Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin Marriage in Pitney, Somerset, England

Peter Spracklin and Elizabeth (Betty) Andrews married on the 11th of August, 1794 in Pitney, Somerset, England.

Parish of Pitney

Parish of Pitney

The banns for the marriage of Peter Spracklin to Betty Andrews.

The banns for the marriage of Peter Spracklin to Betty Andrews.

Source: Register of Banns, Register of Banns, Pitney, Somerset for Peter & Elizabeth Andrews August 11, 1794, Somerset Archive & Record Service.

Banns of Marriage between Peter Spracklen of the Parish of Longsutton and Betty Andrews of the Parish were published July 20, 30th and August 1, 1794. Peter Spracklin of the Parish of Longsutton a batchelor and Betty Andrews of this parish a Spinster married in this church by Banns this Seventh day of August in the Year one Thousand seven hundred and ninety-four by me Anthony Thoms?, Rector. This marriage was solemnized by me John _____ Father of Betty Andrews in the Presence of Jn Leahey and Harriet Bartlett.  

Back in December of 1984 Bertha, my cousin, wrote to England about the Spracklins and Andrews seeking information.  She had hired a researcher there.  They write back about the marriage of Peter and Betty. I share the excerpt because their take on the marriage as compared to the above.

The Pitney registers revealed the following marriage entry:  Peter Spracklin of Long Sutton, bachelor, married Betty Andrews of Pitney spinster, by banns, 11 August 1794. Only Peter signed the register. Witnesses John Leakey, James Bartlett – both signed. Latter common witness here. Banns called 20th, 27th July and 3rd August, 1794. 

Wikipedia’s article on Pitney:

Pitney, Somerset, England

Pitney, Somerset, England

The Parish of Long Sutton,

Long Sutton, Somserset, England

Long Sutton, Somserset, England

The distance between the two towns is 2 miles or 3.22 kilometers. Pitney is to the north of Long Sutton.

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