Alfred and Abigail Spracklin’s Children an overview…

In past posts I wrote about Alfred’s life, his migrations from Richland Co., to Hardin Co., and his land deals, his ministry,  and other items of interest.  I then wrote in two other posts a summary of Alfred and Abigail’s estates.  It was my hope that they would reveal the heirs. I refer you to Alfred’s estate papers especially the Distributive Settlement toward the end of the post.

In the following posts, I will go into more detail about the children of Alfred and his wife Abigail Spracklin. What is given below is just a summary so be patient.

Alfred and Abigail had the following children.

–Mary Pamela Spracklin born about 1833 in Ohio. She married in November 1853 to Thomas Dildine.  He died and she remarried to a James Mara and they migrated to Shelby Co., Illinois. Where they are buried.  Mary has one daughter with Thomas.  The only heir for Mary and Thomas was their daughter Sarah Austin.

–George Peter Spracklin was born 24 December, 1837 in Hepburn, Hardin Co., Ohio. He died 22 January, 1898 in Hardin Co. and he is buried in the Lee Cemetery.  George Peter Spracklin married Rachel Marion Munson on 10 February, 1859 in Hardin Co., Ohio. George and Rachel had a large family eight children. George was the administrator of his father and mother’s estates.

–Caroline Spracklin was born about 1841 in Ohio. She married a William H. English in January of 1862. They moved to Van Wert Co., Ohio.  He passed in 1870 and she remarried to a John Rineberger. She appeared in her father’s estate with this last name.

–Melinda Jane Spracklin was born 17 February, 1842 in Seneca Co., Ohio. I tend to lean toward Richland Co. as her birth but records would have to be checked. She married a Henry L. Simons on 15 October, 1868 in Hardin Co. He was born 19 February, 1840 in Beaver Co., PA. Melinda’s name has been spelled Milinda and Malinda.  Henry and Melinda had two children Guy and Naomi.  Naomi died young.  Guy became involved with a guardianship and court proceedings at the young age of four years old.

–Emeline Spracklin was born about 1845 in Ohio. She married on 27 December, 1860 in Hardin to a Robert Walker and they had several children.  Emeline died in 1876 and is buried in Lee Cemetery.  Emeline’s children James, Charles and George Wilson appear in Alfred’s estate papers as heirs.

Lucius Alfred Spracklin was born 19 August, 1851 in Hardin Co., Ohio.  He married  Sarah A. McClearen on 10 November, 1872 in Hardin Co. She was born 26 October, 1854 in Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio.  They had about eight children.  I will share what I know about Lucius in a future post.  The surname McClearen has several spellings. Lucius appears in his father estate papers and was involved in various ways with the processes.

In the next posts, I will dig deeper into the lives of the children of Alfred and Abigail Spracklin.  They have not been easy to find. I have also found inconsistencies in the dates and facts so please be careful and realize that I am trying to make sense of it all.  The first child’s post is for Mary Pamela Spracklin and it is usually very hard to find the first children born in the early 1800’s, especially the women.  However, Mary doesn’t disappoint she was the administrator of the probate of her husband in 1854 and 1855.

Note:  I jumped ahead to Mary P. Dildine before publishing this post, so I am sneeking it in before her post for consistency sake.  Sorry for the confusion.

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