Drusilla E. Spracklin’s Death and Estate, 1876

Things settled down for Drusilla after 1866, she had custody of her children, the estate of her husband, John A. Spracklin, was finalized and she was receiving his Civil War pension. Drusilla is found living in Mt. Vernon in 1870 with her three children.

Line 18, 273, 258, Spracklin, Ellen, 35 F, all White, Keeps house, $700, $4000, all born Ohio, John E. 13, M, Charles 10, M, George 8, M.

Source: 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio, 5 Ward, enumerated on 3 August, 1870 by Geo. W. Steele. 

So from 1863 to 1875 Drusilla was doing well and able to care for her sons, unfortunately Drusilla E. Spracklin passed away on the 26 of September 1876 in Mt. Vernon. She had lived 13 years beyond the death of her husband John.

She left a will and her two boys Charles and George were placed under a Culbertson’s care because they were still minors.  John C. was old enough now to be on his own.

When I first did this research it was using the films at the Family History Library and now they have the probates for Ohio online at FamilySearch so it is a little different and hard to figure out where the film versions are located in the listing for Knox County, Ohio.  The titles are all alpha and do not list the film number so you have to do some real guessing as to where Family Search has listed it and at the beginning the film number will show up so that can help sometimes.

Here is a summary of her estate papers, first the clerks journal books:

Online at Ohio Probate Records 1789-1996 Knox, Indexes 1808-1928 Vol. 1 (Q-Z) Image 61  of 136.  The film version: Probate Records, Knox Co., Mt. Vernon, Ohio. General Index V. 1 1852-1914 LDS Film Oct. 12, 1875 #1299062.

Online at Ohio Probate Records 1789-1996 Knox, Indexes 1852-1914 Vol. 1, Image 176 of 224. Oct. 27, 1875  Wm. McClelland. 

Journal F 425, Online found proof of will Image 215, Vol. F-G. Journals 1874-1878,  Jrls, FHL#2130106.

Record of Wills, Vol. F page 483 found at Image 286 to 287, Ohio Probate Records 1789-1996, Knox, Wills 1870-1882 vol. F-G, FHL#1294299.

Druscilla's will court version

Drusilla’s will court version and proof

Page 2 of the court version of Drusilla's will

Page 2 of the court version of Drusilla’s will and proof.

Appointment of Executor F 425. The Executor/Admin. was William McClelland, appointed, Oct. 27, 1875. 

Final Settlement H 30. 

This is the packet location not the court clerk books which house the original documents.

Wills: Box 73, File #1136, found under Ohio Probate Records, 1789-1996, Knox, Wills 1870-1877 Box 72 no 911 to Box 73 no. 225 and beyond, Image 1237 to 1242.

Appointments: Box 99, File 1056,

Bonds Box 210, File 4280,

Notice of Appointments, Box 97, file 115,

Inventories: Box 107, File 1962, found under Ohio Probate Records 1789-1996, Knox, Inventories 1873-1878 Box 107-110 into 1921-1380, Image starts 718 end 726 of 3169 – There was not much personal property so they gave $100 in cash for the care of the minor children and paid $550 for the lot?

Final Settlement Box 121, File 3614, is at Family Search Ohio Probate Records 1789-1996, Settlements 1877 Box 120 no 3590 to Box 123 no. 3735 Image 774 to 836 of 3292. There are expenses tickets lots of them, court fees, taxes paid, ads to sell the land, funeral expenses, insurance policy, medical expenses, maybe rent of the house? There is no overall document listing the final distribution in this grouping. 

Affidavit of Jonathan P. Hunt, Death of Drusilla Spracklin, June 15, 1876, Knox Co., Ohio. In this affidavit Mr. Hunt was witness to the death of Drusila E. Spracklin on the 26th day of Sept. 1875. He was an employee of the undertaking firm of McCormack, Willis G. Banning. He was present at her funeral and also took part in transporting her body to the grave yard in Green Valley, Knox Co., Ohio.

When I was looking at Iowa probates and estates in Benton Co., Iowa, I stumbled onto an entry in the probate index. I have not searched for the records in the Iowa Probates but present it here as a possibility for further research.

#3157 Spracklin, Druzilla [E] Estate Vol. 13, page 5, September 11, 1914.

There is another document about the Civil War pension being continued for the care of the two minor children Charles and George.

Affidavit of W.C. Culbertson for Charles and George her sons, 15 June 1876, Mt. Vernon, Ohio.


Affidavit to continue the Civil War pension payments for the minor children of John and Drusilla

Affidavit to continue the Civil War pension payments for the minor children of John and Drusilla

I have not been able to find a tombstone for Drusilla in Green Valley Cemetery. In 2011 when I visited Ohio, I walked the whole cemetery looking for her stone. I studied published cemetery records seeking her name but I was unsuccessful.  The online website at this link has a listing of the tombstones in the cemetery but she is not included.


So this means that her stone never was installed or has disappeared.  I am not aware of any burial records for this cemetery, only cemetery tombstone listings.

I also have not been able to find John A. Spracklin’s burial location in the Vicksburg area of Mississippi where he died from a head wound received in service in the Civil War. If you are a descendant of this family I am willing to share documents just leave a comment and I will find you.

We are now at the end of what I know about John A. Spracklin, the son of John and Lydia Spracklin and his wife Drusilla.  A little about what happened to their children has also been presented in a past post.

I know turn to the last child of John and Lydia Spracklin, their daughter Lydia who cared for her father till his death in 1862 and then migrated to Iowa and Nebraska.

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