Peter and Betty Spracklin’s Children: Peter Spracklen, a son, and his family

A cousin once told me that there were too many Peter’s in the family. So she gave up researching them. She asked how I kept them separate. Well it isn’t easy, but you do have to study the person and identify them as individuals which means knowing a little about their lives, whom they married, their children, where they lived, their timeframe on this earth.  You sort of get to know them as best as you can within the limits of the sources you find.

Of course, I use a Legacy Family Tree software database to keep track. The standard version is free as a download so you can evaluate the software for your needs and they do have a free video on the basics. You can then purchase the Deluxe version which is not too expensive and once you do that you get a deal on updates of the versions which happen about 3-5 years.

We come now to another Peter Spracklen who was a son of Peter and Betty Spracklin. Peter was born 17 January, 1808 in Pitney, Somerset, England and was baptized with his sister Ann on 17 February, 1808 in Pitney.

Peter and Ann Baptisms. Pitney, Somerset, England

Peter and Ann Baptisms. Pitney, Somerset, England

Peter – son of Peter & Betty Spracklin Feb 17th 1808,
Ann – daughter of Peter & Betty Spracklein Feb 17th 1808

Source: Baptismal Record of Pitney year of 1806-1812, Peter and Ann Spracklin, Somerset Archives & Records.

Peter immigrated with his parents in 1823 from England to New York.  Peter was 15 when they came to New York.  I wonder what he thought about this adventure and if he ever told any of his children about the trip?

Peter didn’t stay in Knox or Hardin Co., Ohio. I suspected he headed back to Pennsylvania and we find him there in the 1830 census. In 1830 he would be about 22 years old. He must have married Mary Adaline in about 1828. I have not found a marriage record for them at this time but that would require digging into eastern Pennsylvania genealogy and Philadelphia is a big city. Mary Adaline was born 15 December, 1811 in Pennsylvania.

Kensington is in northern Philadelphia and in 1830 this is where we pick up Peter’s trail.

Peter Spracklin head of family, 1830
Males 3 under five years, 
1 in 5-10,
1 in 10-15,
1 in 20-30, Peter Spracklin, Jr. 22 years old born 1808
1 in 30-40,
1 under five years,
1 in 5-10,
1 in 20-30 – Could be the wife
and 1 in 30-40.  Who could this be?

Source:  Peter Spracklin Family, 1830 U.S. Federal Census Kensington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, M19_157, pg. 236, 12th row down, FHL#0020631

In 1844 Peter Spracklen appears in the McElroy City Directory of Philadelphia: Spracklen, Peter, machinist, 6th N. Washington.  

In 1847 Peter Spracklen was featured in several deeds regarding the estate of his father Peter Spracklin in Hardin County, Ohio. In one deed he gives George Spracklin power of attorney and in the other deed he sells his share of the estate lands to his brother Alfred Spracklin.  To get more detail about these deeds so to the posts I have published on this blog regarding Peter Spracklin’s Estate of Hardin Co., Ohio.

Peter and Mary Adaline have migrated to New Jersey by 1850:

Line 8, 29/29 Peter Spracklen, age 43, male, boiler maker, born in England.

Adaline Spracklen, age 48, female, born in Pennsyvlania.

Sarah Spracklen age 16, female, born in PA, at school.

Jemimah Spracklen, age 13, female, born in PA at school.

Mason Spracklen, age 11, male, born in PA at school.

John Spracklen age 9, male, born in PA at school.

Peter Spracklen age 7, male, born in PA, at school.

Adeline Spracklen age 4, female, born in New Jersey.

George W. Spracklen 4/12, male born in NJ. George Spracklin age 2, male born in NJ.

Source: Family of Peter Spracklin, 1850 U.S. Federal Census, City of Camden (South Ward), Camden Co., New Jersey, (67).

Peter and Adaline are living in Trenton, New Jersey in the 1860 Census.

Line 19, 296/247 Peter Spracklin age 52, male,  occupation Boiler maker, value of real estate 4000, personal 1000, born England.

Adaline Spracklin age 50, female, born Penn.

Sarah Spracklin age 25, female, Milliner, born Penn.

Elizabeth Spracklin age 23, female, clerk, born Penn.

Jemima Spracklin, age 22, female, clerk, born Penn.

Mason, J. Spracklin, age 21, male, Boiler maker, born Penn.

John F. Spracklin, age 19, male, boiler maker, born Penn.

Peter A. Spracklin, age 17, male ap. boiler maker born Penn.

Adaline Spracklin age 14, female born New Jersey, attended school within the year.

George W. Spracklin, age 8, male, born New Jersey, attended school within year 

Peter and Mary are still in Trenton, New Jersey in the 1870 census, Sarah has married a Robert Butterworth. (Added a little after first publishing this post.)

Line 15, 593, 671 Spracklin, Peter, 62, M, W, Grocer Ret. $10,000, $4000, England, parents of foreign birth,

Spracklin, Adaline, 58, S, W, Keeps house, born Penna

Spracklin, Elizabeth 32, S, w, clear in store, born Penna

Spracklin, Ninnie, 30, S, W, No occupation, born  Penna

Spracklin, George, 18, M, W, clerk in store, born New Jersey

Butterworth, Rob, 38, m, W, Machinist, born Massachusetts

Butterworth Sarah, 34, S, w, no occupation, born Penna

Source: Peter Spracklin Family, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Trenton, Mercer Co., New Jersey, Ward 4, page 83, enumerated 12 dayof July, 1870, by David Campbell

In 1880 Peter and Mary are still in New Jersey.  Their daughter is still living with them.

Line 24 (Warner?) 620, 73/76 – Spracklin, Peter, White, Male, age 72, married, dry goods & groceries, born in England, parents born in England.

Mary A. Spracklin, White, female, age 69, wife, married, keeps house, born in Penn. parents born in Penn.

Spracklin, George W., white, male, age 28, son, single, grocer, born in NJ, father born in England, mother born in Penn.

Spracklin, Augemima, white, female, age 38, daughter, at home, born in Penn. Father born in England, mother born in Penn.

Butterworth, Robt. white, male, age 40, married, Machinist, born in England, parents born in England.

Butterworth, Sarah, white, female, age 40, boarder, married, born in England, parents born in Penn – both.

Source:  Family of Peter Spracklin, Jr., 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Trenton (Ward 4), New Jersey, pg. 7, SD 2 nd, ED 104, (305) Alex M. Johnston, Enumerator.

There seems to be several George’s born and died with only one surviving. When I was obtained a copy of the Riverview Cemetery publication it concentrated on burials born before 1820 in this cemetery, so only Peter and Adelina appear in the Riverview Cemetery transcription, both Peter and Adelina are buried there in Riverview with Find A Grave memorials.

Peter and Adaline had the following children to the best of my knowledge but more should be done to confirm them.  I present what I found at Find A Grave along with my own information.

Sarah J. Spracklen was born about 1835 in Pennsylvania. She married a Robert Butterworth.  Sarah died on 16 March, 1899 in Trenton, New Jersey. Robert died on 18 June. 1913 in Trenton. They are both buried in the Riverview Cemetery in Trenton. Find A Grave has memorials for both.  Robert has a brief obituary.

Robert Butterworth appears as a widow in the 1900 U.S. Census living in Trenton, Mercer Co., New Jersey.  It looks like Sarah’s brother George is living with his brother-in-law.

Hamilton Avenue, Line 10, 345, 2, 2, Butterworth, Robert, head, W, M, May 1831, 69 Widowed, born _______, father born England, mother Mass, Mgr Agric Implements), O, yes, yes, yes, O We, No.

Spracklin, George W., Boarder, W, M, June 1853, 46, S, born New Jersey, father Pennsylvania, mother England (He switched them), Grocer, O, yes, yes, yes.

Beans, Ellen T, Housekeeper, W, F, July 1854, 42, S, born PA, parents born PA, House keeper, O, yes, yes, yes.

Obituary: BUTTERWORTH Entered to rest in this city, on the 16th inst. Sarah J., wife of Robert Butterworth and daughter of the late Peter and Adaline Spracklen, at 345 Hamilton Avenue.  Trenton Evening Times, Fri. March 17, 1899, page 8. 

Libbie Spracklen was born 21 September, 1835 in Pennsylvania and died 21 February, 1871 in Ringoes, Huntingdon, New Jersey at age 31 per the New Jersey Deaths and Burials FHL#584591. She is buried in the Riverview Cemetery in Trenton and has a memorial at Find A Grave. I think she might have been named Elizabeth as her formal name?

Mima Spracklen was born 19 May, 1837 in Pennsylvania. She died 9 May, 1883 in Trenton and is buried in the Riverview Cemetery. There is a memorial at Find A Grave for her with a picture of her tombstone.  This agrees with the New Jersey Deaths and Burials Index FHL#542526.

Mason J. Spracklen was born about 1839 in Pennsylvania.  He married a Jennie Eve Smith who was born about 1852 in Indiana. Mason died on 18 November, 1915 and Jennie passed on 9 July, 1937.  They are both buried in the Riverview Cemetery in Trenton and Find A Grave has memorials for them.

Several announcements of the death of Mason Spracklen appeared in the local paper; however, there is one that is quite interesting:

Death Summons M.J. Spracklen, Local Manufacturer Was Last of Four Brothers to Pass Away in Two Years:

Mason J. Spracklen, the last member of the well-known Spracklen family, died this morning at his home, 748 Centre Street. Although he had been in failing health some time, and was under the care of a physician, death came as a surprise to the members of his family. He is the last of four brothers, all of whom died during the past two years.

Mr. Spracklen was 76 years, old. He was a member of the firm which owns the Spracklen Boiler works, a manufacturing establishment which was controlled by the Spracklen family many years. Besides his widow, he is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Levi Updyke. The funeral will be conducted from his late home Saturday afternoon at 3:30 o’clock. The Rev. William D. Thatcher, pastor of the First Baptist Church will officiate. Interment will be in Riverview Cemetery, under the direction of Ivins’ & Taylor. Trenton Evening Times, Thu., Nov. 18, 1915, page. 12. 

Mason and Eva had Sara S. Spracklen who was born about 1876.  She married Levi Updike who was born 1878.  He died in 1936 and she died in 1951 in Princeton Junction, Mercer Co., New Jersey. They are buried in the Dutch Neck Cemetery in Princeton Junction and Find A Grave has memorials for them.

Robert Le Roy Height married, on June 9, 1928, Adeline E. Updike of Trenton, New Jersey, the daughter of Levi and Sarah Elizabeth (Spracklen) Updike, of Trenton. Mr. and Mrs. Height have become the parents of two children: Robert Updike born 16, September 1929 and Sarah Elizabeth born September 1, 1936. The Story of New Jersey, page 750. There is a complete biography of this man not shown here.  He is a direct descendant of John and Mary Height original settlers of Hightstown, NJ. has a copy of this book.  Adeline and Robert Height are at Find A Grave with a picture of the tombstone with both of them inscribed upon it in the Dutch Neck Cemetery.

Mason and Eva are living in Trenton in the 1900 census:

Vernon St. Line 87, 53, 259, 234, Spracklen, Mason J. head, W, M, Sept 1838, 61, M, 27, born New Jersey, father born England, Mother born PA, Boiler Mfg, yes, yes, yes, O, M, H. Spracklen, Eva J., wife, W, F, March 1852, 48, M, 27, 1 born, 1 living, born Indiana, father born Indiana, mother Illinois, yes, yes, yes.
Spracklen, Sara E., daughter, W, F, May 1875, 25, S, yes, yes, yes.

Source: Mason J. Spracklen Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Trenton, Mercer Co., New Jersey, First Precinct, SD#5, ED#66, Sht#13, 4th Ward, enumerated 8 June 1900, by Thomas Baddeley

John F. Spracklen was born the 18th of March, 1841 in Pennsylvania. He married Catherine was who born 11 February, 1844. They had Elizabeth Spracklen born 27 May, 1869.  John died 3 January, 1914 and Catherine died 26 March, 1893. They are both buried in the Riverview Cemetery in Trenton and have Find A Grave Memorials with a brief obituary for him. He is also in the 1900 Census living as a lodger in Trenton with the Samuel Black family. 

In 1870 John Spracklen is living in Trenton, with Catherine and Elizabeth age 1. He is living with a Francis Kafes or Kafer. Do we have Catherine’s family?

Line 9, 416, 485, Francis Kafes, 71, M, W, None, $5000, born Bavaria, foreign birth and male citizen.  

Kafes, Margaret, 59, F, W, keeps house, born Bavaria

Kafes, Francis, 24, M, W, Butcher,  born Bavaria

Line 12, 486, John Spracklen, 29, M, W, Boiler Maker, born Pennsylvania

Spracklen, Catherine, 26, F, W, Keeps house, born Bavaria

Spracklen, Elizabeth, 1, F, W, at home, born New Jersey

Source: Francis Kafes and John Spracklin Families, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Trenton, Mercer Co., New Jersey, Seventh Ward, enumerated 8, July 1870, by B…M…page 55. 

John F. Spracklin appears in the news “Queer Bills for State House Coal, Efforts to Cover Up Fraud – Trenton, March 23, the New Jersey Senate Special Committee resumed its investigation of the State house expenditures…John F. Spracklen, the State House engineer, testified that a number of the radiators could not be used at all, and many of them while in use were leaking and otherwise out-of-order. Most of those in use have to be constantly repaired. The ventilators, he testified, were not satisfactory. New radiators will have to be put into make the heating system effective.  

Peter A. Spracklen was born about 1843 in Pennsylvania. He married a Mary Ellen Singerland or Slingerland on 4 August, 1867 in Newtown, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. At last a mystery was solved.  It was this Peter Spracklen that married the Singerland, not his father as a cousin had indicated in her genealogy papers. Peter died on July 28, 1915 and Find A Grave has a memorial, obit and links for him in Riverview Cemetery in Trenton, Mercer Co., Pennsylvania.

A brief obituary notice appeared in the newspaper:  Peter A. Spracklen – Funeral services for Peter A. Spracklen, who died Wednesday were conducted from his residence, 354 South Broad Street, this afternoon at 2 o’clock. The Rev. S.S. Merriman pastor of the First Baptist Church, officiated. Mr. Spracklen was 72 years of age. At the time of his death he was president of the Spracklen Boiler and Machine COmpany, and was also engaged in the coal business. The honorary bearers were: James O. Tattersall, Charles H. Updike, Thomas E. Raub, Philip Freudenmacher, H.M. Fine and WIlliam Ossengerg. Interment was in Riverview Cemetery under direction of Ivins & Taylor. Trenton Evening Times Sat. July 31, 1915, page 8. 

There are advertisements for the business in the Trenton Evening Times quit frequently. They read:  PETER A SPRACKLEN (Successor to E. Slingerland & Co.) Dealer in Best Grades of LEHIGH COAL ONLY and Hard Wood Kinling – All coal well screened and free from slate and delivered in Iske’s Pat, Delivery Wagon, delivering coal in the cellar without dirt on pavement, etc. 

Peter and Mary appear in the 1900 U.S. Federal Census:

Line 65, 253, 199, 214, Spracklen, Peter A. head, W, M, April [1843], 57, M, 33, born Pennsylvania, father born England mother born Pennsylvania, Cola Merchant, 2, yes, yes, yes, yes, 2 F, H.

Spracklen, Mary E. wife, W, F, Feb. 1847, 51, M, 33, two born, two living, born New Jersey, father born New York, mother born New Jersey, 

Spracklen, Adeline E., daughter, W, F, Dec, 1868, 31, S, born New Jersey, Clerk, Surrogate Office, O, yes, yes, yes.

Spracklen, Mabel E., daughter, W, F. Jan. 1871, 29, S, born New Jersey, School Teacher, O, yes, yes, yes. 

Source:  Peter A. Spracklen Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Trenton, Mercer Co., New Jersey, Ward #, SD#5, ED#63, Sht#10, enumerated 8 June 1900 by Walter C. Stevenson

They appear in the 1910 U.S. Census in Trenton.

South Broad Street, Line 68, 354, 235, 273, Spracklen, Peter A, Head, M, W, 65, M1, 43, born New Jersey, dealer Coal Wood, 09.

Spracklen, Mary, wife, F, W, 58, M1, 43, born 2 children, living 2, born New Jersey

Spracklen, Adeline, daughter, F,W, 38, S, born New Jersey, stenographer, court house.

Spracklen, Mable, daughter, F, W, 23, S, born New Jersey, teacher, public school.

Source:  Peter A. Spracklin Family, 1910 U.S. Federal Census, Trenton, Mercer Co., New Jersey, Ward #, Dist#0053, SD#4, ED#53, Sht#12, 3 part of enumerated April, 1910, Frank Binden Jr.

Adeline Elizabeth Spracklin was born 7 December, 1868 in Trenton and died 8 January, 1944 in Philadephia. She married Laurie Bailey born 26 April, 1866 in Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania.

Bailey-Spracklen Marry Tomorrow, Miss Adeline Elizabeth Spracklen daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Spracklen, of 354 South Broad Street and Laurie S. Bailey of Philadelphia, will be united in marriage tomorrow afternoon at 4 o’clock at the home of the bride’s parents. The ceremony will be performed by the Rev. William D. Thatcher, pastor of the First Baptist Church, and will be witnessed by only the immediate families and a few friends.  The bride will be attired in white crepe dechine, trimmed with Chantilly lace, and will carry a shower bouquet of lilies of the valley and bride roses. She will be attended by her sister, Miss Mabel Spracklen, as bridesmaid, who will ear white crepe dechine with lace trimmings. She will carry an arm bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums.  The bridegroom’s best man will be George A. Katzenbach. The wedding march will be played by Mrs. D. Foster Ivins. Following the ceremony, a wedding dinner will be served by Shackleford after which Mr. and Mrs. Bailey will leave for a wedding tip. Upon their return they will reside at 4643 Green Street, Germantown, PA. Trenton Evening Times, Weds. Oct 2, 1914, page 9.

Laurie and Adeline appear in the 1920 U.S. census living in Philadelphia.

Greene Street, Line 84, 4643, 101, 112, Bailey, Laurie S. Head, 0, F, M, W, 53, M, yes, yes, born PA, parents born PA, yes, commercial salesman, cement, W.
Bailey, Adeline S. wife, F, W, 48, M, yes, yes, born New Jersey, father born PA, mother New Jersey, none.

Source: Laurie Bailey Family, 1920 U.S. Federal Census, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania, SD#1, ED#539, Sht#5B, enumeration January 14, and 15th of 1920, by Florence S. Mager.

Adeline and Laurie are together in the 1930 Census.

Line 4, 4641, 137, 196, Bailey, Laurie S. Head, 0 $8500, R, No, M, W, 62, M, 46, No, yes, born PA, parents born PA, 58, salesman, cement co., 4503, W, yes, no.
Bailey, Adeline S, Wife, H, V, F, W, 58, M, 42, No, yes, born New Jersey, father PA, mother NJ, yes, none

Source: Laurie S. Bailey Family, 1930 U.S. Federal Census, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Greene Street, P.O. Germantown, Ward 22, Block 841, April 7, Martin J. Burns.

Laurie died 15 June. 1944 in Ft. Springs, Butler Twp., Schuylkill Co., Pennsylvania. Both Laurie and Adeline are buried in the Ivy Hill Cemetery in Trenton, New Jersey with Find A Grave memorials. There is a Death Certificate for Adeline on file with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania #41564.  There is also one for her husband Laurie Bailey #57012, his parents are William Bailey born Port Carlon, PA and Porcilla Haldeman. He was born April 29, 1866 and Died June 15, 1944.

Mabel E. Spracklin was born 4 January, 1871 in Trenton and died 25 August, 1955 in Trention. She is buried in the Riverview Cemetery in Trenton with a Find A Grave memorial to her.

This is a fun notice in the newspaper:  Miss Mabel Spracklen, Miss Adelaide Spracklin, Mrs. C.H. Updike and Miss Lena Soeteman are on a trip to Albany, Alexandria Bay and the Thousand Islands. Trenton Evening Times, Wed. Aug. 4, 1909, page 5. 

There is a death certificate from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Mabel Spracklin #74041. She died in Philadelphia at 5007 N. Mervine St. She was single, born Jan. 4, 1871 and was 84 years, 7 months and 23 days old. She was a teacher in the public schools. She was born in Philadelphia to Peter A. Spracklen and Mary Ellen Slingerland. Informant was a Mrs. Mary Parson, Smithtown, PA. She died of heart disease. Burial in Riverview Cemetery. Apparently a permit was issued to transport her to the cemetery.

Adaline Spracklen was born 7 December, 1847 in New Jersey and died 23 October, 1862. She is buried in the Riverview Cemetery in Trenton with a Find A Grave Memorial under the name Addie, with death date October 23, 1842 which does not make sense per the census and the New Jersey Deaths and Burials Index 1798-1971 FHL#542526 which have the 1862 year as her death.

George Washington Spracklen born Mar 1848 died June 28, 1848.

George Washington Spracklen was born 26 January 1852 in New Jersey. He died 21 January, 1914 in Trenton, New Jersey. He is buried in the Riverview Cemetery in Trenton and Find A Grave has a memorial for him with a detailed obituary and photo of this individual.

George appears in the Trenton Evening Times on April 14, 1896 in an article about the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the Column Lodge. George was on the Entertainment Committee, which had charge of all the arrangements for the anniversary and was composed of Past Master G.W. Spracklen and that he was making a very competent and  satisfactory toast master for the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the Column Lodge, column 4, front page. On Thursday, March 12, 1896.

George again appears in the Trenton Evening Times for being a successful bidder on a project: A New Trenton Stand-Pipe, George W. Spracklen the successful Bidder for a $12,000 job at the Trenton Hospital. The State Board of Hospitals met yesterday at the Trenton Hospital. The most important business before the board was the awarding of a contract for a water stand pipe, which job will go to this city. There were three bidders, the successful one was George W. Spracklen, the machinist. He was the only bidder from this city. He will erect the pipe for $12,000. The pipe will hold a half million gallons of water and will be supplied by three artesian wells, which are already dug. Mr. Spracklen erected the Morrisville stand pipe. 

Apparently George got married in 1912.  Spracklen-Decker, The wedding of Mrs. Decker and George W. Spracklen of this city, took place last Tuesday at the bride’s home in Plainfield. Upon returning from a tour they will reside on Carteret Avenue. Mr. Spracklen is secretary and treasurer of the Spracklen Boiler and Machine Company, and formerly was the City Comptroller.  Trenton Evening Times Thus. Sept. 19, 1922, page 5. 

I have found the very brief announcement articles for the funeral of George W. Spracklen. The Find A Grave memorial at the Riverview Cemetery has a much better detailed obituary notice and photo of George.  It however, does not mention survivors which I think is odd.

I did find an announcement for George’s estate: This is a notice to creditors that they have 9 months to make a claim.  The executor is listed a Luella E. Spracklen, 10 Lewis Street, Trenton, NJ. Trenton Evening Times, Thu., Feb. 19, 1914, page 7.  Is this Luella Decker, his wife?

George Washington Spracklen born 1854 and died November 5, 1856.  See the Find A Grave Memorial to this individual.

It is very confusing the different George’s.  I would need to see the tombstones at the cemetery and try for updated publication before I could be sure about them.  I believe that what I have presented above is a good start on this family and hope I have all the children of Peter and Mary Adalina. With the death of the brothers so close together a look at each estate and how it was finally resolved would be very interesting and complicated with shared ownership of the Spracklen Boiler and Machine Company.  I have not done a full census study of each of the children above and that would need to be completed to get a better picture of this family of Peter and Mary Adalina.  Other records need to be obtained like more obituaries, marriages and court records.  There was a lot more in the Trenton newspaper about these individuals and that could also be further investigated. Mary Adalina’s family would also be interesting to find her origins.

In the next post I will share what I know about Peter Spracklin, son of Peter and Betty Spracklin’s, his estate in Trenton, NJ.

By the way, I was in Philadelphia for the Federation of Genealogical Society Conference in 2008 and I traveled all around Pennsylvania mostly in search of my Goss roots and you can follow that trip through my blog Pennsylvania Wanderings; however, I did go to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania: I spent some time trying to learn more about Peter’s family. I swear I was tempted to go across one of the bridges along the river near Washington’s Crossing into New Jersey but I was strong.  The David Library of the American Revolution is there.  Two very wonderful archives to visit.

Note:  I am having difficulties with the outline function and have given up numbering the children.  If you print this out you can number them by writing it on the side.  I have about 10 children for Peter and Mary Adalina.

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