The Rev. Alfred Spracklin’s Estate 1878 to 1890…

The estate of the Rev. Alfred Spracklin took thirteen years to settle.  Alfred died on 22 January, 1878 in Hardin Co., Ohio at the age of about 67 years old.  Alfred’s estate spanned January 1878 to August 1890.  Abigail’s covered October 1879 to April 1881.

George Peter Spracklin, their son, was the administrator for both estate. Brother Lucius also participated as well as other relatives.

The Probate index for Hardin Co. shows both Alfred and his wife Abigail next to each other in the listings.

Index for Probates Hardin Co., Ohio

Index for Probates Hardin Co., Ohio

Below is a summary of the court clerk documents kept in the big books and taken from the index. Be advised that I did not get copies of everything listed.  Some of the volumes are court documents and journals and are not listed with the probates online at this time.

Admin. Docket 1 pg. 98 Alfred Spracklin estate

Admin. Docket 1 pg. 98 Alfred Spracklin estate

Administrator docket – Vol. 1, pg. 98 was a detailed summary listing of the court documents listed and filed under Bonds 1875-1882.  Another Summary of probate appeared in Vol. 1 Dockets on page 108 adding to the detail.

January 28, 1878 Application for probate was filed –  Jrl. Vol. 1, pg. 23.

January 28, 1878 Appointment made, Letters ordered and issued, Jrl. Vol. 1, pg 23, Record Vol. 1, pg 259 (pg 259 is missing from Bonds 1875-1883 vol. 1 jumps from 245 to 260 on the film)

January 28, 1878, Bond in the amount of $4000: Vol. B, pg. 335 (FHL#914881 photocopied) Sureties by L.A. Spracklin and J. Cope.  L.A. is brother to George the administrator.

February 6, 1878 – Inventory Jrl. Vol. D, pg 419 (419 is not online), Vol. D Appraisement pg. 338 and Sale Bill pg. 342  Chattels $1350.85. Appraisers:  Joshua Cope, Wm. Lee and John Kelly. Amount of Sale bill $1653.75.

First Account:  July 28, 1879 filed Jrl. Vol. 1 pg. 137 and was heard on Sept 24, 1879 Vol. G pg. 135.  Notice published Sept 4, 1879.  Estate $1666.40.

Second Account:  July 10, 1880 filed Jrl. Vol. 1, pg. 174, heard Aug 2, 1880 Vol. G, pg. 264. Notice published July 15, 1880. Estate $72.74.

Third Account: July 2, 1881 filed Jrl. Vol. 1, pg. 203, heard Aug 1, 1881, Vol G. pg. 392, Notice published July 13, 1881.  Estate $263.48.

Fourth & final Account:  Feb 18, 1884 filed Balance due Estate $168.26, Jrl. Vol. G, pg. 11, and Record Vol. H pg. 449

Distribution Acct:  Nov. 10, 1884 filed amount distributed $168.26, Jrl. Vol. G, 308 and Record Vol. H, 553 (photocopied 553-554 FHL# 914861)

Aug. 18, 1890 Final account filed, Balance due estate $199.24, Jrl. Vol. 4, pg. 49, and Record Vol K pg 29 – could not find these documents online.

From this point, I will review some of the estate documents for Alfred Spracklin:

Joshua Cope, Wm. Lee and John Kelly were assigned as the appraisers for Alfred’s estate. The judge ordered them to do the appraising and report back in three months. So on February 11, 1878 they report back and swear that their appraisal is accurate and correct and filed their reports as follows:

page 338-339 Schedule A. The said Alfred Spracklin, decease, leaving a family. The following articles are not deemed assets to be administered on as such, but left with the family without being appraised, to-wit:  First, one spinning wheel, one weaving loom, two stoves set up and left in use by the family. Second, the Family Bible, Family Pictures, The School books used by or in the family, All books left and used as part of the family library not exceeding $100 in value, to be selected by Abagail Spracklin to wit: all the books in the library. Third, one cow to wit, one white cow with one [horn]. All wearing apparel and ornaments of the family and deceased. Beds, bedsteads and bedding, cooking utensils and tableware necessary for the use of the family including all household furniture and bedding one clock and other articles of personal property not exceeding One Hundred dollars in value which were selected by Abagail Spracklin to wit: all wearing apparel. One Roan horse appraised at $100.00. Feb. 11, 1878 J. Cope, Wm. Lee, J.S. Kelley = Appraisers. 

page 339 to 340 Scehdule B. Estate of Alfred Spracklin dec’d. We do set off and allow to Abagail Spracklin the widow of said decedent, the following property for their support for twelves months from the time of his death. They list 250 lbs of pork, 75 lbs of corned beef, 20 bushels of wheat, 2 hogs and 50 bushels of corn in the ear. Total $61.65. And there not being sufficient property of suitable kind to set off we certify that she will need in money, the additional amount of One Thousand one hundred and fifty dollars. Feb. 11, 1878 – signed by the appraisers.

page 339 Schedule C – Estate of Alfred Spracklin deceased – that there are no articles of furniture or property of any kind, the widow of said decedent brought with her at the time of her marriage or came to her by bequest or gift or were purchased with her separate money afterwords.  Feb. 11, 1878 – signed by the appraisers. 

page 340 Schedule D. the following debts, etc. due said estate.  This is a table 7 columns across the titles of the columns are Name of Debtor, Description of the debt, Principal, Interest, Amt. Due, Appraisal value, Collectible doubtful and uncollected and 28 lines to the totals. They include notes, judgments, certificate of deposits and accounts.  

The names on the notes and more are: Brobeck, Hathaway, Harvey, Lemons, S. Lawrence for $110.00, Moore, Geo. Clement for $269.50. L.A. Spracklin two notes for $109.68, Hampton, R.A. Powelson, note $31.91, Moore, Ward, Bank of Exchange and Deposit for two certificates of deposit, Lyon, Shoerster, H.L. Simons judgment pd by deceased as surety $199.75, G.A. Spracklin $447.00, Durkin. Feb. 11, 1878 signed by the appraisers.  Total is $2072.96.  

page 340 Schedule E – U.S. Treasury Note $42.00 – signed by appraisers

page 341 Schedule F – Personal Goods and Chattle – this is also a complicated table with columns across done twice: titled: No. of Item, Description, appraised value. Lists of items like: stove, saw, three cider barrels, two shovels…1 horse wagon…cider mill…mower and reaper…harnesses, 62 head of hots, cows and steers, heifers, horses, colts…corn, wheat and more total: $1350.85 signed by the appraisers.

page 341 – March 6, 1878 George P. Spracklin swears the foregoing inventory is just and true and signed by G.P. Spracklin. Signed by John R. Selders Probate Judge.

page 342 Public Sale – The undersigned will offer for sale, at public auction at the late residence of Alfred Spracklin deceased, on the 26 day of  February, 1878 the goods and chattle of said deceased, consisting in part 10 head of horses, 5 milch cows, 10 head of young cattle, 60 head of hogs, Wagon buggies, Harnesses, Reaper, Mower, Hay, corn, wheat etc and farming utensils of all kinds and other articles two numerous to mention. Sale to comment at 10 o’clock forenoon.  Terms – Purchases accounting to three dollars to be paid in cash; above that sum, notes on 9 months, with two good sureties will be taken. G.P. Spracklin.

page 341 – Notice to be given and posted up in 10 of the most public places in the County of Hardin…no more than 15 days prior to the event. G.P. Spracklin. 6 March, 1878 signed by John R. Selders, Probate Judge.

page 343 to 345 – Sale Bill – Estate of Alfred Spracklin deceased, Sale Bill of the property sold by G.P. Spracklin, Administrator of the Estate of Alfred Spracklin late of Hardin Co., deceased,  at public Vendue, February 26, A.D. 1878:

Sale Bill  Here is a PDF which is a summary of the items sold on the Sale Bill.

page 345 – The State of Ohio, Hardin Co., ss))) I Geo. P. Sprackin Administrator of the Estate of Alfred Spracklin deceased, do make solemn oath that the above is a correct statement and bill of sale of the property of the estate of Alfred Spracklin deceased in all respects to the best of my knowledge and belief.  G.P. Spracklin Sworn to and subscribed this 6th day of March, A.D. 1878, John R. Selder, Probate Judge. 

Source:  Hardin Co. Probates, Alfred Spracklin – Feb 6, 1878 – Inventory Jrl Vol. D, pg 419, Vol. D pg. 338 and appraisement and Sale Bill pg. 342. 

On 8 November, 1878 a partition deed was written and signed by 3 Commissioners distributing lands of Alfred Spracklin to several of the heirs and we see there was probably a court proceeding in the form of a Dower Case #5372 where additional information might be found.

Alfred Spracklin, By Partition Proceedings, To George P. Spracklin et. al   ))))

Hardin Co., SS Court of Common Pleas, n Partition and Dower Case No. 5372

George P. Spracklin against Lucius A. Spracklin et. al.

According to the command of the first partition and dower in this case issued and on call of the Sheriff of said County, we, the undersigned Commissioners, after being first duly sworn and upon actual view of the premises, do set off and assign to the said

Abigail Spracklin as her Dower estate in the said lands in said petition described, the following tract, to wit: The north east quarter of the south east quarter of section (12) Twelve, T.5 S, R12 E. and we do make partition of the same subject to said dower as follows to-wit:

to the said George P. Spracklin the west ½ southeast ¼ S12, T5 S R12E. Also the [NE] 1/4 of the SE ¼ S12, T5, S, R12 E the latter subject to the said widows dower.

To the said Lucius A. Spracklin the W ½ of the NE ¼ of S13, T5, S R12 E. Also 19 acres off the NE ¼ of the NE ¼ of S13, T5, S. R 12 E.

The said Caroline M. Rineberger the SE ¼ of the Se ¼ of the S12 T 5 S.R 12 E. Also 10 acres off the North side the NE ¼ of the NE ¼ of S13, F5, S, R 12 E.

To the said Guy Simonds, part of survey number 12345 of the waters of the Scioto and bounded as follows Beginning at a Buck and Ash Southwest corner to a lot sold to C.A. Rea, thence N 10 ½ West 147 poles to a Sugar Tree, Buck and Ironwood North east Corner to said lot thence south 10 ½ S. 153 poles to a stake South East Corner to said lot: then N79 ½ E. 74  ____to the beginning containing 70 acres more or less.  Also a part of Virginia Military Survey No. 9957 on the waters of the Scioto. Beginning at a [Syuse] and Sugar Tree Southwest to corner to said Survey; thence with the west line of said Survey N 9 ¾ degrees W 56.6 poles to a stake: thence N 81 ½ degrees E. 158 poles to a stake in the center of the B________Road; thence with said road S23 degrees W 66.60 poles to a stake in the South line of said Survey, thence with said line S. 81 ½ [W] 124 poles to the beginning, containing 50 acres more or less. 

To the said James Walker 10 acres off the South side of the NE ¼ of the NE ¼ of Section 13, T 5, S. R. 12 E. Also 13 1/3 acres off of the east side of the 58 acre tract being a part of the South East quarter of said Section No. 13.

To the said Charles Walker 21 1/3 acres off the Southeast quarter of said Section No. 13 and being adjacent to and joining said James Walker’s 13 1/3 acres on the west.

To the said Wilson Walker 23 1/3 acres off the South east quarter of said Section  No. 13 and lying adjacent to and joining said Charles Walkers 21 1/3____ on the West.

Given under our hands this 8th day of November A.D. 1878:

Signed by J.S. Robinson, S. Merriman and Geo. R. Moon, Commissioners

Received March 17, 1879 and Recorded March 26, 1879 G.W. Armstrong R.H.C.O.

Source: Hardin Co. Deeds George P. Spracklin et. al, 8 November, 1878, FHL#913875 Vol. 46, pg. 600.

Alfred’s estate took time.  There were several partial settlements.

page 135 In the matter of the estate of Alfred Spracklin deceased First partial account filed 28 January 1879 – This is a long list of notes from people owing Alfred’s estate. 

Names are Hathway, Kingson, H. L. Simmons, Morse, Rubeck, Mapton, More, G. Clement, N, Harvey, J. Hinton, W. Thew, S. Sarnce, Lemmon, Riley, L.A. Spracklin, W. Spracklin, Hawn, F. Young, Kippe, B.A. Walters, Shark, Orchood, Rader, Hill, Key, R.B. Walker, F. Haggard, Watson, T.H. Cook, E. Andrewson, A. Clement, S.L. Outland, G. Clement, P. W. Thomas, C.D. Melvin, D.A. Wilson, J. Housewalt, J. Rinebarger, R. More, Wilkins, King Orharood, Schark, Robinson.  Note: The names in bold type are probably family.  Total of the notes $3567.86. 

This is followed by a long list of credits totalling $1730.75. The names are: Selders Probate Judge, D.S. Fisher printer, Fleming S. Truett, J.C. Becker, J.C. Becker, A.SD> Allins, W. Mathews, Appraisers, J.W. Hencil, J. Morris, J.D. King atty, W. F. Damon, J.R. Selders, Taxes, J. Kendle, David Gregg, W, Armstron, Abigal Spracklin, Taxes on Notes, J.D. King atty, Hopkins, S. Mimard, L.A. Spracklin, L. Merriman, Cantwell Obs. J. Spracklin, J. Kopland, Lucas Thew, C. Garcley & Bros., R.B Walker, J. Kounts, J.D. King atty, R. P. Frazer, Abigal Spracklin, Allen Dildine, W. H. Rujas, James W______

The judge follows this with a summary of the estate, publication in the paper dated Sept. 24, 1879.

Source:  Hardin County Probate, Alfred Spracklin Estate, First Account:  July 28, 1879 filed Jrl. Vol. 1 pge. 137 and Sept 24, 1879 heard Vol. G pg. 135.  Notice published Sept 4, 1879.  Estate $1666.40.

page 264 – July 10, 1880 George returns with a list of amounts collected for a total of $2773 for the second partial account. Names: P.W. Thomas, J.W> Hoe, N, Harvey, N. Clark, I. Brobeck, N. Clark, J. Melvin, H. Clements, R. Powelson, L.A. Sprackin, R. Moore, R. Powelson, J.H. Clark, E. Schertser, J. Rinberger, H.L. Simons, W. Dildine, S. Lawrence, E. Gallagher.

This is followed by a list of disbursements made totalling $606.22:  J.A. Vanosclole, Abigail Spracklin, J.M, Chesney, J. Brobeck, A.S. Melvin, John McClearen, John R. Selders PJ, L.A. Spracklin, J.D. King, atty. G.W. Armstrong, H.L. Simons J. Kopland, E. Galligher,

Money in hands of accountant at the filing of his last account then due and owing to Abigail Spracklin widow of Alfred Spracklin dec’d and for which the accountant has since accounted for. 

page 265 – The Judge writes a summary of the estate from this 2nd partial account, publication instruction to the paper and gives a summary.  J.R. Selders Probate judge.

Source: Second partial Account:  July 10, 1880 filed Jrl. Vol. 1, pg. 174, heard Aug 2, 1880 Vol. G, pg. 264. Notice published July 15, 1880. 

page 392 to 393 – The 3rd partial settlement was filed in July of 1881.  Apparently George P. Spracklin the Administrator was having trouble collecting notes from people and there were court cases in Marion County involved and he asks for an extension of one year before final account.  The judge follows with a summary of the estate.

Source: Third partial Account: July 2, 1881 filed Jrl. Vol. 1, pg. 203, heard Aug 1, 1881, Vol G. pg. 392, Notice published July 13, 1881.  

In the Matter of the Estate of Alfred Spracklin, deceased, Feb. 18, 1884. This day came George P. Spracklin, Administrator of the Estate of Alfred Spracklin late of Hardin County Ohio dec’ and filed his account being his fourth & final account. It is therefore ordered that notice be given as required by law by publication in the Kenton Republican a newspaper published in and general circulation in said county of Hardin for not less than three weeks prior to the day of hearing and that said account be for hearing on the 7th day of April 1884 and that said Admin. pay the costs of this proceeding taxes at $11.77 and that this cause be and the same is hereby continued until the 7 day of April 1884 Jas E. Lowry, Probate Judge

page 447 – Fourth and final Account George P. Spracklin Admin of the estate of Alfred Spracklin dec’d in account with said estate. Said Administrator charges himself as follows:

July 2, 1881 to balances from last settlement 263.48

Guardian claims credit as follows July 12, 1882, By amount paid John McKruger afc, By amt paid taxes on chattel 1881, By credit error in first partial acccount, By amt. paid C. Collier preparing afc & c, By amt. paid probate Judge this afc. The Aministrator claims an extra confirmation of 

Totals $263.48 + $95.22

Balance due Estate $168.26 

George P. Spracklin, Admin goes on to state that he has diligently tried to obtain the amount due from the Bank of Exchange and Deposit but it would cost more to try to collect it all.  He also says that the claim against John McClellan is not collectible.  He makes solemn oath that this is the a true and correct account. The judge goes on to summarize the estate, discusses the publication in the newspaper and reviews the efforts of the Administrator giving him compensation of his “extraordinary services.”

This means that George does not have to purse collecting monies from those who owe the estate. Apparently his father Alfred lent money to people and it has caused quite a problem collecting it.

Source: Hardin Co., Probates, Fourth & final Account:  Feb 18, 1884 filed Balance due Estate $168.26, Jrl. Vol. G, pg. 11, and Record Vol. H pg. 447 to 449.

In the Matter of the Estate of Alfred Spracklin, deceased, 

Distributive Account: page 553 – George P. Spracklin Admin. of the Estate of Alfred Spracklin, deceased. In the account of Final Distribution of the said estate before the Probate Court of Hardin Co., O. 

Amt. found due said Estate, as per Final Settlement with said court made Feb. 18, 1884 $168.26. Balance for distribution. 

Amts. paid to heirs and legates, as per Distributive Order of said Court made April 7, 1884. 

To L.A. Spracklin, $28.04 Voucher 1

To Caroline M. Rinebarger $28.04 Voucher 2

G. N. Myers, Guardian of Guy H. Simons $28.04 Voucher 3

George P. Spracklin (the Admin) $28.12, Voucher 4

W. N. Davis Guardian of Charles & Wilson Walker $18.64 Voucher 5

Charles H. Buttery $14.02 Voucher 6

James A. Walker $9.34 Voucher 7

Richard R. Jones Guardian of heirs of Sarah F. Austin $14.02 Voucher 8

Total $168.26

page 553 to 554. The Judge summaries the above and approves it for the court, 10 Day of November 1884.  Jas. Lowrey PJ

Source: Hardin County Probates, Ohio Distributive Acct:  Nov. 10, 1884 filed amt distributed $168.26, Jrl. Vol. G, 308 and Record Vol. H, 553 (photocopied H, 553-554 FHL# 914861)

The above is rather confusing and I have gathered a lot of records for the probate of Alfred Spracklin but I feel there is still more to investigate. Family Search has many probates online at their website for Ohio but they are not necessarily complete, so I am missing a lot of court documents in the above estate case and this means an actual visit of the courthouse in Kenton to obtain the actual probate packet would need to be done in order get a feel for what actually happened.  Also the Hardin County Genealogical Society in Kenton who are the repository for some of the old court records.

The Distributive Account dated 1884 does give us the remaining descendants of Alfred and Abigail and in future posts I will outline their descendants except for Charles Buttery who I am not familiar with. Before I do that, I want to share what I found regarding Abigail’s estate which took place within the time frame of the probate of Alfred’s.

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