Peter and Betty Spracklin’s Children: Pamela Spracklin and Elias Myers

Pamela Spracklin was a daughter of Peter and Elizabeth (Betty) Andrews Spracklin. She was born 12 December, 1803 in Pitney, Somerset, England.  Here birth is recorded on the pages of her sister Anna’s prayer-book.  Somehow her name was spelled Parmelia but Anna’s prayer-book has Pamela.  Her tombstone also says Pamela.

Pamela came with her parents and siblings in 1823 to New York harbor.  She is listed on the manifest at this link:

Go to FamilySearch’s website and try New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1891 – 004 – 3 April 1823 – 17 Nov. 1823 image 899 and 900.  Image 900 is the actual manifest of the Earl of Liverpool.  Image 899 is the cover sheet.   I browsed to find it and it took me a while because the search engine would not recognize Peter Spracklin or Spacklan at all.

On the 24th of June, 1841 Pamela remarried to Elias Myers. She was first married to Richard Tamany. There is no information about this first husband of hers even in the 1830 and 1840 census. I did find a naturalization in 1832 for western Pennsylvania and it might be him. Otherwise, I have been unable to find anything on Mr. Tamany, online search engines do not like the last name of Tamany.

Elias Myers was born on 12 September, 1814 in Hampshire Co., Virginia (1863 established West Virginia).  He was the son of Jacob Myers (14 June, 1787 to 3 June 1857, Missouri) and Elizabeth Ruckman (14 March 1784 to 12 May 1839 Marion Co., Ohio).  He is written as Jacob Elias Myers but I am not getting that name and have decided he was just Elias Myers.

The history book of Marion County, Ohio has a nice biography of Elias Myers. His mother’s last name is a little confused as to whether it is Ruckman or Puckman.

1883 – By Leggett, Conaway & Co., BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES 5/2004

ELIAS MYERS, (Montgomery Township) a retired farmer, born September 12, 1814, in Hampshire County, Va., is the son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Puckman) Myers who came to Licking County, Ohio, in 1816, remaining there ten years, when they moved to Franklin County, Ohio, and came to Marion County in 1829. They settled in Montgomery Township. Elizabeth, the wife, died May 12, 1829, and Jacob in 1856, in Missouri, aged seventy-two years. The name of their second child is Jonathan. Having obtained a limited education, Elias Myers began when fourteen years of age to learn the tanner’s trade, which he completed when twenty years old; that same year he commenced the tanning business for himself in Montgomery Township, Continuing in that avocation for twenty-five years. When a young man, he with his father, Jacob Myers, and Washington Armstrong, built the first mill, ground the first flour and sawed the first log in this township. La Rue was then a wilderness. Mr. M. married, September 18, 1836, Jane Walker, a daughter of James and Elizabeth Walker, natives of Delaware, and the parents of six children, four of whom still survive–John, Jane, Mary and Eliza Walker. Jane, the wife of Mr. Myers, died September 18, 1839, leaving one child, John, who also died aged twenty-three years. Mr. Myers married again, June 24, 1841, Parmelia, the widow of Richard Tamany, and a daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Spracklen. This family worships at the United Brethren Church. Mr. Myers was a farmer for a number of years and in politics is a Republican.

Elias and Pamela are found on a partition deed of her father Peter’s land on 29 October, 1847. I have featured this deed in the posts I have published about Peter Spracklin’s Estate. I think it is very important to see Elias and Pamela involved with her siblings and mother so here it is again.

Know all men by these presents that we John Spracklin and Lydia his wife of the county of Knox and Elias Myers and Permelia his wife of the County of Marion, Sylvanus Cook and Ann his wife of the County of Hardin, George Spracklin and Elroloa his wife of the County of Hardin and Betty Spracklin of this County of Hardin all by the State of Ohio fore and in consideration of the sum Two hundred and fifty dollars paid in hand by Alfred Spracklin of Hardin County in the State of Ohio do hereby revise release and forever quit claim made the said Alfred Spracklin’s his heirs and assigns forever all and right title interest and estate legal and equitable in the following premise with appurtenances situate in the County of Hardin and State of Ohio being the west half of the south-east quarter of Section twelve in the Fractional Township No. five South of Range No. Twelve containing eighty acres be the same more or less.

In testimony whereof we have herewith set our hand and seals this 29th day of Oct. A.D. 1847.

Executed in the presence of us: Attest Ephraim McLain, Elizabeth Lawrence, Solomon Spracklin, Daniel D. Spracklin.

Signed by John Spracklin (Seal)

Lydia Spracklin (Seal)

Elias Myers (Seal)

Pamela A. Myres (Seal)

Sylvanus Cook (Seal)

Ann Cook (Seal)

George Spracklin (Seal)

Aroa Spracklin (Seal)

Betty (her mark) Spracklin (Seal)

The State of Ohio Marain County SS: Before me Ephraim McLain a Justice of the Peace in and for said County personally appeared the within named Elias Myers and Permelia his wife, Sylvanus Cook and Ann his wife, George Spracklin and Arloa his wife and Betty Spracklin an acknowledged the signing and sealing of the within deed to be their voluntary act the same time examined by me separate and apart from their said husbands and the contents of the said instrument made known to them by me they declared that they did voluntarily sign seal and acknowledged the same and that they are still satisfied therewith this twenty night day of Oct. A.D. 1847.

State of Ohio Knox County ss: Before me C.M. Eaton a Justice of the Peace in and for said County personally appeared the within name John Spracklin and Lydia his wife, and acknowledged the signing and sealing of the within deed to be their voluntary act and deed and the said Lydia Spracklin being examined apart from the said husband by me and the contents of the said instrument made known to her by me did then declare of the same to be her voluntary act and deed and that she is still satisfied therewith. Acknowledged before me this 27th day of march A.D. 1848.

Received Nov. 7th 1848 ____________

Elias Myers name appears twice on the Sale of Personal Property of Peter Spracklin’s Estate. He bought a chain and a manure fork from the estate. See the post titled Peter Spracklin’s Estate 1845, Hardin County, Ohio, dated December 13, 2015 on this blog.

Here is a map of Marion County, Ohio.  I drove through the city of Marion on my first trip to Ohio in 2007 but didn’t dally or stay to do any research. Montgomery Twp. is right next door to Hardin County and might be right in line with Dudley Twp. where the Spracklin’s lived.

File:Map of Marion County Ohio With Municipal and Township Labels.PNG

In the 1840 Census, Elias and Jonathan are right next door to each other as well. Elias reads 1 male under six and one male 20 to 30, with no females listed.  It might be interesting to look at the estates for their father and deeds as well.

We find Elias and Pamela living in Marion County in the 1850 U.S. Census with his son John from his first marriage.

Line 10, 178, 178 Elias Myers, 36 M, farmer, $100, born VA
Myers, Pamela A., 40 F, born England
Myers, John E., 13 M. born Ohio, attended school within the year.

Source: Elias Myers Family, 1850 U.S. Federal Census, Montgomery Twp., Marion Co., Ohio, enumerate 24 September 1850 by Mrs. A. Bunker

They are still residing in Montgomery Twp. in Marion County in 1860. Edward is 16 and so he would be born about 1844 and Emmily would be born about 1848. Pamela is too old to have children so we do not know who these children are. Jonathan Myers is living next door to Elias in this census. This is probably the brother’s family. A thorough census study on Jonathan might be a good thing for future research.

Line 18, 626, 615, Jonathan Myers, 40, M., farmer, $6000, $200, born in Ohio.  

Myers, Elizabeth 35, F, born in Ohio

Myers, Asa, 19, M, Farmer, born Ohio

Myers, Gilbert, 18, M, Farmer, born Ohio

Myers, Harvey, 16, M, Farmer, born Ohio

Myers, William, 15, M, Farmer, born Ohio

Myers, Mary, 14, F, born Ohio

Myers [Joslina], 10, M, born Ohio

Myers, John, 4, M, born Ohio

Myers, Nancy, 2, F, born, Ohio 

Line 28, 627, 616, Elias Myers, 46, M, Farmer, $4000, $1300, born Virginia.

Myers, Pamela, 50 F, born England,

Myers, Edward, 16, M, Farmer, born Ohio, in school that year.

Myers, Emmily, 12, F, born Ohio, in school that year

Source: Elias Myers Family, 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Montgomery Twp., Marion Co., Ohio, PO LaRue, enumerated on 12 July, 1860 by R. Wilson.

In 1880 Elias and Parmelia are aging but still living in Marion County, Ohio.

Line 27, 29, 30, Elias Myers, W, M, 65, married, farmer, born VA, parents born VA.
Myers, Pamela, W, F, 70, wife, married, born England, parents born England.

Source: Elias Myers Family, 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Montgomery Twp., Marion, Ohio, page #3, SD#5, ED#84, enumerated on the 5th day of June, 1880 by William E. Parker.

According to my information, Elias Myers died on the 21st of June 1886 and he is buried in the LaRue Cemetery, Marion Co., Ohio.  Others write that he died 21 June 1888. Find A Grave has a memorial that might be him in the LaRue Cemetery.

Pamela on the other hand died on the 14 August, 1883 but she is buried in the Lee Cemetery, near her parents and other siblings.

Her tombstone is on the north side of the Lee Cemetery by a large bush. Her parents Peter and Betty are about 10 feet to the right of the stone and back a little.  This stone was extremely difficult to photograph and even to read.

Lee Cemetery - Parmelia Spracklin Myers Tombstone

Lee Cemetery – Parmelia Spracklin Myers Tombstone

Closer to her Tombstone - Parmelia in Lee Cemetery

Closer to her Tombstone – Pamela in Lee Cemetery

Parmelia's close up

Pamela close up

If Pamelia died in 1883, then this obituary notice about an Elias Myers might be of value but there are some oddities contained in the text.  They say Mrs. Leonard is his 2nd wife. I think he was married three times?  It states he has no children and that is not true according to the history of Morrow County.  Of course, the obit is very odd in the first place rambling on and sounding doubtful but there is no author indicated.

The Marion Weekly Star, 26 June 1886, Sat. page 7 – La Rue

Elias Myers is dead, and the funeral services will take place today, Rev. Livingston officiating. He lived to be about 72 years old, and was a pioneer farmer of Montgomery township. His health has been poor for the last five months, and for some time he has been confined to his bed. He suffered frequently from hemorrhage of the stomach, as I think, but I have heard different reports as to the character of the hemorrhage. There are various causes for this condition of things. It is probably more frequently connected with a diseased condition of the liver and spleen than anything else. Old age, a worn out condition of the system, the hemorrhage and its causes made up his case I presume. He had been married to his second wife about two years. He married Mrs. Leonard, Wm. Leonard’s widow, an aged lady. His estate is worth a few thousand dollars, about all of which he willed to his wife I learn.  He had no children. He lived next neighbor to Henry Thew, lately deceased. Both had been in very poor health since last all. They were both of Montgomery’s best citizens. There are no more.

Elias Myers remarried to Catherine Leonard on 25 October, 1883 in Marion Co., Ohio.  He married her three months after Pamela died.

I had to see if I could find Elias’ will and I did with a bit of search. The Will was found on Image 567-570, Wills 1879-1892 Vol. 5, Family Search. His will is not listed in the indexes.

What follows is a summary of the will. Apparently Elias had quite a bit of land which I think he may have inherited some from his father?  A search of the deeds of Marion County might reveal some good information.  I have not done that at this time.

Here is the will summary:

On 25 June, 1886 appeared before the Probate court and Catharine Myers widow made application to admit the last will and testament of Elias Myers late of said County of Marion, deceased.

Application for Probate Will: Elias Myers, he die on the 2nd (maybe 21st hard to read) of June, 1886 in Montgomery Twp., Marion Co., Ohio. Said Testator died leaving Catharine Myers his widow his only heir at law resident of the State of Ohio, with her mark.

Will Presented, Proven and Admitted to Probate, June 25, 1886: that Catharine Myers widow is the only heir and the will was witnessed by James Long and W. J. Campbell who have sworn it is true and correct. J.H. Griswell is the JP.  Testimony of Witnesses to the will sign by both witnesses.

The Will – this is very long and complicated

In the name of God Amen

I Elias Myers of the town of La Rue, Marion County, Ohio, being of sound disposing mind and memory, do make, publish, and declare this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking any and all former wills by me made.

I nominate, constitute, and appoint my beloved wife Catherine Myers, of the town of LaRue, Marion Co., Ohio Executrix and Trustee of this my will, and I desire that no bond or security of any kind be required of her for the performance of the trust reposed in her.

I give, to my beloved friend, Mary Short, Daughter of my beloved wife Catherine Myers, one fourth of an acre of land with ____farm dwelling house off the west part of land described as follows: fractional part in Section Number Twenty-Nine (29), Township Number Five (5), Range Number Thirteen (13), East of the Village of La Rue, Marion County, Ohio, Beginning at a [post] in the south line and ten (10 rods west of the South east corner of lot deeded by William LaRue to Mary Andrews by deed dated October 18, 1879 and recorded in the Recorders office at Marion, Ohio, Book 49, Page 293/273; thence……to the beginning containing three-fourths (3/4) of an acre of land…the remaining one half acre….give to my beloved wife Catharine Myers. 

I give to my beloved wife Catherine Myers, for and during her life time, the benefits derived therefrom and the use of the same from the following described premises, situated in the Township of Montgomery, County of Marion, and State of Ohio…and he goes on to describe another portion of the same land in the above section, township and range for 198 acres of land. 

After the death of my beloved wife Catherine Myers, then the real estate last above described (Marion Co. Records Vol. 55, page 232) shall go to my beloved nephew Robert Myers in Fee Simple. 

I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Catherine Myers the following premises, situated in the Village of La Rue, County of Marion, State of Ohio….1/4 acre of land. 

In looks like he gives all his personal and real estate to Catherine but upon her death it goes the his nephew Robert.  This area is very faded so it is difficult to read.

Then he directs her to pay his debts and funeral expenses. He directs her to purchase and erect a suitable family monument on my lot in New Cemetery for myself and Catharine Myers and not to exceed $500.00 and be erected twelve months after his death.  Mentioned a 1/4 acre out of North east corner deeded to a T. L. Barton by deed. 

He signs his hand and seal on 19 April, 1886. Signed by the witnesses James Long and W. J. Campbell. 

This is note all that should be studied regarding this will, the court journals and books should be studied for more clues as to what happened in the probate of this will.  I have not done that at this time.

In summary regarding the research on Pamela and Elias Myers, I have to say, that I am not totally satisfied. I feel that several sources and documents need to be consulted in order to get a better picture of this man Elias Myers, such as, court records about the estate process, the deeds mentioned and more, a thorough census search for Jonathan the brother and to see if his estate or obituary might be of help. I find the obituary about Elias is very poor and provides confusing information.  There are still a lot of questions to answer about this couple and about his wife Pamela.

It is time to move on to Ann Spracklin Cook and share what I can about her life and family.

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