The Estate of Abigail Cooper Spracklin 1879 to 1881..

Portion of the Bond page  for Abigail's estate

Portion of the Bond page for Abigail’s estate

Abigail Cooper Spracklin passed on 7 October, 1879. She outlived Alfred by 21 months. It is very exciting to see a female estate outlined.  Most women would relinquish their dower rights in regards to their husband’s estate, but Abigail did not from what I can make out in her estate papers.

Her son George Peter Spracklin was the administrator for Alfred’s estate and he was also the administrator of his mother’s. Alfred’s estate spanned January 1878 to August 1890. Abigail’s covered October 1879 to April 1881. George was very busy trying to manage these two estates.

The index does not show all the documents for Abigail’s estate and of course I was only able to find certain ones online at Family Search for Ohio.

#2637 – Abigail Spracklin –  Personal estate $800.00, real estate $800.

Application filed Oct. 21, 1879 Vol. 1 pg 36 Jrl of appointments.

pg. 36 –  October 21, 1879, Bond for $1600.00 provided for by R. A. Powelson and L.A. Spracklin.

Vol. 1 pg. 323 1873-1881 Letters of Administration issued Oct. 21, 1879

George Peter Spracklin was issued letters of administration for his mother, Abigail Spracklin’s, estate.

page 323 – Letters of Administration were granted to G.P. Spracklin for Abigail Spracklin and they appointed Joshua Cope, Joseph Ward and R.A. Powelson as appraisers on 21 October, 1879 – John R. Selders, JP.

Administrator Dockets pg. 125 Vol. 1 was found but not the other summary Docket so I don’t have as clear a picture for Abigail estate.

page 125 Abigail Spracklin, Administrator G. P. Spracklin, Estate Personal $800.00 Real $800. Application filed Oct. 21, 1879, Bond filed Oct. 21, 1879, Letters Oct. 21, 1879, Jrl. No. 1, pg. 36, Record No. 1, pg. 323, Bond $1600, Record B, 389, Sureties: R.A. Powelson, L.A. Spracklin, First and final March 7, 1881, Notice Mar, 24, 1881, Hearing April 13, 1881, $817.20, Jrl. 1 pg 193.

Bond Vol. B pg. 389, Oct. 21, 1879 sureties – R.A. Powelson and L.A. Spracklin

Inventory Vol. D pg. 509.  In the matter of the Estate of Abigail Spracklin, deceased. Order of appraisers from the judge to them and gives a description of their duties. 21 Oct. 1879 signed by John R. Selders PJ.

Inventory Schedule D, page 509 – Personal Goods and Chattels – this is a table 6 columns across listing the personal items: fruit cans, jars, crock, kettle, tub and washing machine…dough try, plate holder…barrels, quilting frames, stove and trimmings…churn, chest, link, set of chairs, set of round back chairs, old chairs, stand, walnut stand, table, rocking chair. page 510 – clock…book desk, parlor stove and pipe..hat rack, lap rob, bedstand and bedding, bed springs, brass kettle, 4 head of hots, 1 cow, 1 parlor carpet…window curtains, table-cloth and towels. Total $117.24 signed by the appraisers.

page 510 – Schedule E – cash $2.50 total. 

Schedule F – lists the notes owing – another complicated table – 16 column – names appearing are G.P. Spracklin.  Then more are listed but it is claimed the are not her estate: G.P. Spracklin, L.A. Spracklin, Caroline M. Rineberger. Total $123.45 Dated Nov. 7, 1879. 

Total of all schedules $576.69  Affidavit G.P. Spracklin swears that the above is correct and true. Signed by J. Selders, PJ. 

Sale Bill – Vol. D pg. 511 for Abigail’s estate, Nov. 7, 1879.

SaleBill PDF of the Sale Bill totaling $163.09 signed by the G.N. Meyers Clerk of Sale.

Final in Vol. G pg. 348 and final March 7, 1881, Notice pub. Mar 24. 1881, Hearing April 13, 1881, Estate $817.20 Jr. No. 1 pg. 193.

In the matter of the estate of Abigail Spracklen, deceased. First and Final Account filed March 7, 1880. 

George P. Spracklin administrator of the estate of Abigail Spracklin, deceased in account with said estate said Administrator charges himself.

To Amt due from the estate of A. Spracklin estate as widows dower $456.65

Nov. 8, 1879 To cash received from L.A. Spracklin, George W. Wright, H.L. Simons, A. Clement on note, L.A. Spracklin on note, C.W. Rinebarger on note and on sale, R. B. Walker on note, Geo. P. Spracklin on note, in hands of adm.  Total $1253.91.

Said Adm. claims credit as follows:  These are the claims against the state, names: Selders JP, Miller, De Long, Damon, Ward, R. A. Powelson, Myers, Selders JP, Scott, M.D., B. & Thinhauer, Hippand, Morris, Snodgrass, Taxes, etc. Total $436.71.

Leaving balance of $817.20.  Geo. P. Spracklin swears that the above is true and correct, 7 Day of March 1881. 

page 349 – April 13, 1881 – The judge reviews the estate and states the balance of $817.20 to be distributed according to law. 

Abigail’s estate is not as complete as I would like.  It seems to me that there are missing pieces and this means a trip to the courthouse in Kenton for Hardin County and a look at her probate packet and even deeds. The other item that bothers me is a lack of a clear listing of her heirs, so I think a little more digging into her estate is in order.

In the next posts I will share what I know about their children in more depth.

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