Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin’s Children, an Overview…

Peter and Elizabeth (Betty/Polly) Spracklin had nine children.  Their first child, John, has already been featured on posts on this blog in great detail.

At the top of this blog and under the header photo is a page that has a listing of the posts written about John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin. It is like a Table of Contents for this couple.  Peter and Elizabeth (Betty/Polly) Spracklin also have their own page as well with John and Lydia Spracklin listed below in a drop down style.

The photo below is of one of several pages from the prayer book of Anna Spracklin Cook.

Ann Spracklin's Prayer Book. daughter of Peter and Betty Spracklin

Ann Spracklin’s Prayer Book. daughter of Peter and Betty Spracklin

It reads: December 10, 1774. Born Peter Spracklin, Elizabeth Spracklen his wife was born June 6th in the Year of our Lord 1771.
John Spracklin was born January 9, 1795
Sarah was born October 30, 1790
Mary was born October 27, 1798
Elizabeth Do July 3, 1801
Pamela Do December 12, 1803
Ann June 14, 1805
Peter Do January 17, 1808
Alfred Do November 3, 1810
George Spracklen Do February 7th 1814.
August 13, 1823 on this day leaved Pitney for America.
Another page reads: Ann Spracklin’s book the gift of her Sister Mary Spracklin, August 12, 1823, Old England ……Ann Spracklen was born June 12 in the year of our Lord 1805…..April 22, 1830 has married Sylvanus Cook..Ann Spracklen.

Here is a summary of Peter and Betty Spraclin’s children. Each will be discussed in future posts in more detail except for Sarah and Mary because I don’t have much information on them.

  1. John A. Spracklin was born 9 January, 1795 in Pitney. He is my line and my 3rd great grandfather. See the page at the top of this blog for the Table of Contents and dates of posts written about John, Lydia and their children. John and Lydia are buried in the Green Valley Cemetery in Knox Co., Ohio.
  2. Sarah Spracklin born 30 October 1796 in Pitney may have married a John Barnard/Bannard in Trenton, New Jersey.  See previous post about a estate partition deed regarding the lands of Peter Spracklin’s listed under S. Lawrence with Barnard family also featured. Who are these Barnards? Or are they Mary’s family?
  3. Mary Spracklin born 27 October 1798 in Pitney. She may have married a Matthews? A Mary is listed in the immigration records for 1828 immigrating from England to New York.  It is not clear if this is her.
  4. Elizabeth Spracklin was born 3 July, 1801 in Pitney. She married in 1823 to Samuel Lawrence. They had eight children. They lived in Philadelphia and later settled in Hardin Co., Ohio. Lawrences are buried in the Lee Cemetery.
  5. Parmelia Spracklin was born 12 December, 1803 in Pitney. She married first to a Richard Tamany and then to Jacob Elias Myers in 1841 and they lived in Marion Co., Ohio.  Parmelia is buried in the Lee Cemetery.
  6. Anna Spracklin was born 14 June, 1805 in Pitney. She married Sylvanus Cook in 1830 in Knox Co., Ohio and they had six children. She is buried in the Lee Cemetery.
  7. Peter A. Spracklin was born 17 January, 1808, baptized 17 February, 1808 in Pitney. He married Mary Adaline and may have had thirteen children.  They lived first north of Philadelphia and then later moved to New Jersey. They are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Trenton, New Jersey.
  8. The Rev. Alfred Spracklin was born on 3 November, 1810 and baptized 10 Mary, 1814 in Pitney, Somerset, England.  He married in 1832 to Abigail Cooper and they had six children.  Alfred eventually settled in Hardin Co., Ohio on land previously owned by his father Peter.  He is buried in the Lee Cemetery near his parents.
  9. George Spracklin was born 2 February, 1814 and was baptized 3 March, 1814 in Pitney. He married in 1840 to Arloa Turner Minor and they had eleven children. He took over the administration of his father’s estate in 1845.  George stayed with his mother till Elizabeth’s death in 1860.  He then migrated to Shelby Co., Illinois about 1865.  He lived there with his family and remained there until his death. George is buried in the Red Bank Cemetery in Shelby Co., Illinois.

In the following posts, I will share what I know about each of the other children of Peter and Betty Spracklin of Hardin Co., Ohio.  In 2013, when I was in Salt Lake City taking a course from the British Institute on pre-1850 English Records, I found the birth record of John A. Spracklin and I want to share that with you. Then I will follow with posts about his siblings Elizabeth, Parmelia, Anna, Peter, Alfred and last George. As I have state above, I don’t have much on Sarah and Mary and if you know about them and have more information on any of theses children, please leave a comment.

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