The Keller Family of Morrow County, Ohio..

Knox county and those around it...

Knox county and those around it…

When I started to post about the Keller family of Knox and Morrow County, Ohio, I did not realize that the whole process would take me over a year to do. I started in January 2014 and have now reached the end of my posts for this family. This does not mean I am done, just means it is time to move on to another family and finish up the Spracklins.

To make it easy for Keller family descendants, I have created a Page at the top of this blog listing the posts written covering my study of John Keller’s origins. This will make it easy to review and find them by either using the search box (topic) or the archives box (month and year) on the right side of this blog.

Here is the title of the PAGE:

Seeking the Origins of John Keller, Possibilities…

In the post I wrote on February 22, 2015, I did a summary of the written posts about the children of John and Mary Keller.  In reviewing the children’s lives I saw a trend to the United Brethren church and starting looking for sources and this opened the door to my finding the obituary notice for John Keller in the United Brethren Newspaper. So the children might yet open the door to John’s origins.

Here is that post:

The End of Mary (Delano) Keller’s life and a Summary of their Children, written on February 22, 2015.

I am a little hesitant to write any conclusions about my study of John Keller’s origins. I don’t want to say something and then get that stuck in someone’s brain thinking I am right or taking my theories as the truth. I encourage you all to study what I have written.

At this point the research on John Keller’s origins is still open to all kinds of possibilities and the research continues.

I like to encourage Keller descendants to review and read past Keller posts and come to their own conclusions and give some thoughts to possible research goals.

Please feel free to make a comment or a suggestion but do so at the comments section of the PAGE on Keller that I have created above. This way, all can see your thoughts.  Here is the page title which is at the top of this blog.

Seeking the Origins of John Keller, Possibilities…..June 6, 2015


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