Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin – Life in Hardin Co., Ohio…

Life has been good and I have had the good fortune to travel in 2007 and 2011 to Hardin County, Ohio and visit the area where Peter Spracklin and Betty Andrews Spracklin settled.  It is a beautiful country southeast of Kenton, Ohio.  You can see on the map below, my little icons showing where things are in the area.

Peter's Land in relation to Kenton, Ohio

Peter’s Land in relation to Kenton, Ohio

Hepburn, Ohio

Hepburn, Ohio

Peter, Betty and several of their children are featured in the Hardin County History Book:

Source: History of Hardin County Ohio, pg. 604, Chicago, Warner, Beers & Co., 1883.

“Peter Spracklin, born in England, December 20, 1774, settled on land now owned by Mr. Mouser, on Section 13, about 1835, where he resided till his death, October 26, 1845. His wife Betty was born June 6, 1771, and died November 13, 1860. There children were Alfred, Anna, Elizabeth, Permelia and George.”

Peter appears in the tax records for Hardin County and he is not alone. Wesley and Solomon Goss are also listed for several years. This is the son of Solomon Goss and brother to Lydia with his son living in Hardin County. I have shared about Solomon Goss, Jr. in past posts on this blog. Peter’s sons Alfred and George appear as well in 1841.

Source: Peter Spracklin and Others – Duplicate Tax Records 1821-1850, Hardin Co., Ohio, V. 584, 590 1821-1833 #506598, 1838-1842 FHL#945852.

1838 Dudley Township Congress Land –

Wesley Goss R 12 T5 S3 and

Solomon Goss R12 T5 S10 and 9

Peter Spracklin does not appear in 1833;

Wesley and Solomon Gofs are listed again as having paid. Peter Spracklin is listed under Dudley Township Chattel Tax with 5 horses and 4 cattle.

1839 Wesley and Solomon Goss are listed again under Dudley Twp. Chattle List Wesley has 2 horse and 3 cattle while Solomon has 1 horse and 6 cattle and Peter is also listed as having paid. Wesley is listed as having gone to Iowa.

1840 only Solomon is listed under Congress Lands in Dudley R12 T5 S10 and 9 while Peter is under Dudley Twp. Chattle with 3 horse and 2 cattle and both have paid.

In 1841 Solomon Goss is listed again under Dudley Twp. Congress Land same land description. Peter Spracklin is listed under Dudley Congress Lands at R12, T5, S12.

In addition George Spracklin is listed on R12, T5, S12 as well as Alfred Spracklin and Peter Spracklin is listed below him. The descriptions of the sections are all different. Peter Spracklin is also listed under Dudley Twp. Chattle Tax with 2 horses and 2 cattle. Peter, Alfred and George Spracklin are listed under Dudley Township Land Tax for 1842.

On my first visit to Kenton and the Hardin County Genealogical Society my cousin and I did some research.  She found a treasure in their archives, it was titled the The Merriman & Carey Day Book – The Store Journal

Entries in the Merriman Carey Day book

Entries in the Merriman Carey Day book

On the pages were entries for Peter Spracklin, George Spracklin and Solomon Goss buying things during the year of 1840.  This is a little peek into their lives.

Pg. 78, Monday March 30th 1840: Peter Spracklin By [Ball on] Sugar .70, Dr. the Steel News .19

Pg. 79, Tuesday, March 31st, 1840: George Spracklin A list of mostly sewing and material items purchased for $5.59.

Pg. 94, Tuesday April 14, 1840 Solomon Gofs 3 yrds Linen .84 cents. Pg. 109, Tuesday April 28th, 1840 Solomon Gofs Ball and [ ] for $5.67.

Pg. 113 Friday, May 1st, 1840 Peter Spracklin By Sugar and to Pay Young man $.77 and 3.84 mentions George. Under him is a line for George Spracklin buying items for $1.91.

Pg. 136 Thursday, May 14, 1840 George Spracklin bought tea .50.

Pg. 175, Tuesday June 23, 1840, Peter spracklin bought a lot of items, calico, sheeting, silk, tea and more for $31.30. George Spracklin also bought a lot molasses, tea, a sugar bowl, and much more for $12.50.

Pg. 183 Tuesday June 30, 1840 Peter Spracklin bought sugar, trimmings and more for $.456.

Pg. 222 Tuesday Aug. 4th 1840 Peter Spracklin returned 1 pair of shoes, bought sugar and more for $3.44.

Pg. 237 Peter Spracklin bought a calf skin and more for $4.65. George Spracklin bought material and yarn for $3.96.

Pg. 257 Thursday Aug. 27, 1840 Peter Spracklin bought coffee and tea and more for $4.44.

Pg. 258 Tuesday Aug. 27th, 1840 George Spracklin bought sheeting and yarn and more for $8.80.

Pg. 338 Saturday Oct. 17, 1840 Peter Spracklin bought molases, sheeting tea and tobacco for $4.50. Pg. 363 Wednesday, Nov. 4, 1840 Peter Spracklin bought more cloth and sewing items for $11.74.

Pg. 378 Saturday Nov. 14, 1840 Solomon Gofs bought indigo and tea for $1.00.

Pg. 439 Peter Spracklin bought butter, sugar and more for about $4.13. George Spracklin bought butter and sugar and more for $3.18.

Pg. 491 Tuesday Feb. 9, 1841 George Spracklin bought dishes for $.42.

Pg. 504 Monday Feb. 22, 1841 Solomon Gofs bought for his daughter dishes and more for $4.03 Below him there might be a Daniel Goss buying combs for $.22.

In the 1840 U.S. Census Peter appears under the name Sprallin, in Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio.  All their children are grown by this time, so who the young children are living with them is unknown, probably grand children but you never know with these statistical census.

Males 5 to 9:  1

Males 60 to 69: 1

Females 5 to 9: 1

Females 30 to 39: 1

Females 60 to 69: 1

Free White Persons under 20: 1

Free White Persons under 20 to 69: 1

Total Free White Persons: 5

Total All: 5 

In 1840 Peter is now 66 years old and Betty she is even older.  So they are probably needing to make more changes.

In early 1840 Peter and Betty sell land to their son Alfred Spracklin for a sum of $200 for 80 acres.  We also notice that Alfred is living in Richland County at this time.

80 acres sold by Peter to his son Alfred Spracklin

80 acres sold by Peter to his son Alfred Spracklin

In November of 1840 George leases land to Peter for $400 for 80 acres.

80 acres are sold to George, Peter's youngest son.

80 acres are sold to George, Peter’s youngest son.

In November of 1843, Peter sells more of his land to his daughter Ann Cook for $50 for 40 acres, with brother George acting as a witness.

Peter sells to his daughter Ann Cook.

Peter sells to his daughter Ann Cook.

Even though Betty can’t write she does make her mark and is questioned as to her knowledge of these transactions.

This means by the end of 1843 Peter and sold land to several of his children for a total of 120 acres of land. He has leased 80 acres from his son George.  I can’t help but wonder if something was going on with Peter’s health.  Unfortunately Peter died on the 26th of October, 1845.  He was 70 years old at his death.

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