about 19 years old in 1830 since his birthday month was in November. So he is old enough to be an independent young man.

Mary was born at the end of April of 1814 so she is 15 years old and soon be to 16.  I am surprised that her age is not a problem and that there is no other document giving permission for her to marry? Her mother Lovina Smith Delano Askins is living in Knox County in 1830.  She and her husband Jonathan have not yet migrated to Illinois.

See my post dated March 4, 2014 “Lovina Smith Delano remarries to Jonathan Askins.”

We would have to look at the laws for Ohio at the time to see at what age a young girl could marry. Currently, the law in Ohio is 16 with permission and the presence of a parent.

Being 19 and old enough to be out on his own it is interesting that John Keller marries in 1830 but he does not appear in the 1830 U.S. Federal census for Knox Co., Ohio. This is a statistical census only listing the head of a household. Knox County is in the middle of the State of Ohio, he has to be there. In the next posts I will review John Keller and the census.

Ohio 1895

Ohio 1895

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2 Responses to John Keller’s marriage to Mary Delano…

  1. Jan says:

    Given Elizabeth’s birthdate and how religious they were, I’m voting for 1830… Unless the JP was helping them out 😉

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Jan: I think they got away with a lot the Justices of the Peace. I think they were just regular people who took the job on and didn’t necessarily have a legal degree. Boy would I have loved to be at that wedding. When I drove through Fredericktown I found it very industrial so I could not really get a feel for what it was like back then. I agree I think John would have done it all proper…

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