Part 1: Samuel Lawrence’s Estate – 1881 Hardin Co., Ohio

FamilySearch has the estates online at their website for Ohio, so I decided to see if I could find Samuel Lawrence. What I discovered is amazing. He was well off and left quite an estate that took a long time for them to probate. It is very complicated so there will be several posts covering the process.

Unfortunately, the FamilySearch website makes it very difficult to find anything in the Estates so you do have to dig and make good guesses. It is all browse so you do have to make educated guesses. The listing for the categories is in alpha order rather than topic oriented or process oriented, and they don’t give the Film number that the files are located on.  This makes it difficult and you have just go for it. Do not forget to check to see if there are more volumes on the film.

FamilySearch for Hardin Co., Ohio Estates:

I started with the Index to Estates and probates and found Samuel Lawrence. Be careful this is one of the indexes that files the estates by last name and then by first name.  So you need to look under L and then find the area for the S names – page 140.

#2061 Lawrence, Samuel, Administrator G.R. Spracklin.  This implies that Samuel did not have a will.  So his estate would go through probate.

  • Admr. Doc. Vol. 1 page 64
  • Appointment Jrl. Vol. 1, page 56
  • Bond Vol. C, page 13
  • Inventory and Sale Bill, Record: Vol. E, page 325, and Vol. E, page 328
  • Sale Real Estate Record, Vol. 5, page 486
  • First Acc’t Record Vol. H, page 265
  • Final Acc’t Record Vol. H, page 451, Dist Acc’t Record, Vol. H, page 476.

This Administrators Docket on page 64 gives more information:

Samuel Lawrence, G. H. Spracklin, Administrator, Mt. Victory O.

Vol. 1 page 64 - Administrators Docket, Samuel Lawrence Estate

Vol. 1 page 64 – Administrators Docket, Samuel Lawrence Estate

  • 1881, Nov 8: Application filed Vol. 1, page 56
  • 1881 Nov. 8, Bond $12,200.00, Ordered filed and approved Vol. 1, page 56, Bond Vol. C, page 12.
  • 1881 Nov. 8, Appointment made, Letters ordered and Issued, Recorded Vol. 1, page 56, Letter Vol. 1, pg 420.
  • 1882 Jan 9, Inventory and Appraisement filed, Inventory, Vol. E, page 325.
  • 1881 Dec 22, Petition to Sell Real Estate Filed, Vol. E, page 99, Final Record, Vol. 5 might be an S, page 486.
  • 1883, May 3, First partial Acct. filed, Bal. Due Estate $3091.05, Vol. F, page 243, Acct, Vol. H. 265.
  • 1884, Feby, 23, Second & final Acct. filed, Bal. Due Estate $3136.91, Vol. G, page 10, Acct, Vol. H, page 451.
  • 1884, April 9, Final Distribution Account filed, Amt. $3136.91, Vol. G, page 92, Acct, Vol. H, page 476.

The above list should be of help in finding the subject title listed at FamilySearch – see link above. The volumes will help to narrow it down.


There is some confusion as to who the Administrator was? Is the person G.H. Spracklin or G.R. Spracklin?  This might imply that the youngest son was the administrator. However, when you look at the Journal of Appointments in Vol. 1, page 56, we have a G.P. Spracklin applying as the Administrator.  This man is a son of Alfred Spracklin and his wife, Abigail Cooper, a brother to Samuel’s wife Elizabeth Spracklin Lawrence.

Journal of Appointments, Vol. 1, page 56:

Samuel Lawrence, deceased, November 8, 1881…upon the estate of Samuel Lawrence late of Hardin Co. deceased, are hereby granted unto G.P. Spracklin. Crossed out is widow of said decedent, and the next of kin entitled thereto, having declined such administration. and thereupon the said G.P. Spracklin personally appears before the Court, accepted said trust, and gave bond in the sum of $12,200.00 conditioned as the law directs with R.A. Powelson and L.A. Spracklin as his sureties, who are accepted by the Court. On suggest of said administrator Elias Converse E. Wyburn and Gardiner Howel are appointed appraisers of the personal estate of the decedent. Signed John R. Selders Judge of Probate. 

Very interesting. G.P. Spracklin and L.A. Spracklin are brothers and sons of Alfred Spracklin. In the appointment a Geo. P. Spracklin is granted letters of Administration for the estate of Samuel Lawrence deceased Vol. 1, page 420.

THE BOND: As you can see it was a very large bond, the biggest I have ever seen.

The Adminstrators Bond, Vol. C. page 13, G. P. Spracklin, R. A. Powelson, & L. A. Spracklin are held and firmly bound unto the State of Ohio in the penal sum of Twelve Thousand Two Hundred dollars, etc.  Signed November 8, 1881 by Geo. P. Spracklin. R.A. Powelson and L.A. Spracklin Executed in the presence of J.C. McCollough. 


The next is the Order of Apraisers asking Elias Converse, E. Wyburn and Gardener Howe to appraise the personal estate and effects belonging to the Estate of Samuel Lawrence late of Hale Township in said County deceased.  That Geo. P. Spracklin would present the personal estate and also appraise on actual view the real estate described in Schedule G and J. etc. signed by John R. Selders Probate Judge on November 8, 1881. Vol. E, page 325, 326, 327 and 328. (Refer to the list above Administrators Docket).

On January 9, 1882 George P. Spracklin makes a Return of Order and this published in the newspaper regarding the appraisement of the Estate of Samuel Lawrence and that copies of the above notice are posted in two of the most public places in Hale Township wherein the said deceased last dwelt and were served on the _______Widow, John Lawrence, Elizabeth Draper, Matilda Lawrence, Geo. P. Lawrence, Ella Lawrence, Millie Lawrence, Elizabeth and Clara Andrews legatees and next of kin of said decedent residing said county...Signed Geo. P. Spraclin – 9th day of January 1882. Vol. E. page 325-328.

The Oath of Appraisers follows and is signed by Elias Converse, Gardiner Howe, and Edwin Wyburn on 14 December, 1881.


Inventory and appraisement, Estate of Samuel Lawrence, Deceased, Schedule D. Personal Goods and Chattels. The following personal goods and chattels belong to the estate of said decedent which are assets in the hands of the said G.P. Spracklin as exhibit to him we appraise as follows: 

  • 12 [Spoots] $3.00 
  • 5 old chairs $1.25
  • 4 Black Chairs $1.20
  • 6 Yellow Chairs $3.00
  • 1 Rocking Chair $1.00
  • 1 Large Looking Glass $.75
  • 1 Double Table $2.00
  • 1 Soffa $5.00
  • 1 Parlor Stove and pipe $6.00
  • 1 Cook stove and pipe & 1 spider $10.00
  • 1 Clock (Brass) $3.00
  • 1 Small Looking Glass $.50
  • 1 Bureau $.50
  • 1 Corner Cupboard $4.00
  • 1 Bedding for bed $4.00
  • 1 Corn planter $0.
  • Total $45.45
  • Signed by the appraisers

Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of Samuel Lawrence Deceased, Schedule E. 

Statement of the amount of money in the hands of George P. Spracklin, belonging to the Estate. No Money of any kind – December 14, 1881 signed by the appraisers.

Schedule H – The following is a particular statement of the Bonds of Mortgage Notes, and other securities for the payment of money and of other debts and accounts belong to the said decedent: Claim of Debtor, Wm. L. Walker, Judgement 21, 1879, When due, October 21, 1879 sum of payment $1186.07. Endorsement of Payments $925.00, Amount due $1304.43 Sum probably collectible $00.00. Again signed by the appraisers.

Affidavit by Geo. P. Sprackin reviewing the above as all to their knowledge. Signed by John R. Selden Probate Judge.

PUBLIC SALE of PERSONAL Goods and Chattels:

On page 328 is the Public Sale – undersigned will offer for public auction at the late residence of Samuel Lawrence deceased on the 15th day of December 1881 the Goods and Chattels of said deceased etc. Sale to Commence at 10 o’clock etc. Geo. P. Spracklin. He goes on to make solemn oath that it is a true copy were posted in 5 most public places…9 January 1882.

Sale Bill for the Estate of Samuel Lawrence Deceased at public venue, December 15, 1881.

  • 12 Spoons $3.00 sold to Matilda Lawrence she paid $.65
  • 5 Old Chairs, $1.25 sold to R. W. Powelson $.45
  • 4 Black Chairs, $1.20 sold to R. W. Powelson $.25
  • 6 Yellow chairs $3.00 sold to Elizabeth Draper $1.00
  • 1 Rocking chair $1.00 sold to Elizabeth Draper $1.00
  • 1 Large looking glass $.75 sold to Elizabeth Draper $.45
  • 1 Double table $2.00 sold to Elizabeth Draper $1.30
  • 1 Sofa $5.00 sold to Matilda Lawrence $1.00
  • 1 Parlor Stove and Pipe $6.00 sold to John Lawrence $5.80
  • 1 Cook Stove and Pipe with spider $10.00 sold to Elizabeth Draper $5.55
  • 1 Clock (Brass) $3.00 sold to Elizabeth Draper $.55
  • 1 Small looking glass $.50 sold to Matilda Lawrence $.35
  • 1 Bureau $.50 sold to Matilda Lawrence $.30
  • 1 Corner Cupboard $4.00 sold to Elizabeth Draper $.25
  • 1 Bedding for one Bed $4.00 sold to John Lawrence $4.50
  • 1 Corn planter $.25 sold to O. Cottrol $.10.
  • Total Appraised $45.45  Total Sale $23.50

George P. Spracklin Administrator of the Estate of Samuel Lawrence is a correct statement… signed the 9th day of January, 1882.  Vol. E. pages 325 to 328.

In the next post I will share about the selling of the real estate of Samuel Lawrence.

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