Peter Spracklin’s Estate: A Power of Attorney and a Partition Deed, 1847

The partition of Peter Spracklin’s land in Hardin County, took place after his death with the creation of about five deeds cover the time period of 1847 to 1848.

Here is a summary and I will present the documents in this and following posts.

  1. 3 April, 1847 Peter Spracklin of Camden, NJ appoints George Spracklin of Hardin County Ohio his attorney.
  2. 29 October, 1847 Peter Sprackin of Camden, NJ deeds land to Alfred Spracklin of Hardin Co., Ohio.
  3. 29 October 1847 John Spracklin of Knox County et. al., deeds land to Alfred Spracklin of Hardin County, Ohio.
  4. 26 November, 1847 Samuel Lawrence and others deed land to Alfred Spracklin.

Before Peter died he had deeded land to his daughter Ann Cook and son Alfred Spracklin. There was a mortgage deed that was set up with his son George.  All that took place from 1840 to about 1843 and then it stopped. I have written about it in past posts about Peter and Betty and you will find them under the post:  Peter and Betty Spracklin Life in Hardin County, Ohio. 

Peter’s son Peter went to Pennsylvania and lived north of Philadelphia for a while before he migrated to New Jersey.  It is not that hard to move from eastern Pennsylvania into New Jersey because the borders are butted together and you just cross the Delaware River and you will be in New Jersey.

So in April of 1847 Peter Spracklin of Camden, New Jersey created a deed authorizing his brother George Spracklin to act as his power of attorney regarding the selling of the father’s land.  Basically he was giving George permission to sell his share of the inheritance.  This deed is very difficult to read.  I tried again to read it but it is either too faded or scribbled so badly that this is the best I can do.  I think it gives us an idea and we see that his Peter’s wife Mary Adaline is involved with this transaction.

Power of Attorney given to George Spracklin to handle Peter the brother's affairs in Hardin County

Power of Attorney given to George Spracklin to handle Peter the brother’s affairs in Hardin County

Here is the transcribed deed of October 1847 by Peter Spracklin, the son, who is selling his share of his father’s inheritance to his brother Alfred.  Brother-in-law Elias Myers (husband of sister Parmelia) is a witness to this deed.  I was able to read this one.

1847 Deed of Peter Sprackin, son, selling his share to Alfred Spracklin

1847 Deed of Peter Sprackin, son, selling his share to Alfred Spracklin

In the next post I will share the third deed listed above which involved other family members.  I will share more about the son Peter and his family in a future post.

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