Peter and Betty Spracklin’s Children: Ann Spracklin and Silvanus Cook and their family

Ann Spracklin was born on the 14th of June, 1805 in Pitney, Somerset, England. Her baptism took place in 1808 on February 17th. She shared that day with her younger brother Peter.

Peter and Ann Baptisms. Pitney, Somerset, England

Peter and Ann Baptisms. Pitney, Somerset, England

Peter – son of Peter & Betty Spracklin Feb 17th 1808,
Ann – daughter of Peter & Betty Spracklein Feb 17th 1808

Source: Baptismal Record of Pitney year of 1806-1812, Peter and Ann Spracklin, Somerset Archives & Records.

Ann came with her parents in 1823 to New York from England. She is listed on the ships passenger list along with her other siblings.

New York Passenger List for Peter Spracklin and Samuel Lawrence

New York Passenger List for Peter Spracklin and Samuel Lawrence

Anna is responsible for what is called “Anne’s Prayer book” where the births and other vitals are listed:

Ann Spracklin's Prayer Book another page..

Ann Spracklin’s Prayer Book another page..

She married in 22 April, 1830 in Knox Co., Ohio to Sylvanus Cook:

Ann and S. Cook marriage

Ann and S. Cook marriage

Spacklen/Sprackline, Anne, pg. 21 to Cook, Sylvanus, 22 April 1830, A. Goff min 203-108R, Knox County, Ohio Marriages 1808-1875, Knox County Chapter of Ohio Genealogical Society, 1995.

Silvanus Cook is featured in a short biography in the Biographical Sketches for Dudley Township, Hardin Co., Ohio, pg. 894 “Silvanus Cook:”

Silvanus Cook, farmer, was born April 14, 1807 in Washington Co., Penn. and emigrated to Ohio at the age of seven years, residing at first in Lexington, Richland Co., and finally in January 1843, came to this county, where he has since remained. He is a farmer by occupation, and owns thirty-eight acres of land in Section 12, Dudley Twp. April 22, 1830, he was united in marriage to Ann Spracklin, native of England, born June 14, 1805 of English descent, who emigrated to this State at the age of eighteen years. This union has resulted in five children, viz. Nelson W., married: John L, married; Peter S. (deceased); George J. (deceased), and Parmelia Ann, the wife of Byron B. Kilbourne. For nine years Mr. Cook served as Constable, for two years was Supervisor, and for six years a School Director. In politics he is a Republican, has been an active man in his day, and is one of the robust pioneers who made themselves prominent in the early history of this country.”  Heritage Pursuit is a paid site at:  They have the history books for counties in Ohio.

In 1840 Sylvanus Cook appears in Wayne Twp., Knox Co., Ohio, page 301.


Under 5 – 2
5 and under 10 – 2
30 and under 40 – 1

30 under 40 – 1

I have featured a deed that Peter Spracklin sold land to Ann Cook in 1843, Hardin Co., Ohio FHL#913864, Vol. F, pag.234.

Deed of Peter Spracklin to Ann Cook of Hardin Co., for 40 acres in 1843. Description: “…viz The East half of the East half of the South West Quarter of Section Twelve (12) Township (5) five and Range (12) Twelve containing Forty acres more or lefs…” Peter and Betty Spracklin of Hardin Co., State of Ohio sign and sell for $150.00. Witnesses are George Spracklin and B.L. Boynton.

In 1847 she was also on the partition deed with John Spracklin and others regarding the partitioning of Peter’s land in Hardin Co., Ohio. See Peter Spracklin’s estate posts on this blog.

Sylvanus and Ann appear in the 1850 Census living in Dudley Twp. in Hardin Co., Ohio.

Line 29 385/385, Sylvanus Cook age 43, Farmer, Value $800, born in Pennsylvania;

Ann Cook age 45 born in England;

N.W. Cook age 19, farmer born in Ohio;

John C. Cook age 16, same born in Ohio;

next page line 1 – Mary P.A. Cook age 3 born in Ohio.

Source: Sylvanus Cook Family, 1850 U.S. Federal Census, Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio, District No. 49, Film #M432_692, pg. 133,

We moved ahead to 1860 and they are still in Dudley Twp. Silvanus is living right next door to Alfred Spracklin.  There are two pages to this census.

Line 29, 601, 580, Silvanus Cook, 53, M, Farmer, $1600, $330, born PA
Cook, Ann, 55 F, born England
page 5, line 1, Mary P. Cook, age 13, F born Ohio

Source:  Sylvanus Cook Family, 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio, page 4 and 5, enumerated 12 July 1860, W. D. Gumm.

In 1870 they are residing in Dudley Twp. They are aging but doing well enough to have a servant.

Line 23, 21, 20, Cook, Sylvanus, 63, M, W< Farmer, $1600, $600, Pennsylvania
Cook, Ann, 65, F, W, Keeps house, England,
Emerson, Irene, 15, F, w, Domestic Servant, Ohio

Below them is Mary Kilburn, who would be their daughter.

Line 26, 22, 21, Kilburn, Byron, 31, M, W, Farmer, both born in Ohio
Kilburn, Mary, 23, F, W, Keeps house

Source: Sylvanus Cook Family, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio,Page #3, enumerated 19 August, 1880, by C. Wilkins, PO Kenton 

In 1880 they are on their own and both are getting up in years.

Line 36, 7, 7, Cook, Sylvanus, W, M, 73, married, farming, born Pennsylvania, father born NJ mother Pennsylvania, Cook, Anne, white, Female, 74, wife, married, keeping house, born England, parents born in England.

Source: Sylvanus Cook Family, 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio, Page one, SD#Two, ED#97, enumerated on 1 day of June, 1880, Solmon H. Cook. 

Silvanus and Anna Spracklin Cook had the following children.

  1. Nelson W. Cook born 2 February, 1831 in probably in Knox Co., Ohio.  Nelson married a Suzanne Dildine on 9 March, 1854 in Hardin Co., Ohio. Suzanne was born 7 March, 1837 in Radnor Twp., Delaware Co., Ohio. In the next post I will write about Nelson Cook and Suzanne.
  2. Peter S. Cook was born probably after Nelson, in Ohio.  He is buried in the Lee Cemetery. Lee Cemetery Book:  Cook, Peter S age 7y14d s/o S&A. 


Peter S. Cook's tombstone in Lee Cemetery

Peter S. Cook’s tombstone in Lee Cemetery

3. John Cook born about 1834 in Ohio.  He appears in the 1850 census with his parents, see above. It is possible that John had a son named John E. Cook who married Lura and moved to Denver? John E. Cook is Nelson’s son.

4. George James Cook is buried in the Lee Cemetery in Dudley Twp. Lee Cemetery Book:  Cook, George age 4y8m s/o S&A.  


George James Cook's tombstone in Lee Cemetery

George James Cook’s tombstone in Lee Cemetery

5. Mary P.A. Cook was born about 1847 in Ohio. She married a Byron S. Kibourne or Kilburne/Kilborne.

Mary and Byron are in the 1870 they are next to her parents in Dudley Twp. In 1880 they moved to La Rue, Marion Co., Ohio. They continued to live in Marion County from 1900, 1910, and 1920, then they disappear. There is a Mary Kilbourne in Huron Co., Ohio in 1930, age of 83, widowed living as a lodger with a Charles and Etta Robinson. Mary and Byron apparently had no children. Byron worked as a painter in one census. It looks like Byron died on the 23rd of November, 1925.  I am assuming if that is Mary living in Huron that she died there after 1930, this would have to be verified.

Ann and Silvanus Cook are buried in the Lee Cemetery in Hardin Co., Ohio.  He was born in 1807 and died in 1892.

Silvanus Cook born Apr. 14 1807, Died Nov. 9, 1892

Silvanus Cook born Apr. 14 1807, Died Nov. 9, 1892

An article appeared in the Marion Star Newspaper on Fri, July 15, 1892, page 4. Sylvanus had an accident outside of town.

LaRue News: As Ezra Anderson and C.S. Lippincott were driving along the river road Monday they came upon the body of a man lying unconscious by the roadside near the Wasson farm, about a mile and a half from town. Investigation showed that it was old Mr. Sylvanus Cook and he had evidently struck his foot against the stone culvert and fallen. His face was badly cut and bruised by coming in contract with the stones, and one hand was hurt. Dr. Sawyer was driving along the road toward town and the gentlemen lifted him into the Doctor’s carriage and he was conveyed to his son-in-law’s residence here. The old man protested vigorously against being brought back to town, saying that he was on his way to the residence of his grandson, Willis Cook, at Hepburn and he wished to be taken there but the doctor thought it better for him to return to town as his face was bleeding profusely. He was not seriously injured. 

Ann’s information is on the other side of the tombstone above.  It is much harder to read and I can’t get a good picture of the stone.

Ann Cook 1805 to 1887

Ann Cook 1805 to 18__

The Lee Cemetery Book has: Cook, Ann 6/14/1805 to 10/2/1887 w/o Silvanus age 82y3m18d.

I have tried to find a probate/estate file for Silvanus Cook in 1892 Hardin Co., Ohio but I have not been successful in the online documents at FamilySearch. I also tried to find obituaries for both Ann and Silvanus Cook with online sources but no luck. I am not totally satisfied with what I have found so far on Ann and Silvanus.  More research into deeds and court documents might be a good place to start and trying to find Silvanus’ parents might be very interesting as well.

In the next post I will share what I know about Nelson Cook, their son, and his family.

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