Peter Spracklin’s Death in 1845 and the Lee Cemetery in Hardin County, Ohio

Peter Spracklin passed away on the 26th of October, 1845 in Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio at the age of 70 years old.

This man left his homeland in Somerset, England in 1823 and headed across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States.  He brought his wife and more of his children with him.  It must have been a great adventure for them. The question is, did John go and meet him and show them the way back to Knox County, Ohio? I would like to think that he did.  I am forever grateful for this family coming to the United States.

I have had the great fortune to travel to Hardin County, Ohio and visit it twice, I was there in 2007 and again in 2011.  It is lovely country and still rural with farms dotting the countryside and gravel roads.  It has a peaceful feel about it.

Peter is buried in Lee Cemetery on a gentle country road.  It it well-kept and every time I have gone there the local people come by.  The first time it was a man with his horse and buggy. He nodded and I waved.  The second time it was a horse and buggy with two young boys and a young girl.  I waved to them.  All of them were dressed in the clothing that indicates the Amish.

Peter and Betty’s tombstone is in pretty good shape.  All cemeteries show wear so some of the writing on the tombstone is difficult to read.

Peter, Betty and Me in 2007 - Lee Cemetery

Peter, Betty and Me in 2007 – Lee Cemetery

Peter & Betty Spracklin Tombstone, Lee Cemetery in Hardin Co., Ohio

Peter & Betty Spracklin Tombstone, Lee Cemetery in Hardin Co., Ohio

Peter & Betty Spracklin's Tombstone in Lee Cemetery Hardin Co., Ohio

Up closer – Peter & Betty Spracklin’s Tombstone in Lee Cemetery Hardin Co., Ohio

I have featured the Lee Cemetery on my blog: BJM’s Cemetery Discoveries where I talked about the Lee Cemetery, showed where it was located and more.  Peter and Betty’s tombstone and other Spracklin family buried are in various cemeteries in Hardin, Knox, Morrow and other counties and I have visited them over time.  You might want to explore the posts on BJM blog for more information on the cemeteries they are interred in. I would suggest using “Spracklin,” “Lee Cemetery” and see what you get in the search engine. The Categories along the side of the blog have groupings for surname, cemeteries and other subjects and you can find them and click on them.

Peter, Betty and Me in 2011

Peter, Betty and Me in 2011

You can see from the last photo that is it very green and lovely at the cemetery.

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