John Keller and Rebecca, a Deed In Knox County in 1832

Not all people living or owning land in Ohio were in the census.  I found this deed created by a John Kellar and Rebecca who sold land to Samuel Thatcher in 1832 but it was not recorded till 1851. This land is in the southwest corner of Liberty Twp., Knox Co., Ohio.

Deed Keller to Thatcher 1833.

Deed Keller to Thatcher 1833 top portion of the deed.

Vol. KK page 430 FHL#0314054 #181

John Kellar DEED to

Samuel Thatcher

Recorded Sept 5, 1851 

Know all men by these presents that John Kellar and Rebecca his wife of the county of Knox and State of Ohio for and in consideration of the sum of seventy five dollars to them in hand paid at and before the ensealing and delivering hereof by Samuel Thatcher of county & state aforesaid the receipt thereof is hereby acknowledged, being therewith con______ed & satisfied have granted bargained sold aliened & conveyed & confirmed & by these presents do freely give grant bargain sell alien & convey & confirm unto the Samuel Thatcher his heirs and afsigns forever all that parcel of land laying in the said county of Knox & state of Ohio being part of section No. three in township No. six in the fourteeth range U.S. Military land formerly owned by the heirs of Lucy Woodbridge & sold to Joseph Higgins by deed bearing date December the 15th 1819.  To commence at the south west corner of sd track running thence east along the line between Jefse  Severe’s land & the above mentioned tract seventeen rods.  Thence running north to the Columbus road. Thence west to the line of sd tract. Thence south along the line of said tract to the place of beginning including three acres of land be the same more or lefs.  To have and to hold the said bargained & granted premises with all & singular the appurtenances & privileges & commodities thereunto belonging or in any with appertaining to him the said Grantee his heirs & afsings forever to his own proper use & benefit & behoof forever as a good perfect and absolute estate in fee simple and the said grantors for themselves heirs executors & administrators do covenant with the said Saml Thacher his heirs & afsigns that they are lawfully seized in fee of the said granted premises that they are free from all incumbrances & that they will warrant & defend the same to the grantee & thence forever against all lawful claims of all persons .  In witnefs whereof we have herunto set our hands & seals this 20th day of April in the year of our Lord 1832. Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of  Fred R. Carey, George [ZonKaus]

signed by  John Kellar and Rebecca Kelar

The State of Ohio Knox County = Personally appeared before me the subscriber one of the acting Justices of the Peace for the aforesaid County John Kellar and Rebecca his wife, he being personally known to me as to be the person that he represents himself to be.  She being separate and apart by me examined from him her said husband acknowledge that she signed the within deed without fear threats or persuasion of her said husband or by any other person, and also the said John Kellar acknowledged the written deed of conveyance to be his free voluntary act and deed.  Given under my hand and seal this 2nd day of April 1832. Fred Carey, JP. seal

There are a lot of John Kellers in Ohio at this time of 1830 but they are not listed as heads in Knox County, Ohio.

Summary of this post:  I have identified another Keller surname in Knox County, Ohio.  They are a John Kellar and Rebecca.  The above deed states they are of Knox County, Ohio, but they are not appearing in the 1830 U.S. Census.   They are the grantors selling land to Samuel Thatcher grantee.

We have more names Lucy Woodbridge and Joseph Higgins to ponder. Learning about Samuel Thatcher might be interesting as well and who are the witnesses? The land is in the southwestern part of Liberty Twp., Knox County, Ohio which is south of Wayne Twp. and east of Bloomfield later to become South Bloomfield.

They executed this land transaction in 1832 and didn’t record the deed till 1851.  Very interesting?

I do not find them in the 1850 U.S. Census in Knox Co. At this point I will need to do further searches to see if I can get a fix on this couple but it will be difficult because not having a feel for their family’s make up will make it hard.

I share this with you so that we know about all the possible Keller’s that may have been in the area of Knox County in the 1830’s.  Who are John and Rebecca Keller, well I don’t know at this time. So we have more puzzles.



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