Elizabeth Andrews Spracklin’s origins in England….

Elizabeth Spracklin is my 4th great grandmother and she was the wife of Peter Spracklin.  They were from Somerset and Dorset in southwest England.

Elizabeth has had other nicknames like Polly and Betty.  I tend to use her formal name of Elizabeth.


Map of England from Wikipedia

Map of England from Wikipedia

Origins of the Surname Andrews:  https://www.houseofnames.com/andrews-family-crest

Originally, the Andrews name was taken in honor of Saint Andrew, the first of the twelve apostles of Christ. Grammatically, the name derives from the Greek word ‘andreios’ meaning “manly, courageous”. Since Andrew the Apostle was a very popular saint in medieval Britain, there are many unrelated families that today bear the surname Andrews. To date, the Andrews DNA Project has successfully identified 23 genetic families, each of whom use the Andrews surname, though they are not related to each other. Instances of Andrews and its variants as a last name can be traced to the time of King Henry III, around 1237 AD. Early spellings include Andreu, Andree, Andrewes, Andros, and Andrus. Over the centuries the Andrews descendants have multiplied and moved away from the British Isles to the distant lands of North America, Australia, and beyond.

Taken from the Andrews DNA project for males at Family Tree DNA


She was born on 6 June, 1771 in Pitney, Somerset, England.

Ann Spracklin's prayer book, births of her parents

Ann Spracklin’s prayer book, births of her parents

I made an attempt to find her baptismal record in the Pitney and North Curry Parish Registers but I was unsuccessful. I searched carefully on the films at the Family History Library of the actual registers.  I also tried the Somerset Registers on-line at Ancestry and at the Family History Library in October 2013, no luck for Elizabeth (Betty/Polly) Andrews birth record.

North Curry, Somerset, England - Google Maps

North Curry, Somerset, England – Google Maps

Her parents were John Andrews and Mary Dare.  John was baptized 8 January, 1734 in Pitney, Somerset, England and died 20 July, 1800 in North Curry, Somerset, England. Mary Dare was baptized 2 December, 1743 in Lyng, Somerset, England.  She died 4 February, 1819 in North Curry, Somerset, England.

John Andrews and Mary Dare marriage

John Andrews and Mary Dare marriage

SOURCE: Marriage of John Andrews to Mary Dare, 17 May 1768, North Curry, Somerset Co., England, FHL#1526602 3-16 . 

1763, page 80, John Andrews of the parish of High Ham and Mary Dare of Pitney parish, married in this church by publication of banns this fifth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty eight by me Charles Comers. The marriage was between John Andrews and Mary Dare in the presence of L….Dare and Jas Beard.

John and Mary (Dare) Andrews’ children were:

Joan Andrews born December 1769 in Pitney and died 24 May, 1784 in Pitney.

Elizabeth Andrews – our line.

John Andrews born May 1775 in Pitney

Anne Andrews was born 8 August, 1775 in Pitney Church, Witts. She married Wine Rood 24 April, 1797 in Somerset Co., England and migrated to Washington Co., Ohio in 1817 with her husband, family and nephew John A. Spracklin.  I refer you to the page at the top of this blog under John and Lydia Spracklin for a table of contents of posts written on the Rood Family.

Source: Marriage of Wine Rood to Anne Andrews April 24, 1797, Pitney, Somersetshire, England, FHL#1526711 Item 9-17, Baptisms 1623-1880, Marriages 1623-1900, Bans 1823 to 1901, 1823 to 1901; Burials 1623-1903, etc.

Banns of Marriage between Wine Rood of the Parish of Street and Ann Andrews of Parish _____publish on the following Sundays April 9, 16, & 23 — 1797. Wine Rood of the Parish of [Street] Batchelor and Ann Andrews of this Parish, Spinster, Married in this church by Banns the twenty-fourth day of April 1797 by me Anthony [Phyne]. This marriage was solemnized between us Wine Rood and Ann Andrews in the presence of John Cave and John Andrews.

Note: Rood means (Eng.) Dweller at a Cross (M.E. rood, rode, O.E. rod. It may have a Dutch origin as well. Book: Surnames of the United Kingdom…

Mary Ann Andrews was born 1788 in North Curry, Somerset, England and died 6 May, 1856 in Malaga, Monroe Co., Ohio. She married John Read of High Ham, Somerset Co., England on 5 May, 1810 in Pitney, Somerset, England.

Marriage of John Read and Mary Andrews

Marriage of John Read and Mary Andrews

Source: John Read and Mary Andrews Marriage, 5 March 1810, Pitney, Somersetshire Co., England. FHL#1526711 items 9-17 Marriages including Banns.

Banns of Marriage between John Read of the Parish of High Ham, and Mary Andrews of this Parish were published on t3 following Sundays ____ 26, [ _________________] John Read of the Parish of High Ham a widower, and Mary Andrews of this parish, Spinster, Married in this church by Banns on the fifth day of March, 1810 by me [Payne] Rector. This Marriage was solemnized between us John Read and Mary Andrews in the presence of [Gelhi Thuney] and Anne Horwood and Sarah Cozens.

Samuel Andrews was born 2 February, 1786 in Pitney and died 8 February, 1876 in Malaga, Monroe Co., Ohio. He married on 15 March, 1809 in Pitney to Betty Shorewood. This man may have been involved with Wine Rood’s estate in 1823 and therefore immigrated to Washington Co., Ohio?

Source: Samuel Andrews and Betty Shorwood, 15 March 1809, Pitney, Somersetshire, England, FHL#1526711 Items 9-17, Marriages.

Banns of Marriage between Samuel Andrews and Betty Shorwood both of this parish were published in this church on 3 following Sundays viz 7, 6th and & 15 of Jan 1809. Samuel Andrews of this parish, Bachelor and Betty Shorwood of this parish Spinster. Married by Banns this [fiftheenth] of March 1809 by me William Majhell, Minister.This marriage was solemnized between us Samuel Andrews and Betty Shorwood. In the presence of James Bannard and James Bartlett.

Find A Grave has a memorial and tombstone for both a Samuel Andrews and Elizabeth in the Bush Cemetery in Malaga, Monroe Co., Ohio.  There is a son listed as well Andrew Andrews who married a Jane Lucas.

John Andrews parents were John Andrews who died 26 March, 1818. The mother was Elizabeth.

Mary Dare’s parents were John Dare and Mary House. John Dare was baptized 8 July, 1716 in Stoke St. Gregory, Somerset, England.  He is said to have been buried 12 October, 1796 in Stockport, Morgan Co., Ohio?

Note:  This death date is rather early for Morgan County which was not created until 1817 and then organized in 1819.  Monroe was a bit earlier and created in 1813 and organized in 1815.  Morgan and Monroe were part of the area which was covered by Washington County and at that time was very huge and many counties counties were carved out of it.

Mary House was born 1717 in Stoke St. Gregory and died there. She was buried on 7 July, 1785 in Stoke St. Gregory. They married 20 May, 1736 in Stoke St. Gregory, Somerset, England per the index of the parish registers.

John Dare and Mary House had the following children:

  1. Mary Dare our line.
  2. John Dare bp. 4 October, 1749 in Lyng, Somerset, England.
  3. Laurence Dare died 23 January, 1743 in Stoke St. Gregory.

John Dare’s parents were John Dare born 1690 in Stoke St. Gregory and died 13 June, 1742 in Stoke St. Gregory. John’s father may have been John Dare as well.

John Dare’s wife was Mary Willmont born 1683 in Stoke St. Gregory and died there in 1760. They had the following children:

  1. Mary Dare born 9 November 1711 in Stokes St. Gregory.
  2. Laurence Dare born 1714 in Stokes St. Gregory and died there 1781. He married on 7 May, 1742 in Stoke St. Gregory to Elizabeth Crossman born 1710 and died 1781 in Stokes St. Gregory.
  3. John Dare our line
  4. Oades Dare was born 1 May, 1720 in Stoke St. Gregory and died there on 15 December, 1795.

Mary House Dare’s parents were Reynold House born 1688 in Stoke St. Gregory and died 7 July, 1754. He married Ann who died 1743.

Reynold’s parents were Christopher House born 6 June, 1616 and died 30 August, 1681 in Stokes St. Gregory. He married Mary Gully born 1623 and died about 1686.

Christopher’s parents were Chris House 1575-1654 and Elizabeth Traxwell 1574-1622.

Please double-check all the above information.  I do not claim that it is true but it does makes some sense. The sources were parish films, published indexes, online indexes, family trees, and cousin information share with me and who have gone before.  Be advised that reading the actual parish registers and documents can be a challenge so the spellings above may not be quite correct.

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    thank you for your research….I am from the line of anne Andrews and wine rood…their daughter
    caroline rood clasey, caroline son wine clasey,wine clasey daughter sarah Emeline clasey mckitrick ,her son john t mckitrick..thus my mom ruby p mckitrick davisson….very very interesting for me to know the above people…again thank you

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Mary: Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes, I remember that as being very difficult to research and actually was contacted by someone who helped with the Clasey part. I was very disappointed that there was no tombstone for Wine Rood and Anne in the cemetery in Marietta. All I could do was take a picture of the vacant area in the cemetery where I thought they were buried. There are others who have more knowledge of the English side of the family research. I just took their leads and followed up on them. Let me email you so you can contact me directly. Thanks for your kind words. I am working on an Ancestry Tree which is private at this time and but at some point I will open it up. You can access Ancestry at a library free. Thanks again for stopping by.

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