Peter Keller of Jackson County, Ohio

Finding the deed by Polly Keller to Peter Keller (son) in Knox County was very exciting. I was standing in the Knox County Annex in 2011.  The use of the name of “Peter” was very interesting.

I have learned that there was a Peter Keller who died in Jackson County, Ohio on 19 July, 1827.  The book “Jackson County, Ohio, History and Families, 1816 – 175th Anniversary to 1991,” by the Jackson County Genealogical Society featured this man.

“Keller – Peter Keller, Sr. was a Virginia Volunteer in Dunsmore’s War, being paid off at Ft. Pitt in 1775. In 1776, he made settlement on Buffalo Creek in Ohio County, VA, now Washington Co., PA, having been granted land as early as 1773.  In 1777, Peter swore allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia as a soldier in the militia. Records from Fayette, PA, and Westmoreland Counties, PA as well as Virginia records in Ohio, Augusta and Yohogania Counties, VA, show Peter was a speculator in land, owner and operator of a Monongahela River Ferry, farmer and bootlegger.

Francis Keller, his presumed brother, sold his land in PA to Peter in 1793 and went to Harrison Co., VA where Francis had his settlement on the south side of the Ohio River between Parkersburg and Marietta, OH.  In 1795, Peter sold in Pennsylvania and moved to Warrenton, Jefferson Co., Ohio. He acquired land in at least four Ohio counties, over 3,000 acres, and apparently continued to deal in land until moving to Jackson County, in 1819. He died there and was buried in the Gay Street Cemetery, but was reinterred in 1900 in Fairmount Cemetery.  Peter Keller married Mary 1766-1841.

Their children were:

  • Jacob b. 1782 – He may have had a child named Reuben
  • Elizabeth b. 1783
  • Peter b. 1783/7  He had George 1828, John ??
  • Catherine b. 1790
  • Margaret b. Feb. 8, 1818
  • Mary b. m. 1824
  • Francis G. b. 1801
  • Zenas b. Oct. 17, 1803

There is a Google Book: “The Standard History of the Hanging Rock Iron Region of Ohio,”Volume 2, page 1138. John is the grandson of Peter Keller and Polly.  His father is the Peter b. 1873/7.

John Keller: Of the families which have contributed to the agricultural welfare and development of Jackson County, one of the best known and mostly highly regarded is that bearing the name of Keller, of whom a worthy representative is found in the person of John Keller, a substantial agriculturist of Scioto Township. This family was founded by Peter Keller, grandfather of John, and one of the earliest settlers of Scioto Township, where he secured a tract of land in section 36, built a log house in the wilderness, and at once commenced to clear a farm….at the time of his death was the owner of upwards of 600 acres of land….” 

Peter’s tombstone is listed at Find A Grave. According to the memorial he was born in June 1757 in New York.  At least two of his children are linked to the memorial.

This senior Peter Keller is also at the DAR Ancestor Search:

Summary of this post:   So once again we find a Keller surname that does not appear in the census and tax records of Knox County, Ohio.  The use of the first name of Peter is very interesting.  This is a name that our John and Mary Keller used to name one of their children.  Based on the children that are listed for this senior Peter Keller we do not see that he is connected to our John or for that matter the Henry Keller of the 1830 Census and the tax records.

The deed of Polly to Peter Keller in Knox County, shows that the senior Peter had land ownership there in Knox but based on the deed we see that the land in question is not in Liberty or Wayne Twp. but in Pike Twp. which is over more towards the middle of the county.

I think that it is very interesting that this senior Peter Keller came out of Virginia but also has ties to Pennsylvania.  He speculated with Ohio lands, lived in Jefferson County, Ohio for a time and then settled permanently in Jackson County, Ohio.  I have not studied any of these locations to any great extent, including the information given in the excerpts above.

I feel that I need to do more research on this man Peter Keller because at this time I am not satisfied with the information I am finding about his past there is too much difference of opinion.  So I present him here because all the Keller surnames in Knox County need to be acknowledged and understood.

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