Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, California

Fort Rosecranz National Cemetery Entry Sign

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery Entry Sign

Back in 2004 we traveled to San Diego for a convention that my husband attended regularly back then.  I took the time to do research on my cousin Paul H. Goss. Paul did a great deal of research on the Goss Family back in the 1930’s through the 1950’s.

Paul and his wife Gail are buried in the Fort Rosecrans Cemetery in San Diego.  In 2004 they were there alone at that time.  Fast forward to now and their two sons along with a cousin are buried in this cemetery.  There are lots of other Goss surnames buried in this cemetery but I don’t know the connections.

To qualify for burial there you must have an honorable discharge and your spouse and or dependents can also qualify.

On Friday, September 18, 2015 I revisited this cemetery and on this trip my husband joined me.

Depending on where you are coming from you need to find Nimitz Avenue which is over closer to the ocean in San Diego. The address is 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Dr., San Diego, California. It is north of the Cabrillo Monument that is at the tip of a peninsula.  Their hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm.  There is a big gate that closes a good 1/2 mile or more from the cemetery so that is why you cannot visit later in the day.  There are the Point Loma Military Naval Base in the area and that impacts this cemetery for it is about in the middle of it.  So I recommended checking closing times carefully before going to this cemetery.

Office Hours for Fort Rosecranz

Office Hours for Fort Rosecrans

The Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery is split into to two sections by the highway that runs through the area – Catalina Blvd.

To find a burial you go to the National Gravesite Locater at the U.S. Veterans’ website:

I get 21 hits for the surname of Goss and 6 hits for the surname of Yale.  I scrolled to Fort Rosecrans on the drop down box to be specific to that cemetery.  You can search all over the U.S.

They also have a Kiosk in the office lobby where you can search for a burial. I believe the lobby area is open even when the office is closed.

Office Building at Fort Rosecranz National Cemetery

Office Building at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery


Map for the Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery

Map for the Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery

This cemetery is located in a very beautiful area of San Diego on a peninsula. On the west side you have the Pacific Ocean and on the east you see the city of San Diego in the distance and the bay area.

The City and bay of San Diego

The City and bay of San Diego

The graves and the yachts

The graves and the yachts

My goal today was to revisit Paul H. Goss and Gail Bloom’s burial site, find their two sons, a cousin and then look for a Barclay cousin.

I had a map of the cemetery (see above) so that helped me to figure out where the burials are located using the number and letters they give you when you search for the grave.

My first stop was Alfred J. Yale. Alfred is the son of Melissa Ford Yale.  Melissa is the daughter of Mary Anne Barclay Ford and Jerome Ford.  Alfred is my 2nd cousin once removed. All the following burials are located on the west side of the highway in the cemetery.  I posted about Melissa and Alfred on my other blog:  The Barclay’s of Pine River. Here is Alfred’s tombstone.

Alfred J. Yale a cousin

Alfred J. Yale a cousin

It reads:  Alfred J. Yale Connecticut, PVT HO 41 Arty CAC World War I. October 25, 1895 to December 26, 1965, U 1308-C.

Paul H. Goss and me for the 2nd time.

Paul H. Goss and me for the 2nd time. Last time I was here I had a broken foot.

Paul H. Goss Tombstone

Paul H. Goss Tombstone

It reads Paul Henry Goss, Ohio, SGT, US Marine Corps, World War I, Jan 3, 1890 to Mar. 11, 1963.  Paul is a 4th cousin 2x removed from me.

Paul’s wife Gail Bloom is on the back of his tombstone and you can see a little of the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Gail Bloom wife of Paul's tombstone.

Gail Bloom wife of Paul’s tombstone.

Gail Bloom, His wife, Mar. 21, 1896 to May 17, 1964. They share the code Y-803.  I had taken a picture of the location but they have done a lot of renovation so the trees that used to be there are gone and if you look close you can see a big refuge container to the left.

The next burial to find was David D. Goss their son.  He was on the short wall in the W section which is to the left of Y.

David D. Goss son of Paul and Gail Goss.

David D. Goss son of Paul and Gail Goss.

It reads Goss, David D. CPO USN 1928 to 2007, his wife, Esther Nadleman 1916 to 1998.

At this time we crossed over to the east side of the cemetery by going through the gates and crossing the highway.  It was a little confusing but we finally found the road going to the north side of the cemetery.  It is further back than the round-about, so go past that to access more of the cemetery.

We found Paul and Gail’s other son James on another wall up very high.

James F. Goss, son of Paul and Gail Goss.

James F. Goss, son of Paul and Gail Goss and me…

James F. Goss a son of Paul and Gail Goss.

James F. Goss a son of Paul and Gail Goss.

It reads Goss, James F. LTJG USN Korea, 1930 to 2010, Loved by All.

The next was a cousin Nelson Goss.

Nelson Goss a cousin

Nelson Goss a cousin

It reads:  Nelson H. Goss, Indiana, Captain US Navy, World War I & II, April 22, 1882 to March 9, 1965, NC-LM.  His wife and daughter are listed on the back of his tombstone and then next to him on the right is a stone dedicated to Gladys and Beverly.

Gladys and Beverly Goss wife and daughter of Nelson Goss.

Gladys and Beverly Goss wife and daughter of Nelson Goss.

Gladys McClung May 13, 1883 to September 1, 1960 and Beverly April 29, 1950. Wife and Daughter of Captain N.H. Goss USN.

Nelson was a grandson of Cyrus Goss a brother to Lucius Goss, Paul’s grandfather.  Cyrus and Lucius were sons of David and Hannah Ryder.  I have yet to discuss on this blog the Goss family history but will do so in the near future.

I have taken pictures of these tombstone and ones with myself as well but it was very windy and they didn’t really turn out that great.  Find A Grave also has a good listing for this cemetery.

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