Part 3: Samuel Lawrence’s Estate – Partial and Final Settlements

The next stage of the process of the estate of Samuel Lawrence took place in May of 1883 when George P. Spracklin submitted a First-Partial Account of the estate to the court. These are all found in Hardin Co., Ohio Probates under Accounts of Administrators & Executors 1882-1887 Vol. H to I.

In the matter of the Estate of Samuel Lawrence Deceased:

May 3, 1883; This day came George P. Spracklin, Administrator of the Estate of Samuel Lawrence, late of Hardin County deceased and filed his account being his First partial Account. It is therefore ordered that notice be given as required by law by publication in the Kenton Republican a newspaper published in and of general circulation in said County of Hardin for not less than three weeks prior to the day of hearing and that said account be for bearing on the 11th day of June A.D. 1883. And that said Admin. pay the costs of this proceeding taxed at $6.50. And that this cause be and the same is hereby continued until the 11th day of June A.D. 1883. Jas. E. Lowry, Probate Judge. 

First Partial Account: page 265

George P. Spracklin, Administrator of the Estate of Samuel Lawrence in account with said estate. Said Administrator charges himself as follows:

  • To Amt. of Sale bill. $23.50
  • Feb. 20, 1882 to amt rec’d from sale of Real Estate by Order of Probate Court. $6200.00
  • Feb. 20, 1883 to amount interest on first deferred payment $63.99
  • and on 2nd deferred to date, $123.99 Total $6411.48.

And said Administrator claims credit for the following payments made on account of said estate: 

  • Nov. 8, 1881 By Amt. Cost paid Probate Judge No. 1, $5.16
  • Nov. 8, 1881 By Amt pd for notice of appointment, No. 2, $2.40
  • Nov. 28, 1881…Undertaker Case & Service, No. 3, $38.00
  • Nov. 28, 1881…Medical services in last sickness, No. 4, $20.00
  • Nov. 29, 1881…Medical services in last sickness, No. 5, $10.00
  • Dec. 14, 1881…Appraisers fees, No. 6, $1.50
  • Dec. 15, 188…Clerking Sale, No. 7, $1.50
  • Dec. 15, 188…Auctioneering Sale, No. 8, $3.70
  • Jan. 9. 1882…Costs of Probate Judge, No. 9, $7.15
  • Jan. 23, 1882…Appraisers fees, Real Estate, No. 10, $1.50
  • Feb. 20, 1882…Julia King on Mortgage, No. 11, $526.32
  • Feb. 20, 1882…George W. Ballon Mortgage, No. 12, $1044.21
  • Feb. 20, 1882…Costs of Printer, Sale of Real Estate, No. 13, $17.50
  • Feb. 20, 1882…Recording Mortgage, No. 14, $.90

page 266

  • Feb. 17, 1882 By Amt. Pd. Attorneys fees, No. 17, $125.00
  • Feb. 20, 1882…Costs of Probate Judge, No. 19, $17.31
  • Feb. 24, 1882…Medical services, No. 20, $13.50
  • Feb. 25, 1882…Printing Sale Notice, No. 21, $1.50
  • Feb. 25, 1882…Medical Services, No. 24, $13.55 
  • Feb. 25, 1882…Acct M.S. Elder, No. 25, $16.03
  • Feb. 25, 1882…Acct of C. Mathys, No. 26, $8.45
  • Feb. 25, 1882…On Note of Thomas Cronley, No. 27, $30.70
  • Feb. 25, 1882…On note of Michael Cronley, No. 28, $150.25
  • Feb. 20, 1882…Edward Wyburn for lease, No. 29, $50.00
  • Oct. 8, 1882…on Note to Mary Lawrence, No. 30, $139.25
  • Feb. 17, 1883…Monument per Agreemt of heirs, No. 31, $95.00
  • Feb. 17, 1883…Estate of John D. King, No. 32, $556.05
  • Feb. 24, 1883…Note & Acct of John S. Lawrence, No. 33, $556.05
  • Dec. 9, 1881…Taxes of 1881, No. 34, $65.02
  • Feb. 24, 1882…Taxes of 1888, No. 35, $25.57
  • Dec. 15, 1882…Taxes of 1882, No. 36, $22.25
  • May 3, 1883…of Accountants claim against, No. 37, $27.75
  • May 3, 1883…Pd. W.A. Strong this acct., No. 38, $3.00
  • May 3, 1883…Probate Judge this acct., No. 39, $6.50

and Accountant claims the ordinary legal compensation for his services on $1000 at 6% $60.00, on $4000 at 4% $160.00, on $1411.48 at 2% $28.22 = total $248.00

Balance due Estate $3091.05 = $6411.48  

page 266 and 267.

George P. Spracklin takes oath that the above is true and correct and signs on 3rd day of May, 1883. Signed by Jas E. Lawry, PJ.  The judge goes on to summarize the costs of the estate agreeing that George receive $248.22 for his administrator duties and the above is ordered to be paid according to law.

We move ahead to February 23, 1884 and the Second & Final Account is filed, Balance Due Estate $3136.91. Source:  Jrl G, page 10 (could not find), Acct, H, pg. 451-453.

In the matter of the Estate of Samuel Lawrence deceased:

February 23, 1884 – George P. Spracklin Admr. files his 2nd and final account and it is advertised in the Kenton Republic per law for three weeks for hearing on 7 April, 1884.

SECOND & FINAL ACCOUNT: page 451 to 453:

George P. Spracklin Administrator of the estate of Samuel Lawrence dec’d in account with said estate. Said Administrator charges himself as follows: 

May 3, 1883 To Amt from Last Settlement $3091.05

To interest received on same $123.97

Said Administrator claims credit as follows:

June 8, 1883 By amt paid for Taxes on chattel property for 1882, $19.75

Jany, 14, 1884, By amt, paid total tax on chattel property for 1883, $33.60

By amt. Paid Charles Collin for this afc. $3.00

Administrator claims an extra compensation for services in Marion, Ohio, $10.00

By amt. paid Probate Judge for this afc & Distribution $11.76. 

Totals $3215.02 and $78.11

Balance due the Estate $3136.91

The Administrator represents that the judgement against W. L. Walker amounting to $1304.43 is worthless and cannot be collected. Signed by George P. Spracklin affiant to account.

An oath is made that the above is true and correct on 23 day of February , 1884. The judge on April 7, 1884 approves the above as correct and true. They approve the $10.00 expense and that leaves a balance of $3136.91 in the hands of the Admr. and he is ordered to distribute the balance according to law.

DISTRIBUTOR ACCOUNT: pages 476 to 477:

In the Matter of the Estate of Samuel Lawrence deceased:

April 9, 1884: This day came George P. Spracklin, Admr. of the Estate of Samuel Lawrence late of Hardin County Ohio and filed his account being his Distribution account therefore ordered that said account be filed and recorded and that said Admr. pay the costs of this proceedings taxes at $_____ Jas. E. Lowry, PJ.


George P. Spracklin Administrator of the Estate of Samuel Lawrence deceased on account of final Distribution of said Estate before the Probate Court of Hardin County, Ohio:

Amount found due said Estate as per Final Settlement with said Court Made February 23, 1884 $3136.91 Balance for Distribution: $3136.91.

Amounts paid to Heirs and Legatees, as per Distribution order of said Court made April 7, 1884.

Feb. 20, 1882 To T. E. Penny Atty for Geo. P., Ella S. I, & Parmelia A. Lawrence to apply on Distributive share No. 1 – $150.00.

March 17, 1884 Pd John Kellogg guardian of Geo. P. Ella S.I & Parmelia A. Lawrence to apply on distributive share No. 2 – $21.60.

April 8, 1884 Pd. Elizabeth A. Draper No. 3 – $627.38.

April 8, 1884 Pd. E.A. Draper Guardian of Elizabeth & Clara Andrews heirs of Samuel Lawrence deceased, No. 4 – $627.38.

April 8, 1884, Pd. John S. Lawrence, No. 5, $627.38

April 8, 1884, Pd, Matilda A. Lawrence, No. 6, $627.38

April 9, 1884, Pd. Mary A. Lawrence Guardian of Geo. P. Ella S. I, & Parmelia A. Lawrence No. 7, $455.78.  Total $3136.90.

George goes on to swear the above is true and asked for final discharge and that it be recorded on 9 April, 1884. On June 2, 1884 the Judge grants George P. Spracklin his request and all is discharged by Jas. E. Lowry JP.

Please understand that the estate presented here are from the court clerk books in the Probate Court.  There is the estate packet that would be the next source to obtain to complete the research on this estate.


It looks like we have a pretty good idea of what happened to the Estate of Samuel Lawrence and lots of good clues for further research. We can be confident as to who the heirs-at-law are for Elizabeth and Samuel.

It would be very interesting to seek out the guardianships in the court records for the children for it might shed light on the parents Anna and Lewis Andrews. As far as I can tell there are guardianship indexes at FamilySearch but not the files so that means the Probate court in Kenton for Hardin County to see if they have anything of interest.

There are few things that need clarification such as is it Ella S.I or Ella S.J.? Also they seem to spell it Pamelia and maybe it is Parmelia. Who is John Kellogg?  Is he sharing guardianship with Mary Lawrence whom I suspect is William Lawrence’s wife. Elizabeth and Clara Andrews are Ann Lawrence and Lewis Andrews’ children.

I did not research this family of Samuel and Elizabeth Spracklin Lawrence when I visited Kenton, Ohio, on my two visits in 2007 and 2011, my focus was on Peter and Elizabeth. There is a lot more to do like finding where they are all buried, if possible, obituaries if possible, deeds would be very interesting and complicated but probably would reveal many interesting relationships. Seeking out estates of these families might also be quite interesting.  A visit to Mt. Victory would be very cool.

I would very much like to know more about Samuel and Elizabeth’s time in Pennsylvania but that would mean studying the records in the Philadelphia area.  I wonder if Samuel took the family there because of family.

It is time to move on and share what we know about Elizabeth Spracklin Lawrence’s other siblings.

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