Drusilla Spracklin and a Guardianship, 1866.

Drusilla Spracklin, wife of John A. Spracklin, was involved with a guardianship in 1866. There is not much information about this guardianship, just a bond being paid. I do not understand why she was compelled to be appointed their guardian but a thorough search of Court records like the Court of Common pleas might be in order to learn more.

Guardians Bond partial

Guardians Bond partial

General Index to Guardians, 1852 to 1922, Knox Co., Ohio, Probate Court.

J.C. Spraklin et al (wards)

D.E. Spracklin guardian

Appointed 25 June 1866

Journal C: 351

Bonds: 1, 417

Bond: $300 dated 25 June 1866

Drusella was appointed guardian to John C., Charles S. and George H. Spracklin, all minors (under 21).

Here is the journal entry in the Probate court books reflecting the information above.

June 25, AD 1866

John C. Spracklin, Charles S.

Spracklin and Geo. H. Spracklin

Guardian Appointed

Court of Probate Knox County, Ohio, June 25, AD 1866. This day the court on motion appointed Drusella E. Spracklin, guardian of John C. Spracklin aged nine years, Charles S. Spracklin aged 6 years and George H. Spracklin aged 4 years, minors heirs at law of John A. Spracklin de’d residents of said county open court entering into bond the sum of Three Hundred Dollars with Clement B. Wolverton and Noah S. Wolverton, who are approved of as bail, whereupon the said Drusilla E. Spracklin appeared in open court, accepted said trust and gave bond as requested by the Court and the law was duly qualified and letters issued to her accordingly.

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