John Keller, Ohio Tax Records and two Deeds, 1829-1837

Ohio did not have state census but they do have tax records. Family Search has them online at their website for several counties, except Knox County. I keep hoping they will finish the database one day.

When I visited Ohio in September of 2011, I was at the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus and I slogged through the tax films for Knox.  You have to be very careful for they sort of mush together and it is easy to lose track of where you are in the years because they look so similar from page to page and they are very difficult to read being dark and fuzzy.

In 2013 when I was in Salt Lake City I looked at tax records for Knox County a second time.  It was in hopes that the films might be a little clearer.  These records are on film at the Family History Library from 1801 to 1814 series and Knox County covers 1816-1838 on 9 microfilms.  I did not do all years and I was looking for several surnames in my family, which makes it harder.

There is a book Index to Ohio Tax Records that gives each county and the years that are available.  It also lists the people’s names but you have to look at the original tax record to get the details.  There is a CD Rom at Family Search on their computers in-house:  Ohio Land and Tax Records, 1787-1840 by Genealogical Publishing Co. you can buy it from the publisher on a Family Archive CD.

In the Knox County tax records, I found a Henry Keller listed next to a John Keller. I found Henry and John Keller in the years 1833 to 1837. These tax records consist of two pages each with lots of numbers and tax categories. I have provided only the information on the first page which contains the land description.  Column titles for these tax records vary, here are a few: Name, proprietor, owner; Range, Township, Section, Lot, Lots or Quarter, Acres, Value, State Tax, [8] Tax, Whole amount.

1833: No. 19 Wayne Township Lands continued from 1833:

1833 Knox County Taxes

1833 Knox County Taxes

Keller Henry (very hard to read) R14, T7, S3, NW part, acres 140, $290

1834: No. 19 Wayne Township Personal Property for 1834

1834 Knox Co Taxes

1834 Knox Co Taxes

Keller, John, R14, T 7, S3, pt. 10, acres 07, value 014

Keller, Henry R14, T7, S3 NW prt 6, acres 140, value 290.

Again No. 19 Wayne Township personal property,

 Keller, Henry, Cattall No. 4, value 32 total 32

1835, List of Lands returned delinquent  Year 1835, with the tax interest and penalty No. 19 Wayne Township.  There are published tax duplicate booklet indexes for 1825 and 1835. I have here the original tax record on microfilm.

Keller, Henry R 14, T 7, S3, NW pt 6, 140, 290 etc.

Keller John R14, T7, S3 pt 10, 7, 14 etc.

1836 John Keller No. 19. Wayne, proprietor Keller, John, R 14, T 7, S3, pt. 10, acres 007, value 015.

1837 John Keller No. 19 page 1 and 2 for Wayne Twp., Knox Co. Owner

Names John Keller,  R14, Tp. 7 Section 3, pt. 10, 007 acres, value .

As you can see Henry has disappeared by 1836.

There are two deeds one in 1829 and then one in 1835 in the Knox County, Ohio deed records. The two deeds were typed into the clerk book, not handwritten, so they might read a little oddly. These are deeds that have been copies several times.

Marvin Tracy Auditor to 

Henry Keller entered for record

October 4, A.D. 1829

 This INDENTURE witnessth that where as proceedings were had that on the 13th day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-six William Y. Farguhar the then Auditor of Knox County in the State of Ohio, at Public Auction, sold unto Jacob M. Banning of said county one hundred and forty acres of land being part of the following described tract charged on the Duplicate of said county with the taxes thereof, in the name of Anthony Weigbert, towit: four hundred and five acres in Range 14, Township 7, Section 3, Lot 6 said 140 acres bounded as follows, towit; Beginning at the North West Corner of the above described tract, thence east 149 poles and 17 links to a stake and stone from whence a Beech 8 inches in diameter, bears N & 3 ½ W dist. 20 links, Thence south 149 poles, and 17 links to a post, from whence a Beech 9 inches diam. Bears S. 3 links distant, thence West 149 poles and 17 links to a stake and stone, from whence a Beech 10 inches diameter bears S. two links, thence North 149 poles and 17 links to the place of beginning. Which said 140 acres was sold to the said Jacob M. Banning by the said Auditor agreeable to the statute in such case made and provided to satisfy the tax interest and penalty due on the above described 405 acres, from the year 1820 to 1825, the amount of which said tax for the years aforesaid, being forty two dollars thirty seven cents and five mills, was according to law paid by the said Baning to James McGibbeny the then Treasurer of said county, the receipt of which has been duly acknowledged by said Treasurer as appears by a certificate of said sale so as aforesaid, signed by the said County Auditor and dated the 10th day of December 1826, which certificate was afterwards, towit; on the 3rd day of July 1829, assigned by the said Jacob M. Banning to Henry Keller.

Now therefore know all men by these presents, that Marvin Tracy Auditor of said County for and in consideration of the premises aforesaid by virtue of the authority in me vested, have granted, conveyed and confirmed by these presents do grant convey and confirm unto the said Hery Keller and to his heirs and assigns the said one hundred and forty acres of land, together with all improvements whatsoever to the said premises belonging, or in any wise appertaining, and the reversions, remainders and profits thereof, and all the estate, right, title and interest, (both legal and equitable) of the said Anthony Weigbert, and of all former proprietors and proprietors, owner or owners of in and to the same. To have and to hold the lands hereby conveyed with all and singular the premises and every part and parcel thereof, with the appurtenances unto the said Henry Keller, his heirs and assigns forever, in as full and ample a manner as I the said Marvin Tracy as Auditor aforesaid, by virtue of the authority vested I me, might could or ought to convey the same. In testimony whereof I the said Marvin Tracy, Auditor of the County aforesaid, have hereunto officially set my hand and seal this 4th day of July A.D. 1829.  Signed Marvin Tracy Audt. K.C. (Seal) 

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of John Schooler, Elliott Davison

The state of Ohio, Knox Co. SS.  Personally appears before me the subscriber a Justice of the Peace for said County Marvin Tracy County Auditor of said county and acknowledged that he did officially sign the foregoing as Auditor aforesaid, for the purposes therein specified. Given under my hand and seal this fourth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine.  John Schooler, JP (Seal).  Vol. H. FHL#314039 pg. 159. 

Wm. H. Farquhar was the first officer to be Auditor 1820 to 1824. Mr. Marvin Tracey served from 1828 to 1834 as Auditor of Knox Co., per the History of Knox Co., Ohio page 253.  John Schooler is featured on page 471 in the same History of Knox County. He came from Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  You will find this at Google books online and at Internet Archive.

A deed was recorded in 1835 in Knox County, Ohio.

Deed 1835 Knox County

Deed 1835 Knox County

  • Henry Keller & others
  • deed to
  • J.W. A. Warden & J.C. Hall
  • Recd. Oct. 27, 1835

Know all men by these presents that I Henry Keller, John Keller and George King for an in consideration of the sum of five hundred dollars to us in hand paid by John W. Warden and Jonathan C. Hall the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have given granted sold and conveyed and by these presents to give grant sell and convey unto the said Warden & Hall their heirs and assigns all the estate right title interest possession claim and demand of us the said parties of the first part in and to lot number six in the 3rd. quarter of the 7th Township in the 14th Range United States Military tract in Knox County Ohio with all and every the improvements on or adjoining to said lot which we now live on & hold in possession by deed from Jacob M. Banning and by tax title. To have and to hold to them the said Warden & Hall their heirs and assigns forever with all and every of the appurtenances and improvements the reunto belonging or in any wise appertaining and in as full and ample a manner as we hold the same. In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands & seals this 26th day of Oct. A.D. 1835. 

Signed sealed and acknowledged in presence of Thos. Irvine & Hiram Dunham.

Signed by Henry Keller (seal)

John Keller his X mark (seal)

George King (Seal).

The State of Ohio Knox County SS:

Before me the subscriber an acting justice of the peace in & for said County personally came Henry Keller John Keller and George King and severally acknowledged the within instrument to be their voluntary act and deed. Given under my hand & seal this 26th day of Oct. A.D. 1835.  Thomas Irvine J.D. (Seal). 

Summary of this post:  We have learned that a Henry Keller bought land in Knox County in 1829. We find that a John Keller and Henry Keller are living close together on the land in Knox and the tax records confirm it is the same land. In 1835 we find Henry then sells his portion of this same land and John remains and appears in 1836 and 1837 tax records.

There is definitely some relationship between this Henry Keller and John Keller.  Is Henry a brother, or a father?  I refer you to the Henry Keller 1830 Census information presented in the last post.  There was a child living in the family in the 15 to 20 range and one in the 20-30 year range which means an older brother.  Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure.

Who is George King and what is he to these two Kellers? For that matter who are any of the other persons mentioned in the deeds?

What happened to Henry Keller, did he die or leave for some other part of Ohio or beyond?

I have conducted a pretty thorough search of Knox and Morrow County cemeteries and have found no record of a Henry Keller’s death other than the one in Owl Creek a son of Benjamin Keller and Henry, John’s son (See my BJM Cemetery Discoveries blog). I have tried to search for this Henry Keller in census but not having enough information about his family grouping makes finding him difficult.

There are a lot of questions that these two deeds and the tax records and even the census have generated and at this time, I don’t have answers, just questions?  They say that writing out and putting on paper what you know helps.  The idea is to open up new venues for research.

Let’s look at a Guardianship, in the next post.  I found one in the 1830 Knox County Probate Index under bonds with the name Henry Keller on it.  Things are going to getting even more complicated.

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