The Estate of John Andrews Spracklin (Jr.) in Knox County, Ohio

John A. Spracklin, son of John and Lydia Spracklin, did not have a will. This means that his estate went into probate and the process took from July 1863 to January 1866, about 2.5 years.

Here is a summary of the probate process that is written in the large journal books that the clerk maintains.

1. Probate Records Knox Co., Ohio, Mt. Vernon, Ohio — General Index V. 1, 1852-1914 FHL#1299062.

2. Appointment of the Administrator W. McClelland, July 18, 1863, Vol. B, pg. 728, FHL#2130104.  W. McClelland was appointed, bond set at $1400 and Joseph M. Byers, John Eichelberger, and Joseph S. Davis were appointed appraisers and were to appraise both the personal and real estate property of the deceased. 

Appointment of Administrator Jrl B, pg. 728

Appointment of Administrator Jrl B, pg. 728

3. Bonds July 18, 1863, Vol. 1 pg. 143 – FHL#1299058, $1400.00 and supported by Byers, Eichelberger and Davis.

4.  Additional information (column heading of index). Petition to Sell Land  August 22, 1863, Vol. B, pg. 743, FHL#2130104.  McClelland petitions to sell land, Drusilla does not claim her 1/3 dower preferring money for the support of her children, and it is ordered that the land be sold. 

August 22, A.D. 1863

William McClelland, Admin of John A. Spracklin dec’d vs. Drusilla E. Spracklin et. al. ss:  Petition to Sell Land

Court of Probate August 22, AD 1863 On motion to the Court by William McClelland atty for the Petitioner, and it appearing from the proof addressed that due notice of the _____of this proceeding, has been given to the defendants heirs of the said John A. Spracklin and that the widow acknowledges accurate and it also appearing by order of the Court, an appraisement of the premises disclosed in the petition was made by the appraisers of the Personal estate of the said John A. Spracklin and reposted in the Inventory &c and it also appearing from the answer of the defendant Drusilla E. Spracklin, the widow of the said deceased that she has relinquished her right to have downer assigned to her by metes & bounds, if any such she had, and ____to have the same set off to her in money, out of the proceeds thereof. It is therefore ordered that the said Petitioner proceed according to law to advertise & sell the interest of the said John A. Spracklin held in said Real Estate, at the door of the Court House, at not less than two thirds of such appraised value upon the following terms, to wit. One third in hand, one third in one, and the balance in two years from the day of sale, and he made report of his proceeding without unnecessary delay.

5. Inventory Vol. J pg. 201 and 202 – FHL#1294319, August [3 or 7], 1863. Appraising of the personal real property, description of the properties in Knox Co., affidavit of the appraisers saying this is true and just and McClelland confirming the inventory and appraising of it and an explanation of not knowing about the land the deceased held in Illinois. The comments in the following transcriptions are made by a hired researcher years ago by my cousin.  To view these typed transcriptions just click on the picture and it will open.  Don’t forget to click your back button to return.

Estate Record J, pg. 201

Estate Record J, pg. 201

Estate Record, J, 201 and 202

Estate Record, J, 201 and 202

Estate Record, J, page. 201-202

Estate Record, J, page. 201-202

6. Lands Sold to pay Debts, Vol. 2 pg. 619, 620, 621, 622 – FHL#2130749, Sept. 28, 1863. Apparently Drusilla also made bid for some of the land of her late husband. I did not obtain the deed for this transaction. In the next post I will share the process of selling the land of J.A. Spracklin and it will describe how she managed to keep some of his land after giving up her dower.

7.  Deeds – Smith and Hobbs FHL#0314062, pg. 160, 161, Selling of Land Bk 52, pg. 98 and 99, August 22, 1863.  See Recorder of Deed records.

8. Partial Settlement, Vol. C, pg. 294 – FHL#2130348. Estates Settled Only pg. 294 not page 299 Under John A. Spranklin. October 11, 1865 to January 3, 1866.

9. Admin Serv. and Costs Vol. C pg. 299. – Common Pleas could not find. This is probably in the court records and not in probate records.

You will notice that the dates go all the way into early 1866, which means it was almost two and half years before the estate was settled.

John A. Spracklin’s Probate Packet or file where the original documents are kept is summarized below. The clerk of the court took the documents and recorded them in the big court books above.  Mr. McClelland scrawled most of it.  So these copies are very difficult to read and because of the better journal copies I have emphasized the findings in them. The following packets can be viewed online at Family Search.

1. Index to Estates, Guardians and Assignments Knox Co., FHL#2131068 #1279.

2.  Bond Box #172 and #2807, FHL#2218819 #172 – On line Image 315 Bonds 1860-1869 Box 172 no. 2651-3400.

The Bond was $1400.00, W. McClelland, Alexander C. Elliott and John McCormack signed.

Box 172 Administrators Bond

Box 172 Administrators Bond, example of a box

3.  Notice of Appointments, Box #132 & #1610 FHL#2137630.  See Journal records above for the administrator appointment.

4.  Inventory Box #44 and #1279 FHL#2118343, Recorded in Estate Records Vol. J, pg. 201 – 202.  There were three appraisers: J.S. Davis, M. Eichelberger, H.M. Byers. Basically they gave the personal property to Drusilla for the support of the children.

Box 44, #1279 contains the inventory written in Mr. McClelland’s scrawl on Schedule A.  See above typed transcription above for more details and easier reading.

5. Settlement Box #63 & #2092. Partial filed Oct. 11, 1863, Settled, January 9, 1966, Recorded in Book C page 294 – See Journals above.

Box 63 #2092 contains receipts of money distributed to various individuals, including Drusilla E. Spracklin for the care of the children.  A detailed accounting of expenses that covers several pages.

6.  Final Box #40 & #197, FHL#2118342. Recorded in Final Record, Vol. 2, page 619 to 622.  Covers Petition to sell land in 1863, copies of ads in the newspaper.

In the next post I will share the sale of the land of John A. Spracklin which was involved with lands that were his father’s.

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