Peter Spracklin’s Estate 1845, Hardin County, Ohio

Peter Spracklin did not have a will, but there was a probate of his estate. Betty Spracklin had to relinquish her rights to be the Administrator of the Estate. She signed over her administrative duties to her son George Spracklin. Notice that she made a mark with an X yet there appears to be an attempt at actually signing this note.

Elizabeth Relinquishes her Dower.

Elizabeth relinquished her administrative rights

Estates have several files.  There are the court documents that the court clerk writes into the books at the courthouse keeping track of the steps in the process.  The next piece of documentation is the actual packet of the original papers of the estate process.  You don’t stop there with an estate especially if there is land involved and that means you go and look at deeds around the time of the death.  In this case it was not till 1847 that the land was partitioned.  There would be deeds done by George in 1854 and then again in 1865 when he finally sold the land and left for Shelby Co., Illinois.

Here are few of the court clerk journal entries that I found in July of 2006 and 2007 at the Family History Library.

  1. Journal V. A-C 1833-1850 Chancery record v. B 1842-1846 FHL#1299089 – Jrl. C, pg. 214 Spracklin, Peter Adm. of G. Spracklen – Settled Accounts of $178.42, 1868.
  2. Judgement index, direct & reverse 1833-1867 FHL#1299090 found this entry Spracklin, Peter et. al. A Deed – Spracklin, George Adm of. Nov. 1845 Vol. B, pg. 321 Apptmt of Admin. (not in FHL#913819 Deeds).
  3. August 2007 – Found this entry in the Hardin Co. Chancery Records 1842, 1845 Journal B., Book 3, pg. 321. George Spracklin is made Administrator of Peter’s Estate.

At a Special session of the Court of Common Pleas held at Kenton Dec 23 A.D. 1845 present David Goodin, C. W. Shirn and Jonathan Cessna, Associate Judges and John Stevens Clk.

George Spracklin Admin. of Peter Spraklin Decd
On motion it was ordered Letters of Administration be granted to George Spracklin to administer upon the Estate of Peter Spraklin dec’d and that he execute his Bond payable to the State of Ohio conditioned as the Law directs for the sum of five hundred dollars with Samuel [Misendon] and Joseph Nichol as his securities and it is further ordered that Samual Hopkins, Samuel Hayward and George Cooper appraise the personal property of said estate. David Goodin, C. W. Shaw, Jonathan Cessna – Assoc. Judges

Seeking Peter’s probate was taken place over several years and it took several trips to Ohio in 2007 and 2011 to finally get a good copy of the estate file. The court clerk books revealed little information. My cousin made an attempt in 2007 to obtain a copy of the estate packet going to the courthouse in Kenton, but they gave her very bad copies, while I stayed behind at the Hardin County Genealogical Society researching. I decided in 2011 when I returned to Kenton to try again and I hit the jackpot.  They let me photograph the whole original packet of Peter’s Estate. I was very surprised but they gave me the actual packet file and told me to go ahead.  So I stood out in the hallway taking pictures in very bad light and I apologize for the fuzzy photos.

The Probate file of Peter Spracklin’s is listed as follows in the Hardin County Probate Index and records, #2636, Dec. 23, 1845.  The photo below is of the individual packets that held the original documents for the estate.

Packets of Peter Spracklin's Estate File

Packets of Peter Spracklin’s Estate File

The probate packet consisted of 1) Appointment, 2) Inventory, 3) Sale Bill, and 4) Account.

The appointment of an administrator is presented above.  There were other documents that completed that process such as George Spracklin requesting administration and that he believed the estate was estimated to be worth $170.94. There was a request for a special session of the court and the bond given.  Here is the bond.

Know all men by these presents, that we George Spracklin, James C. Wiseman & Joseph Nichol are held and firmly bound unto the State of Ohio, in the sum of Five Hundred Dollars.  Sealed with our Seals and dated this 23rd day of December A.D. 1845. 

THE CONDITION OF THE ABOVE OBLIGATION IS SUCH, that whereas the said George Spracklin had this day been duly appointed Administrator of the estate of Peter Spracklin deceased.  Now if the said George Spracklin shall well and faithfully do and perform all the duties required of him by law as such Administrator and pay all moneys over that may come in his hands as such, then this obligation shall be void, otherwise remain in full force and virtue in law. In handwriting signed by George Spracklen and James C. Wiseman (seal).

The administrator of an estate is supposed to publish in the local newspaper a notice to creditors regarding an estate.  Here are a series of notes that were owed from the estate of Peter Spracklin.  I have not done newspaper research in Hardin County for these court required public notices; however, 1845 might be very difficult to find anything because the newspapers in Ohio are in bad shape with lots of gaps.

The appraisers look at the personal property of an estate and estimate the value, here is the Inventory of the Personal Property of Peter Spracklen, just click on the photo.

The Inventory of the Estate of Peter Spracklin

The Inventory of the Estate of Peter Spracklin

Betty Spracklin, as the widow, gets 1/3 of the estate of her husband.  In the next document they have set aside personal property for her to use. Betty lived 15 years longer than Peter.

Betty's share of the personal property of Peter Spracklen

Betty’s share of the personal property of Peter Spracklen

Once the property has been appraised they usually report back to the court and the court issues a statement to sell the personal property and again notices are placed in the newspaper.  Here is the sale of personal property information showing lots of familiar names.

Sale of personal property of the estate of Peter Spracklin.

Sale of personal property of the estate of Peter Spracklin.

The next step is the Account of which George Spracklin submits to the court, usually there is a Final accounting but that doesn’t seem to be what happened in this case or it was lost. There is also a heirs-at-law list but I have not seen one.  So we turn to the deeds partitioning the land in future posts.

Series of Notes paid to others in handwriting that were difficult to read:

[$28.00] May the 4th 1844 Peter Sprackling, Peter to Chester Wells to the service of horse, Have by the in service two dollars.

Received of George Spracklin the above amount this June the 17, 1847… Chester Wells. (Very badly written)


Marsailles Dec. 27th 1845 – Receiv’d of George Spracklin Admin. The following Bill in full 6 yds [schraining]  1.50   1 pair gloves     .25    1.75  1.31  3.06

The [Ahane] to be charged to the Este of Petr Spracklin – Re’d Long & Round

Rec’d of George Spracklen Administrator of the estate of Peter Spracklen deceased the sum of one dollar.  The amount due me as clerk of sale this Nov. 29th 1845.  B. S. Boynton (something crossed out).

Due David Goodin one dollar and fifty cts called to court Peter Spracklin Dec’d, (crossed out word) 22, 1845.  Signed by George Spracklin Administrator

Due Jon. Stevens three dollars four cents for value Rec’d. Dec. 23, 1845  $3.04, Signed George Spracklen.  Rece’d the above in full Jnos Stevens, Clerk.

Due C. W. Shaw one dollar and fifty cts for services rendered in granting Letters of Administration for the Estate of Peter Spraklin dec’d Dec. 23, 1845.  Signed George Spracklin Administ.

Vinton Dec. 23, 1845 – Due. F.G. Holmes on Bearer one dollar and twenty five cents Sheriffs fees for serving process on associate judges for a Special Court in case of Peter Spracklin decesd signed George Spracklen, Adm.

Due Jonathan Cessna one dollar and fifty cents as Associate Judge Special Term Dec. 23, 1845 signed Administrator George Spracklen.

What follows is a printed form with blanks that are filled in.

TREASURER”S OFFICE, MARION COUNTY, December 3 1845. RECEIVED of Peter Spracklin 2 Dollars 59 Cents, and …..Mills, in full for his Tax for the year 1845, on 40 acres of Land, in R. 13 T. 5 S. 15 NW ¼ SW ¼.  Appraised value $89.00 his Chattel Tax for 1845 Signed by R. Wilson County Treasurer.  (Some of the information was crossed out and not filled in).  

Form – Treasurer’s Office, Hardin County, Ohio, Dec. 22, 1846.  Received of George Spracklin, Adm. Of Peter Spraclin the sum of $5.75 in full of the Taxes charged on the follow’ng described property for the year 1846. 

Range 12, Twp 5, Sec 12 Quarter or Lot W1/2 & E1/4 Acres 80, Value    143.50

Chattle                                                                                                                        92.25

More Notes:

Chester & Leighton & NO, ½ A Dollars [     ] Received of George Spracklin one dollar and fifty cents for [        ] said of his Father’s estate.  April the 5, 1847 Miles Vanfleet.

Rec’d of George Spracklin Admin of the Estate of Peter Spracklin dec’d the sum of five dollars and sixty cents in full of Clerks [                ] June 20, 1847  E.G. [         ] Clerk

April 6th 1847 Received of George Spracklin in full for the appraisement of his father’s estate one dollar. A. Hopkins.

March 4th 1847 Received of George Spracklen Admin of the estate of Peter Spracklen rec’ one dollar for pracs appraising property.  Samuel Haynes.

Received of George Spracklin Administrator of Peter Spracklin dec. five dollars and twenty five cents.  Served in said estate June ____ 1847 C. Fisher.

Form – Treasurer’s Office, Hardin County, Ohio Oct. 25, 1847 Received of George Spracklin, Administrator $1.65 of Estate of Peter Spracklen in full of the Taxes charged in the following described property for the year 1847 viz.  Chattle taxes Quarter or lot 150 ff tax 1.65.  N. T. Leighton, Clrk (?)

John M. Kenney makes ____ that the above account is correct as to {stumes] amount and rates as entered his day book – John M. Kennedy. Given under my hand and seal this 22nd day of June A.D. 1847 M.S. Potter J.P. (Seal), Fees paid 1242, Reciv’d the [  ] Act of George Sprecklin APM, Long & Kenny.

Here is a transcription of the Accounting of the estate by George Spracklin.

The Accounting of Peter Spracklin's estate

The Accounting of Peter Spracklin’s estate

I do not believe that this is a complete set of estate papers, but then that is my opinion.  It has been 170 years since this was probated and things can happen in that amount of time.

The next is the distribution of Peter’s land.  There are five deeds partitioning Peter Spracklin’s land in 1847 involving family members and it is pretty interesting because grandchildren are involved like Daniel D. Spracklin and Solomon Spracklin acting as witnesses.

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