Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin’s Children: Elizabeth Spracklin and Samuel Lawrence

Unfortunately, I do not have any information on Mary and Sarah, other children of Peter and Betty Spracklin.  If you know anything about what happened to them, please comment.

Therefore, I will move onto Elizabeth Spracklin who was born 3 July, 1801 in Pitney, Somerset, England.  Her birth is taken from the Prayer Book of her sister Anna which I have featured in a past post.

Her husband Samuel Lawrence was born about 1796 in England. I don’t know much about Samuel but I suspect that there were other Lawrence family members in the United States and my theory is he went back to Pennsylvania from Ohio because of that reason?

Elizabeth Spracklin immigrated with her parents in 1823 to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I have shared about this immigration in the blog post titled:

Peter and Elizabeth (Polly) Andrews, The Immigrant Ancestors, November 15, 2015 on this blog.

If you look closely you will see that Samuel Lawrence is listed above the family of Peter Spracklin on the ships passenger lists for 1823 that covers the Spracklins.  He is about three people above.

New York Passenger List for Peter Spracklin and Samuel Lawrence

New York Passenger List for Peter Spracklin and Samuel Lawrence

Samuel and Elizabeth married 9 August, 1823 according to Phillimore’s Marriage book for Pitney, Somerset Co., England.  This is a publish book of the various church registers in England and is a good place to look if you are having trouble with the register films.

Samuel and Elizabeth were featured in the post about the partition deed they participated in regarding Elizabeth’s father Peter and his Estate.  This deed stated they were living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1847. There is a family listed in addition to the Lawrences on this deed and who and how they are related is unknown but suspected.

Peter Spracklin’s Estate: Partition Deed Led by Samuel Lawrence et. al. on November 26, 1847, January 3, 2016.

This map of Hardin County will help you to get a feel for where the family settled after they came from Pennsylvania to Ohio. Peter Spracklin lived in Dudley Township while Samuel and Elizabeth moved around living in Taylor Creek, Buck and Hale Townships.

Townships of Hardin Co., Ohio

Townships of Hardin Co., Ohio

I have not been able to locate them in the 1850 U.S. Census but not for a lack of trying. Maybe one day I will slog through Philadelphia area but it was big even back then.

In the 1860 U.S. Census Samuel and Elizabeth Lawrence are living in Taylor Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio and from the information below you can see that Samuel was doing very well.

Source: Samuel Lawrence Family, 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Taylor Creek Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio,#M653-983, pg. 335, line 21, 

579/538, Samuel Lawrence, age 64, Farmer, Real Estate $2800, Personal $217, born in England;

Elizabeth 59, born in England,

John 25, Farm Labor, personal $70, born in Ohio;

Matilda Ann, age 28, born in PA,

William 20, farm labor, born in PA,

Elizabeth, age 24, C. I. Teacher, born in PA, Ann, 22,

George, age 20, farming born in PA.

In 1870 they are still in Hardin Co., but they are now living in Buck Township. It is unknown who the William Lawrence is living next door to Samuel.

Source: Samuel Lawrence Family, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Buck Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio, page 29, P.O. Kenton, Ohio 31st of July 1870, by Curtis _______

Line 26, 230, 217, Lawrence, Samuel, 75, M, W, farmer, $_____, $300, born England, father and mother of foreign birth all.
Lawrence, Elizabeth, 69, F, W, keeps house, born England,
Lawrence, John, 44, M, W, works on farm, born Ohio, father and other of foreign birth all. 
Lawrence, Matilda, 40 F, W, at home, born Pennsylvania.
Lawrence, William, 38, M, W, works on farm, born Pennsylvania.
Lawrence, Elizabeth 33, F, W, at home, born Pennsylvania.
Lawrence, Anna, 30, F, W at home, born Pennsylvania.

Line 33, 251, 218, Lawrence, William, 30, M, W, Conn Labor, $200, $200, born Ohio, parents of foreign birth.
Lawrence, Mary, 24, F, W, keeps house, born, Ohio.
Lawrence, George P., 4, M, W.
Lawrence, Ella S., 2, F, W.

By the 1880 Census they are living in Hale Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio. Both Samuel and Elizabeth are aging and I think it is interesting that several of their children have not married?  It also looks like Samuel and Elizabeth went to Ohio first then back to Pennsylvania and returning to Ohio by 1860.

Source:  Samuel Lawrence Family, 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Hale Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio, Pg. 24, SD 2, ED 99, Line 44

9/9: Samuel Lawrence, White, Married, 80 years old, Farmer, Born in England, parents born in England;

Elizabeth, white, female, 79 years old wife, born in England, parents born in England;

John, son, 58, at home, born in Ohio;

Matilda age 50, daughter, at home, born in Ohio;

Elizabeth, 44 yrs. old, daughter, at home, born in Ohio.

Andrews, Elizabeth 7 yrs. grand daughter,

Andrews Clara, 8 yrs.?, grand daughter, born in Ohio, father born in England, mother born in Penn. for both girls.

According to my information Samuel and Elizabeth had seven children. They were all born in Pennsylvania except maybe John and even Matilida but that will need to be verified.  I have not been able to find any further information on their lives in Pennsylvania at this time.

  • John Lawrence born about 1825.  He is with his parents in the census above as well as the 1880 census and he is single.  It looks like John died on 6 May 1900 in Mount Victory, Hardin Co., Ohio at the age of 76. He was single and a farmer born about 1824 in Knox Co., Ohio his father was Sam Lawrence and mother was Eliza Spoocklin  per the Ohio Co. Death Records at Family Search.  I have to admit that is one spelling of the surname that I have not seen before.
  • Sarah Jane Lawrence born about 1828.  It is unknown if she is a child of theirs. There are several births at FamilySearch of children born to Elizabeth Lawrence or Samuel that died in Philadephia.  May be the 1828 birth is this Sarah. This means they had more children then was known.
  • Matilda Ann Lawrence born about 1832 who may have been born in Ohio. Matilda also stayed with her parents till their deaths.  She is with her parents in the 1880 census. However, in the 1900 Census she might be living with her sister? See below.
  • William Lawrence born about 1834 and died 1876.  This William does not appear in the 1880 census.  I have 24 July 1876 as his death date.
  • Elizabeth Lawrence born about 1836.  She is living at home with her parents in the 1880 census. There is a marriage of an Elizabeth Lawrence to an Oliver P. Draper on 11 October 1860 in Hardin Co. Marriage Records.  Why is she not living with him in 1860, 70 and 1880?  Below is a very interesting census for Mt. Victory.  I think this might be two sister together?

Source:  1900 U.S. Federal Census for Hale Twp, Mt. Victory Village in Hardin Co., Ohio, SD#7, ED#8-5, Sht.#9, enumerated 7th of June, 1900 by David M. [Rainshuy]. Line: 12, 188, 193, Draper Elizabeth A, Head, W, F, Jan 1934, age 66, WA, born PA, Larence, Matilda, Partner, W, F, Jan 1830, age 70, S, born PA, both of them have parents born in England, yes, yes, yes, o, f, f, 24.  Below them is a Sabank, ALbert, son-in- law, W, M, Dec. 1865, 34, M, 2, born Ohio, parents born Ohio, day laborer, 8, ye, yes, yes, Sabank, Elizabeth wife, W, F, Sept 1871, 23, M, 2, 0, 0, born Ohio and parents born Ohio. 

UPDATE 6/26/2016 – While working on George Spracklin’s children and descendants recently I found a census for 1910 with head of household George R. Johnson who was a son of Sarah Hannah Spracklin and James Johnson.  An Elizabeth Draper, Aunt is living with him and his family.  She was 74 years old.  She is buried in the Marion Cemetery in Edwards Co., Illinois. Find A Grave has a memorial for her and picture of a tombstone.

  • Anna Lawrence born about 1838 and died 1878. She married a Lewis Andrews 5 March, 1871 officiating was a C. Hill.  This means that the two children in the 1880 census would be her children.  This Lewis Andrews is buried in the Lee Cemetery in Hardin Co., Ohio with only his military information noted. He is listed after the Lawrences in the publication. Next to Lewis Andrews is a tombstone with no name, I am wondering if it Anna?
  • George Lawrence born about 1840.  He is listed up to 1870 in the census with his parents but then he is gone in the 1880 census.  I have not been able to find out more about him.

Based on the census above about Mt. Victory where the two sisters Elizabeth and Matilda were living, I think that a study of the other townships is in order to find out more about them and it would be great to find their burials.

Samuel and Elizabeth Lawrence are buried in the Lee Cemetery in Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio.  They are in row 4 down from Alfred and Peter Spracklin.

Burial information from the booklet:  Lee Cemetery, Dudley Township, Hardin Co., Ohio, Hardin Co. Genealogical Society. 

  • Lawrence, Samuel 8/9/1881 age 86y6m7d (Father&Mother)
  • Lawrence, Elizabeth 1/8/1881 age 29y4m6d/w/of Samuel (This does not make sense she should be 80 years old unless it is the daughter who would be 45 years old but I don’t think so).
  • Andrew, Lewis Co. H 135th In. Ohio GAR
  • ???? No name

Here is Samuel’s tombstone:

Samuel Lawrence Tombstone

Samuel Lawrence Tombstone

The side that is probably Elizabeth

The side that is probably Elizabeth is  reads mother but is very difficult to interpret

Something is not right with Elizabeth’s information.  In the publications I have the information says 1881 and 29 yrs which does not make sense for Elizabeth was born in 1801.  Elizabeth reads 1/18/1881 age 29y4m6d w/o Samuel.  The age of this women means she was born 1852 which is not the Elizabeth Spracklin who was born 1801?  I think it should read 79 years4m6d?  Based on this publication I find no other Lawrences listed in this Cemetery.

There are still many unanswered questions about the Lawrence family. My focus in Ohio has been on Peter and Betty Spracklin and their son John and when you travel you don’t always have time to seek out other family members and I like to study the children of a couple.  I did find an estate file for Samuel Lawrence and will share that with you in the next post.  Samuel was well off.

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